No Bake Chocolate Marquise

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Here is a chocolate rich dessert to make you feel special again. Chocolate being a favorite to all and works to enlighten our mood is a hug from inside; this ingredient is special in its own way. We come to you with innovations in such a special ingredient. Here we go…

The Chocolate Marquise is a traditional French dessert for chocolate lovers. It is a dessert lingering on at the end of the dinner party. It is easy to make and is rich in chocolate mixed with egg yolk, butter and sugar; hence a delightful and perfect ending to happy hours.

How much time it will take:

Preparation Cooking Refrigeration Total

10 minutes


30 minutes


3-4 hours


4 hours 40 minutes

 Ingredients for Chocolate Marquise:

Ingredients Quantity
Water As required in the recipe
Dark chocolate 250 gm
Sugar coated biscuits As required in the recipe
Butter 300 gm
Powdered sugar 165 gm
Egg yolk Of 1 unit

How to make No Bake Chocolate Marquise | Recipe:

  • In a pan add water and keep it on a full flame. Put a glass bowl on top of it. Add dark chocolate to it, 3 tbsp water and let it melt. Now add butter and sugar to it; mix well and make chocolate syrup.
  • In a bowl beat an egg yolk. Remove the syrup from the flame and add egg yolk to it. Now add about 18 units of sugar coated crushed biscuits to the syrup.
  • In a silicon bowl place some biscuits in a flat covering to the base of the bowl. Pour the sugar syrup evenly. Now refrigerate it for 3-4 hours.
  • Slice and serve cold.

Taste the delight of this chocolate rich dessert. Your taste buds are about to experience amazement never felt before.

Stay tuned for more such delights to add on to your life…

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