Ossiano Dubai: Is the Restaurant You Want to Take Your Spouse!


Learn about Ossiano Dubai, Atlantis Dubai magical underwater suite.

Atlantis Dubai isn’t one of Dubai’s most popular destinations for nothing. And of the significant highlights of it, Ossiano Dubai takes a chunk. This magical restaurant is a perfect lovers tryst, a rendezvous for every kind of romantic meeting. Hence, the article gives you a rundown of the stunning spot.

Ossiano Dubai

Ossiano Dubai is the popular underwater restaurant situated in the renowned Atlantis Dubai. Since its inception, it has welcomed myriad personalities across different languages and countries. Offering top-notch service, this spectacular café doesn’t disappoint. Its world-class chef and dining options will spoil you for choice. For some of Dubai’s most delicious seafood, this is where to go. Small wonder the state-of-the-art restaurant is a four-time winner of the Best Seafood Restaurant in Dubai.

A fine dining establishment may get some people going, but very few restaurants have the appeal of a unique and lavish sufficient dining experience that Ossiano prides on.

Ossiano’s Aura

A great dining experience is good enough to encourage patronage, but with an underwater setting, the restaurant gives you more reason to do that. That aside and more importantly, the underwater setting occasions a kind of air that should make your date smile to whatever line you dish out. It’s that unreal. The fishes’ sight, the blue Aquarium color, the cozy air, and other things between takes you out of reality. 

You’re sure to see sharks, stingrays, snapper, hammer, lionfish, and anemone on aquatic creatures in the Aquarium. Take your spouse here and she knows you take her seriously. It’s such a treat that it kindles, rekindles and strengthens love.

Ossiano’s Romantic Messages

All that’s been mentioned is enough for you to visit already. What else would you want? But I’ll talk about one more of Ossiano’s fringes, its romantic messages. To the ladies now, how would you feel if while your man is going down on one knee to say, “Will you marry,” you see a message in your name saying Will you marry me, Jane Doe behind which is a diver float in the Aquarium towards you and lean on the Aquarium wall for you? 

Well, this goes on in Ossiano. And records show that Ossiano has seen many marriages thanks to all that’s been discussed.

What Do Visitors Think of Ossiano?

Travelling Aquarius says: This restaurant is like no other worldwide!! I have dined at the Shard in London, the 1 Michelin star Shang Palace in Hong Kong and many other restaurants that label themselves as fine dining but nothing comes close to Ossiano.

Giocchi1 says: Gregoire Berger and his whole team provide a unique food experience – fantastic flavours combined with highest quality ingredients deliver something that words cannot describe – go to Ossiano for yourself and check it out.

Also worth nominating Tshering for his exceptional service.

Worthy of note are children’s interests; Ossiano would make an excellent place for kids, making it a worthy family-friendly destination in Dubai. With all its glitz and sparkle, children would love to spend time here, getting immersed by the enchanting 180-degree view of some of the 65,000 marine creatures flourishing in the glistening Ambassador Lagoon.

Visit the signature restaurant for your contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, Caramelized Black Cod Homemade Linguine, Almond Foam and Zucchini.

Atlantis Underwater Suite

If you want to take things a little further, take the magnificent and unrealistic Atlantis underwater suite and travel out of the world with your spouse. This is one of the places in the resort where the concept of the lost city of Atlantis gets very strong. It’s so exquisite, refreshing and sweet to wake up to the beautiful school of fishes roving in the magnificent Aquarium. Go to your bathroom; they’re still in sight. This is something to give a try.

Visiting Ossiano

AddressAtlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Operating hours (Restaurant)Thursday – Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
BarThursday to Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm


So there you have it, Ossiano Dubai and how it’s a perfect lovers’ tryst. It is lovable and what it’s billed to be. Its award-winning chef is one of the reasons guests visit time and again. If you’re visiting Dubai or you’re already there, this is a good option.

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