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Trader Joe’s is making headlines almost every day now. Be it the introduction of a new item or the hype of an already existing item, the king of grocery chains is having a good time under the spotlight! So, what’s the most recent headline about Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe's Oats Chocolate Bars

With more and more people hopping onto the vegan lifestyle, it’s only evident that brands will try and make their products fit right into their customers’ needs. Doing just that, Trader Joe’s rolled out various plant-based products, including various types of chocolate bars, etc.

Trader Joe’s oat milk has been a fan favorite of its customers for a long time. Building upon the overwhelming response for the same, Trader Joe’s has now released their very own Trader Joe’s Oat Chocolate Bars.

These Oat Chocolate Bars promise the buyers a creamy and smooth texture without the milk. Without milk, it’s very difficult to achieve the right consistency and texture of the said food item. It can make the item really dry and crumbly. But these bars guarantee the opposite.

Not only that, but the box specifies that these oat chocolate bars are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. These bars are also Kosher and they make the best chocolatey delight for anyone with a sweet tooth!

The Trader Joe’s Oat Chocolate Bars became a fan favorite when a photo of Trader Joe’s Oat Chocolate Bars was posted on Instagram by the user @traderjoeslist. The caption of the post read “dairy-free replacement for milk chocolate.”

But do these bars hold up to their claims or not? Several people commented on the post, reviewing the product and expressing their opinions. One user commented, “Texture is very smooth and almost unnoticeable there’s oat. It tastes similar to milk chocolate.”

Another one of Trader Joe’s Oats Chocolate Bars lovers wrote, “I loved it! Melted it on some fruit, put some in my work bag, and shared it with friends. The bars are the perfect size. Taste/ texture on point.” The amount of love this new Trader Joe’s item is receiving is unreal!

These bars are a chocolatey dream come true for lactose-intolerant people. One user, a mother of a lactose intolerant daughter, commented, “My dairy allergic daughter loved it! I enjoyed it too.”

Trader Joe’s is an angel in disguise for all the vegan and lactose intolerant people out there, along with people who want to cut off on gluten. Try one for yourself and see if the item is actually worth its hype!

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