Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is now a go-to option for everyone who wants to enjoy the authentic flavors of hamburgers and sandwiches. If you are new at Nation’s outlet, you are in for a surprise as burgers and Nation’s breakfast and pies are too good to be true. 

Nation's Giant Hamburgers Outlet

With satiating side options like chili cheese fries and shakes, Nation’s is perfect for satisfying savory cravings. Today, they have created a giant space in their customers’ hearts and have completed their 70 successful years. 

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Latest Menu with Prices

Nation's Outlet

You can explore the Nation’s Giant Hamburgers’ menu and prices below. I’ve added a drop-down option just in case you want to learn more about each menu item. It’ll expand the table with the necessary information, like whether the menu item is vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly. 

To make things easier and more fun for you, you can click on the categories and jump between different sections of the menu. 

Popular Items On The Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Menu 

Nation's Giant Hmaburgers Food

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers are known for their range of burgers, yet other menu items are popular. Let’s have a look at the star items at Nation: 

1. French Fries

What’s better than enjoying long, crispy golden fries cooked to perfection? Nation’s Fries are the most popular menu item because they are salty, fulfilling, and satiating to the tastebuds. 

Customers love Nation’s fries because, unlike other outlets, they are cooked in canola oil. This not only makes these fries healthier but also elevates the taste and texture. Therefore, you can eat them without feeling guilty.

3. Chili Cheese fries

I know Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is known for burgers, but their chili cheese fries are unique and a must-try option. The meaty notes with a nice kick of spiciness are flavorful, making them popular among those who love savory twists in simple fries.

With rich and meaty chili spread on the bed of fries, along with not one but two slices of cheese – it is perfectly flavored. This is why Chili Cheese fries deserve much recognition. The best part is that if you enjoy it hot, you will love the crunchy notes of fries. 

3. Raspberry Cheesecake Pie 

Raspberry cheesecake pie is everyone’s favorite. Why should it not be? It has everything you’d expect from a cheesecake pie. It is quite popular among the Nation’s dessert options because of its smooth texture and fruity notes.

From what I know, the little secret that makes the Raspberry pie unique is that Nation cooks them fresh daily. Also, the raspberry’s fruity flavor and the cheesecake crust’s smooth texture complement everything with a crumbly note. 

4. Cheeseburger

Who does not love a good cheeseburger? Nation’s cheeseburger is quite flavorful and super fulfilling. Every bite feels like a celebration of meaty and cheesy notes. 

Nation’s cheeseburger deserves a spot on this list because it adds a generous mustard sauce. 

Because of mustard, each bite will have a hint of tangy and tasty notes. Also, you don’t have to tolerate a dry cheeseburger anymore because Nation’s got it right somehow. 

5. Bacon Cheeseburger

The best flavors come when you combine two different types of meat and place them on toasted buns with crunchy veggies. These combinations of flavors make the delicious bacon cheeseburger from Nation’s Giant Hamburgers.

Adding bacon to a regular cheeseburger creates a harmony of savory, cheesy, and meaty flavors. That is why they are popular among meat lovers. 

This burger wins the game as the flavor hits the right spot and swiftly satisfies the cravings. 

6. Giant Two eggers

Nation’s Giant Two Eggers is a perfect breakfast option—two poached eggs with any meat of your choice, well-toasted bread, and hash browns. 

This item has everything you need. Giant Two Eggers is an all-rounder everyone should try, from flavors to great nutrients. 

7. Banana Cream Pie

Freshly cut bananas placed over a flaky crust with Nation’s Home creme filling are something you will truly cherish. Banana Cream pie gets extra flavorful with the addition of whipped cream on top, complementing the sweetness of bananas. 

Every bite swiftly melts in your mouth, creating a perfect blend of flavors. It’s no wonder people love this dessert at burger places. 

8. Onion Rings

Who would say no to perfectly cooked onion rings that do not fall out after a bite? Nation’s onion rings are nicely coated and curated to give a perfect crunchy bite. 

The best part is that the onion rings are around 3/4 inch thick, which makes a hearty portion of onion goodness. 

Moreover, you can enjoy them without dipping because the flavors are too good. Another reason for their popularity is their crispy texture, an absolute must-have!

9. Chocolate creme pie

Chocolate creme pie is one of the delicacies at Nation’s. The smooth texture and chocolaty notes make the heart skip a beat for a few seconds. Many of you don’t know, but let me tell you a little secret. The rich and velvety creme pie lies in Guittard Chocolate Bars. 

These chocolate bars are melted to make a chocolaty filling and paired with a flaky crust. So you can taste a creamy yet crumbly texture. Many customers (who are chocolate maniacs like me) casually come to Nation to have a forkful of chocolate creme pie. 

10. Hamburger

Nation is known for its giant hamburgers, and it is no surprise why they are popular—they are hearty, beefy, and immensely fulfilling.

A 1/3-lb, all-beef patty, thick slices of onions, juicy tomatoes, and crisp lettuce on toasted buns make a hamburger delicious. Nation’s has ideally kept the tradition with its flavorful and satisfying hamburgers. 

11. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is more like comfort food, and Nation’s has successfully delivered it, leaving everyone nostalgic. Nothing could ever go wrong with Nation’s Grilled Cheese because it has not one but three slices of cheese. 

Every bite is like a burst of gooey, melty cheese. Nation’s does not stop here; it also offers different choices of bread grilled to perfection and additional toppings. 

12. Hot Dog

We cannot miss discussing Nation Hot Dogs because it is their legacy. The Nation’s story started with selling hot dogs; even today, people love eating them. 

Hot Dog at Nation has decent, flavorful notes that satisfy your savory craving. The 8-inch-long hot dog fills the belly and soul, making it one of the most loved and popular menu items. 

What People Are Asking About Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Menu? 

What Are The Operating Hours Of Nation’s Giant Hamburgers?

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers operates between 8 A.m. and 12 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Certain outlets operate 24/7. However, the timing may differ depending on different locations, so check with your nearest outlet.

Does Nation have Online Delivery Services?

Yes, Nation’s has a food delivery service. You can place an order through their website or app. The Nation is also available at leading delivery platforms like Grubhub, UberEats, and Doordash. 

How Can You Make Payment At Nation’s Giant Hamburgers? 

Nation accepts every master card, including credit cards, for payment options. You can also use online payment methods like Apple Pay. 

Does Nation’ Have A Secret Menu?

No, Nation does not have any official secret menu. However, you can always customize your order and enjoy something new.

What Bacon Do Nation’s Use?

Nation’s uses bacon that is smoked with real hickory chips.

Where Is The Beef Sourced From At Nation’s?

The beef at Nation’s is locally sourced and ground fresh daily by local butchers nationwide. 

Does The Nation Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, Nation has gift certificates that you can purchase at any physical outlet for only $10. 

Are There Any Deals Running At Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Menu 

Nation's Giant Hamburgers

When I last checked, no deals and offers were running at Nation’s Giant Hamburgers. 

However, there might be some in-store discounts and offers available. So, I recommend you contact or drive to your nearest Nation’s outlet and check for the same. 

How We’ve Verified This Data

At The FoodXP, we validate all the information from the official website of Nation’s Giant Hamburgers and verify the details with the leading delivery platforms to be 100% sure. 

Every information available on the website goes through researching, verifying, and filtering the content. You can contact your nearest outlet, as the information may vary from location to location. You can learn more about our process of updating the menu prices here

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As we are at the end of this giant discussion, I am sure that now you know why Nation is a perfect place to enjoy hamburgers and pies. You should give it a try to some popular menu items and share your experience until next time. 

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