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We have seen a lot! Oreo flavored wine, Lay’s and Arby’s flavored vodka, but apparently, this is not where it ends. No, for McCormick has gone ahead and introduced Old Bay vodka. Yes, the vodka tastes like your favorite seafood seasoning; Old Bay. 

Old Bay Vodka

McCormick & Company has collaborated with George’s Beverage Company to create this spice-flavored vodka. The vodka is made from corn and is distilled six times. Made in the McClintock Distilling, Maryland, the Old Bay vodka has a smooth finish. 

Talking about ABV percentage, the Old Bay vodka has about 35%, meaning it is 70 proof. The vodka is a first for McCormick. But this is not the first Old Bay flavored drink by George’s Beverage Company. 

They have ventured many times in the business of spice-flavored drinks, including Old Bay Bloody Mary Mix, Zatarain’s Cajun Bloody Mary Mix, and Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary Mix. Talk about spicy!

Jill Pratt, the Chief Marketing Excellence Officer at McCormick, said, “Our fans are loyal and passionate when it comes to all things Old Bay. We’re thrilled to work with George’s to bring the one-of-a-kind flavor of Old Bay to fans in entirely new, exciting, and innovative ways.”

The vodka will be available to buy in the middle of March and will be distributed by Breakthru Beverage MD and Breakthru Beverage DE. Find out all about the Old Bay vodka, including recipes, where to buy, and Old Bay merch on the official website for Old Bay vodka. 

Who thought that we would get a seasoning-flavored vodka? I am as surprised as you are. 

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