Nyotaimori: The Perfect Mix Between Art and Pleasure


Eating is usually a very pleasurable activity. However, it is very dependent on taste, preference and time. That is why Nyotaimori or Nantaimori is becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly does this practice consist of? It is also known as body sushi or even corporeal sushi. Although its origins are somewhat uncertain, everything seems to confirm that it is a very old Japanese custom.

This experience consists of eating sushi directly from the body of a naked woman, Nyotaimori. Although, on lesser occasions, it can also be done on Nantaimori’s body. Nowadays, it is usually on a couple’s body when looking for new experiences. Still, there are also many escorts in Brisbane who offer these services for fetishists or even for events.

1. Tradition, Art and Eroticism

Earlier on, it was quite natural and common in certain areas. But little by little, it has been stylized and has become an experience worthy usually of businessmen and top executives. 

There are also events such as some bachelor and bachelorette parties where it is done for the situation, even though they focus more on the party and the sexualization of the whole act itself. It is very common to associate Nyotaimori or Nantaimori as if it was a sexual service of some beautiful escort from Manchester, perhaps also linked to some kind of fantasy such as feederism (being fed, for example), those who are aroused by food or by aphrodisiac food.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In the places where it is done professionally, attention is paid to detail. The people who work as human “trays” are real models. Even their contracts detail their professionalism. At the beginning of each Nyotaimori evening, the rules are specified and the moment the model does not feel comfortable, the experience is over. 

It is very difficult to lie down and maintain concentration, remain impassive and show no emotions or expressions. Especially when surrounded by a group of strangers chatting and making comments while eating and uncovering more skin. 

Thus, models adorn themselves with sushi and sashimi of selected quality. But some also do it with hot or cold food. In this case, banana leaves are used to protect the skin of the model in question.

2. Resisting Temptation

The human body and nudity are completely natural. But in some places, it is more taboo than anything else. Apart from the opinions generated by the experience itself for what it consists of.

Currently, there are not many places that offer this type of experience. But in those that do, they try to offer something exclusive and intimate. Therefore, it is important to be very clear about the rules in the first place to be able to intensely enjoy the atmosphere that is created during Nyotaimori. To recreate and experience one of the oldest Japanese traditions as well as the most typical flavors is a pleasure.

It may seem logical to think that this is just a fantasy and is only done for the sake of morbid desire. And it is true; the desire can arise, after all, it is about a naked person. But it is not always the final goal of the experience; if that is what you are looking for, you can consult the services of a professional escort at Skokka.

The Nyotaimori or Nantaimori model in question must be completely depilated and have been “trained” to remain still for a long time. Not to mention avoiding reacting to comments from the customers.

In fact, many of them say that the experience has greatly increased their self-esteem and helped them understand and accept their bodies along with living their sexuality more intensely and broadly.

3. The Relationship Between Food and Pleasure

At that moment, the chef is a true artist, like a painter, but in this case, the human body is his canvas and the sushi is his painting. How and where to place each of the elements so that they do not fall over, are accessible and form figures is a question of strategy—being able to imagine the whole to express the beauty and desire for the food and the experience. 

Nyotaimori and Nantaimori are slowly becoming very popular. A unique and alternative experience to the normality that everyone is used to. Something out of the routine that appeals to many. It has already arrived and is being celebrated in major cities around the world.

Why? Because, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, eating is normally closely related to pleasure. Tasting each flavour, how it dissolves in the mouth, each texture… 

Virtually all leisure activities involve eating in one way or another: going to the cinema, going out with friends, going on a date, family gatherings, business events, birthday parties and celebrations… But, on the other hand, food restrictions, such as diets or allergies, often mean sadness, overwhelm and even anxiety. 

In short, food is a temptation and everyone has their way of enjoying it more intensely. In this case, it attracts a lot of attention because it is out of the ordinary. But not everyone is open and willing to try it. So, if you wish, it is as simple as looking for a place nearby where you can prove and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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