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Nickels Grill and Bar Menu With Prices

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There are a few restaurants that serve both drinks and food, but you don’t know the name of the best one. Were you searching for such a restaurant and came to my blog? Then you are in the right place.

Nickels Grill and Bar outlet

Nickels Grill and Bar’s menu has got plenty of food and drinks choices. Their menu comprises of bagels, salads, starters, poutines, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and much more. They also offer drinks such as beer, white wine, red wine and rose wine.

In this blog, I will tell you the name of the restaurant and the name is Nickels Grill and Bar. Also, I will provide you information regarding Nickels Grill and Bar menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of Nickels Grill and Bar Menu.

I will start with the history first. Nickels Grill and Bar, a Canadian dining restaurant chain was founded by Céline Dion and her 4 friends in 1990 in Canada. Now the owner of this brand is the Foodtastic group of restaurants and the headquarters of their company is in Canada.

Nickels Grill and Bar Menu is worldwide famous for their concept of deli and bar and the food they served in Montreal-style. So, without more waiting, let’s check out the latest Nickels menu.

Nickels Grill and Bar Menu Prices

Nickels Grill and Bar Menu

Nickels Grill and Bar has a variety of food options on its menu that includes burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and many other things. There is a selection of starters that includes soup, onion rings, nachos, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and many other items as well.

If you are a health-conscious person, then you also have salads from their menu as well. There are also poutines, but the brand is best known for its Montreal’s Style Smoked Meat. Their menu also has fresh chicken ribs that are very tasty and delicious. Besides the ribs, there are chicken wings, fish & chips and steak as well.

With your food, you can have drinks and desserts as well that’ll elevate the taste of your whole meal. Nickels Grill and Bar restaurants are full of joy, ambiance elevated through the guitars and jukeboxes playing in the background and they will provide you fair and quality food at reasonable prices. You and your family can get a great meal here for around $30.

Breakfast Menu

Full Breakfast

Full BreakfastPrice
Choix santé / Healthy Choice$9.99

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Omelette au Cheddar / Cheddar Omelette$9.49
Omelette aux épinards et fromage suisse / Spinach and Swiss Cheese Omelette$11.49
Omelette au jambon et fromage suisse / Ham and Swiss Cheese Omelette$10.49
Omelette occidentale / Western Omelette$10.49
Omelette à la poitrine / Brisket Omelette$12.49
Omelette végétarien / Vegetarian Omelette$10.49

Poêlons au gratin / Skillets au gratin

Poêlons au gratin / Skillets au gratinPrice
Mish Mash$12.99
Méditerranéen / Mediterranean$11.99

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Bénédictines / Benedicts

Bénédictines / BenedictsPrice
Bénédictine Classique / Classic Benedict$12.49
Bénédictine Florentine / Florentine Benedict$13.49
Bénédictine Montréalais / Montreal Benedict$14.49
Bénédictine Au Philly Steak / Philly Steak Benedict$14.49
Bénédictine au Lox / Lox Benedict$14.99

Crêpes, Pain doré, et gaufres maison / Pancake, French Toast, and Waffles

Pancake, French Toast, and WafflesPrice
Nature / Plain$7.99
Crêpes aux bleuets / Blueberry Pancake$9.49
Fruits frais et crème fouettée / Fresh fruit and Whipped Cream$10.99
Fraises fraîches, sauce aux fraises, et crème fouettée / Fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream$11.99
Pomme à la cannelle caramélisé / Caramelised Cinnamon Apple$11.49
Banane et nutella / Banana and Nutella$12.49

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Bagel avec fromage à la crème / Bagel with Cream Cheese$5.49
Eggspress Bagel$7.99
Bagel au Saumon fumé / Smoked Salmon Bagel$8.99

Accompagnements / Sides

Accompagnements / SidesPrice
Toast et fromage / Toast and Cheese$3.29
Fromage suisse / Swiss Cheese$2.49
Fromage Cheddar / Cheddar Cheese$1.99
Fromage à la crème / Cream Cheese$3.99
Jambon / Ham$2.99
Saucisse / Sausage$2.99
Viande fumée / Smoked Meat$3.49
Fèves au lard / Beans with Bacon$2.79
Pommes de terre maison / House Potatoes$2.79

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Breuvages / Beverages

Breuvages / BeveragesPrice
Café / Coffee$2.49


Entrées / Starters

Entrées / StartersPrice
Soupe du jour / Soup Of The Day$4.99
Rondelles d’oignons panées à la bière / Beer Battered Onion Rings$8.99
Bâtonnets de fromage mozzarella / Mozzarella Sticks$8.99
Ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings$8.99
Calmars / Calamari$12.99
Filets De Poitrine De Poulet/ Chicken Breast Fillets$7.99

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Salades / Salads

Salades / SaladsPrice
Salade maison / House Salad$7.99
Salade grecque / Greek Salad$9.99
Salade César / Caesar Salad$9.49
Salade cobb de l’ouest / West Coast Cobb Salad$14.99
Salade poulet taco / Chicken Taco Salad$17.99
Asiatique/ Asian$14.99


Poutine (classique / Classic)$9.99
Poutine (viande fumée / Smoked Meat)$13.99
Poutine (québécoise / Quebecoise)$12.99
Poutine (Italien / Italian)$13.9

