What Makes an Olive Tree an Exceptional Gift?

Olive Tree

When you adopt an olive tree as a gift, you take one step towards saving the planet. Growing your food is one of the best ways to help the earth, and it creates more awareness about the importance of growing your food. Good eating habits have several benefits. It means you have to rely less on packaged food items. Good oil, especially extra-virgin olive oil, has several health benefits. When you gift a tree or adopt one, you enjoy a lot of benefits in turn. 

1) Excellent Quality– When you adopt an olive tree as a gift, your name is attached to that tree for a year. While the tree is cared for, you get high-quality olive oil delivered to your doorstep. You do not have to worry about the quality of the oil or where the oil came from. 

You won’t have to worry about the origin of the oil. Extra virgin olive oil is known as liquid gold, and there are many fakes out there trying to cash in on this precious plant. Now, you do not have to worry about any of it. 

2) More Affordable– When you buy extra virgin olive oil from the store, you end up paying hundreds of dollars. You won’t have to pay anything extra towards packaging or delivery charges by adopting an olive tree. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run, and all the while, you will have access to high-quality olive oil for your kitchen. 

3) Strong Connection

When you adopt an olive tree as a gift, you develop a strong connection with it. It will encourage healthy eating among your family as well, especially among the children. Unlike store-bought items, you will feel passionate about the special jar of olive oil, and you will pour all your love into the cooking. 

Pure, unadulterated olive oil has a rich colour and a luscious texture, which is impossible to find in store-bought bottles. The oil does not have any chemical solvents because your adopted olive tree is reared in a completely organic manner. Nor is any preservative added to the oil. 

4) Aesthetic Appeal

When you adopt an olive tree as a gift, it is not just a commercial relationship you are entering into. There is a deeply personal touch when you receive your goodies of fresh olive and olive oil. Everything from the packaging to the delivery is given special attention. You get a certificate of purity, and you get to name your tree as well. 

This entire process helps you form a bond with the tree, so much so that you come to treat it as a part of your family. Olives are embedded deep in Greece’s culture, and by adopting an olive tree here, you become a part of this rich heritage as well. 

Olives are now for rejuvenating health and to impart wisdom. Olive oil can keep blood pressure in check and maintain heart health. By adopting an olive tree, you will be enjoying all these benefits as well, and you will soon look forward to your adoption renewal next year. 

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