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Shuvait Thusoo
Shuvait has lived in Pune alone for 4 years while studying engineering. This was the time period when he explored the South Indian Cuisines and experienced different spices and realised the beauty of food. So he started cooking and fell in love with the craft of it. We can say that Shuvait is a foodie who loves to share his food life experiences and resources with our readers.

Ever thought of a recipe that you ate at a restaurant and then craved for it at home someday? Happens to me most of the time after I eat outside and love the food that I ordered. There is a long list of such recipes that have made me crave for them after tasting them at some restaurant or food outlet. And recently, I got a chance to visit an Italian restaurant near my house.

There, I ordered something that made me realize once again that how delicious this cuisine is. No wonder, I loved it and wanted to have it again. And today, finally I am going to make it at home. This means I have to share it with all you lovely guys out there. So, let’s get started and know what is this all about.

This recipe is one of the best Italian dishes that you will ever come across. This will make you fall in love with it and you will always recall the taste and flavour that it had. The recipe is called Osso Buco. This recipe has made me write this whole thing as I wanted to share each and everything about it with you guys. So are you ready to witness an Italian masterpiece whose popularity is across the globe? I am sure you will love it.

So, without making any further delay, let’s get straight to the recipe and know how it’s actually done. This recipe will take a little bit of your time and the ingredients used are quite a bit. But the results and its taste will surprise you.

Ingredients for Osso Buco

Ingredients Quantity
Pancetta ¼ pound 
Veal Shanks 2-3 pounds 
Diced Carrots ½ cup
Diced Celery ½ cup
Onion 1 medium
Garlic Minced4 cloves 
Fresh Thyme 3-4 sprigs 
White Wine 1 cup
Chicken Stock 1-2 cups
Flour For Dusting
Flat parsley 2 tsp.
Grated Lemon Zest 1 tsp.
Garlic Minced2 cloves 

The list of ingredients is finally here and now you can shop them from any local store or supermarket and prepare yourself for this recipe. 

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
20 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Here you will find that it takes a little bit more of your time to cook it. But all this time it is worth it. You will not feel like you have wasted your time on this. Trust me, and go for it. In the end, a beautiful and delicious dish would be waiting for you on the table.

With that said, here is the complete recipe for this Osso Buco. I know its hard to stop your mouth from watering down after hearing so many things about this recipe. Wait a little bit and this Osso Buco will be on your dining plate. Follow the steps given below and make it perfect.

Osso Buco Recipe

Osso Buco
  1. The very first step that you have to do is to allow your oven to preheat at about 325F.
  2. And after that, keep your dutch oven on the stove and let it heat for about 5 minutes. Add this Pancetta and let it cook while stirring it in between.
  3. After the Pancetta is ready, you will notice it has a crispy texture and has almost lost all its fats, cover it with a paper towel, and keep it aside.
  4. Now season the veal shanks with some salt and pepper. Coat them with some flour and add it to the pan.
  5. You will have to increase the heat and cook these shanks until they brown. And remove them once done.
  6. Now add the onions, celery and carrots to the oven and cook them until onions change their texture and look translucent. And cook along with garlic and thyme.
  7. Bring back these shanks to the pan and add some wine. Pour some stock so that half of Shanks are covered in it. Cook it on low heat and simmer it. Keep the pan in the oven, fully covered, and let the meat tender. It will take about an hour and a half.
  8. Prepare the gremolata sauce by mixing up parsley, lemon zest and garlic in a small bowl and you can serve it in a separate bowl.

This is your osso buco ready and it can be served along with this tangy and garlic flavored gremolata sauce. This will be a perfect recipe for any moment or occasion at your home and even a better option for your weekends. Have fun and do try it at home.

Nutritional Breakdown of Osso Buco

The nutritional breakdown of this recipe is written below in the table. It will help you to have a piece of complete knowledge about this dish.

Calories 477.7
Protein 46.9 gm.
Sugars 6 gm.
Fats 19.8 gm.
Cholesterol 200.6 mg.
Carbohydrates 17.6 gm.

How to Make Osso Buco at Home | Video

Here is a video that you can watch if you feel like you got stuck somewhere in the middle of the recipe. Watch it and know the complete recipe in detail.

Video By: Dominique’s Kitchen

I hope you loved the Osso Buco recipe. Do remember to share your reviews in the comment section and in case you have any queries, you can also ask your questions below in the comment section. Have a hearty meal!

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