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La meilleure viande fumée de montréal / Montreal’s Best Smoked Meat

Montreal’s Best Smoked MeatPrice
La Star / The Star$15.99
Club Nickels$16.59
BBQ Jack$18.49

Hamburgers / Burgers

Hamburgers / BurgersPrice
Hamburger classique / Classic Burger$12.59
Hamburger classique fromage / Cheese Burger$13.99
Jimmy Dean (hamburger / Burger)$15.49
Big bopper (hamburger / Burger)$15.49
Marilyn (hamburger / Burger)$15.99

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Sandwichs / Sandwiches

Sandwichs / SandwichesPrice
Philly steak (sous-marin / Submarine)$16.49
Wrap au saumon / Salmon Wrap$15.49
Sous-marin au poulet / Chicken Submarine$15.49
Wrap (poulet cajun / Cajun Chicken)$14.49
Club sandwich$15.99

Pizzas 10’’

Pizzas 10’’Price
Pizza (fromage / Cheese)$12.99
Pizza (pepperoni et fromage / Pepperoni and Cheese)$14.49
Pizza (toute garnie / All Dressed)$15.99
Pizza (québécoise / Quebecoise)$17.49
Pizza (la spéciale Nickels / Nickels Special)$18.49
Amateur De Viande/ Meat Lovers$18.99

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Pâtes / Pasta

Pâtes / PastaPrice
Spaghetti (Bolognaise / Bolognese)$13.49
Pâtes Nickels bolognaise / Nickels Bolognese Pasta$17.49
Pâtes tortellinis avec sauce rosée / Tortellini Rosé Pasta$14.99
Lasagne gratinée au four / Baked Lasagna$15.99
Fettuccine Alfredo Au Poulet/ Fettuccine Alfredo With Chickens$17.49
Mac & Cheese$11.99

Les favoris / Favourites

Les favoris / FavouritesPrice
Général tao / General Tao$17.99
Poulet Santa Fe / Santa Fe Chicken$18.49
Fish & Chips$17.49
Poulet Parmesan/ Chicken Parmesan$17.99

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DU Grill / From The Grill

DU Grill / From The GrillPrice
Carré de côtes levées / Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs$24.99
Demi-carré de côtes levées / Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs$18.49
Combo demi-côtes levées / Half Baby Back Ribs combo$24.99
Hamburger steak / Steak Burger$15.99
Souvlaki (porc / Pork)$15.99
Brochette (Filet Mignon)$20.99
Brochette (poulet / Chicken)$17.99
Demi-côtes Levées Et 4 Ailes De Poulet/ Half Rack and 4 Chicken Wings$24.99

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Les à côtés / Sides

Les à côtés / SidesPrice
Frites maison de pommes de terre rouges / Red Skin Potato Fries$3.99
Rondelles d’oignons panées à la bière / Beer Battered Onion Rings$6.99
Salade de chou crémeuse / Creamy Coleslaw$3.99
Pain à l’ail gratiné / Broiled Garlic Bread$5.49
Cornichons / Pickles$3.99
Poivrons cerises marinés / Pickled Cherry Peppers$4.49

Breuvages / Beverages

Breuvages / BeveragesPrice
Ginger Ale$3.00
Coke Zero$3.00

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Gâteau au chocolat Céline / Celine Chocolate Cake$7.49
Tarte croustade aux pommes à l’ancienne / Apple Crumble Pie$5.49
Tarte au sucre à l’ancienne / Sugar Pie$4.99

Bière / Beer

Bière / BeerPrice
Molson Canadian$5.99
Molson dry$5.99

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Vin Rouge / Red Wine

Vin Rouge / Red WinePrice
Cliff 79, Cabernet Chiraz$23.99
Reserve Maison, Merlot$26.99
Pasqua, Primitivo Lapaccio$29.99
Jacob’s creek, Shiraz Cabernet$30.99

Vin Blanc / White Wine

Vin Blanc / White WinePrice
Robertson winery, Chenin$22.99
Trapiche, chardonnay$23.99
Jacob’s Creek, semillon chardonnay$28.99
Fetzer Valley, Oaks Fume$29.99
Woodbrige, Sauvignon$29.99

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Vin Rose / Rose Wine

Vin Rose / Rose WinePrice
Cliff 79$23.99

Nickels Grill and Bar Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Nickels Grill and Bar menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Nickels Grill and Bar Franchise Details

Nickels Grill and Bar franchise

Nickels Grill and Bar has 12 locations. So if you want to open their Nickels Grill and Bar franchise restaurant, then here is the cost.

Initial Investment$25,000 
Cash Required$300,000 to $350,000
Final Investment $600,000 and $750,000 

Nickels Grill and Bar Important Links


Nickels Grill and Bar Contact Information

Nickels Grill and Bar Corporate Office Address: 2365 rue Guenette,
Saint-Laurent (Quebec) Canada, H4R 2E9

Nickels Grill and Bar Corporate Office Phone Number: 514-856-5555

Nickels Grill and Bar Corporate Office Email Address:

To contact the team of Nickels Grill and Bar you can fill the contact form present on their website.

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