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Roadhouse Pay

Forgot your wallet at home and want to dine at Texas Roadhouse? Well, you might just turn out to be lucky. Why? This is because Texas Roadhouse just launched their new payment app, Roadhouse Pay!

With technological developments, payments have become way easier and more hassle-free than they initially were. Digital payments have become a normal and convenient way of making payments.

Providing its customers just that, Texas Roadhouse launched its new payment app, Roadhouse Pay, on Wednesday. The payment procedure of this app would be that each table at the restaurant will have a tablet.

To pay via tablet means to pay at your own convenience and leisure instead of making payments at the server. This payment system launched at 20 restaurants and will be expanding up to 400 locations.

This payment service has been observed to attract more tips from customers than usual. The customers are loving this new payment service and are finding it incredibly easy to make payments via Roadhouse Pay.

The tablet’s use is not limited to making payments, but you can also play games, sign up for Roadhouse’s VIP Club, buy gift cards and take surveys using the tablet. It’s easy to use and is user-friendly.

The Texas Roadhouse’s Chief Information Officer, Hernan Mujica, said, “We felt like our guests really wanted the ability to pay themselves, so we wanted to give that experience to our guests.”

Mujica further said, “We’re open to anything that we feel enhances the service, the guest experience and makes our staff’s lives easier and faster, and hopefully helps them get paid more.” This is exactly what has happened.

Both customers and staff are benefiting from this new payment service. It saves time for the staff, which is usually wasted in walking around with the bill, cheques, etc.

When talking about customers being given fast service, Mujica said, “If we get three to five minutes of table turn time, that’s just gravy, but we don’t want them to feel rushed. We want them to have the choice.”

A total of 80% of customers were observed making payments via this service. The Texas Roadhouse’s efforts for an easier dining experience for its customers is absolutely commendable!

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