Did MrBeast Really Launch Beast Burger Overnight?

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MrBeast is a YouTuber who is prominently known for his over-the-top philanthropic endeavours. MrBeast Burger was recently the talk of the YouTube town when the news of the new franchise food outlet surfaced. In his very own inordinate style, MrBeast managed to grab millions’ attention with this one tweet announcing the launch of over 300 MrBeast Burger locations. But did it all happen overnight? Let’s find out!

Did MrBeast Really Launch Beast Burger Overnight?

It took almost more than a year for MrBeast to streamline the entire process, reach out to the restaurants, train the chefs. Most people live with the misconception that all it took was a series of fortunate events for everything to fall in place, but it was much more than that.

It was not until recently when the world was speculating the next move of the philanthropic Youtuber, MrBeast and yet again he managed to surprise everyone. Beast Burger joined hands with Dream, a well-known name in the YouTube comminity. Dream has more than 20 million followers and MrBeast has managed to presents his fans with a Dream burger. That’s the dream!, right?

The first outlet of MrBeast Burger was a delight not just for the restaurant owners but also for the customers. People who came for a delectable meal were presented with thousands of dollars, Apple products and one person even got a car. Stay with me till the end of the post to learn more about the backstory of how it all started.

The Seamless Execution Of Launching MrBeast Burger

Breaking the internet is not something new for MrBeast. But coming up with a business venture where customers of a restaurant would get thousands of dollars, quirky apple gadgets and more just to eat the food is something that no one can come up with other than MrBeast.

While one might think that all it took was money to get this done, but the manager of MrBeast, Reed Duchscher, strangely revealed in an interview that it took dedicated efforts to the entire team of MrBeast along with the cooperation of restaurant owners to realize this dream of opening over 600 locations of virtual kitchens all over the United States of America.

MrBeast Burger’s team was devotedly working towards one single aim to make this launch an epic success. Whether it was the monitoring of the subscriber’s density and viewership ratio or manually selecting the menu items on the Beast Burger, every step was a part of a meticulous strategy.

The motive behind tracking viewers’ density in specified areas on the map was to single out the locations with the most number of people who religiously follow MrBeast, watch his content on a regular basis and will surely end up transforming from a fan to a paying customer.

However, MrBeast turned the tables when he started showering the customers with extravagant goodies, including hefty cash wards, apple products, and one lucky customer who went home with a brand new shining car.

How Did He Pull It Off?

Virtual Dining Concepts proved to be a great help in streamlining MrBeast Burger’s launch, serving as a bridge between the restaurants and MrBeast. With the collective support and reviews from popular celebrities from YouTube, the brand is reaching immense heights.

The concept of dropshipping was never introduced in the food industry at such a level before this. MrBeast Burger has helped to elevate small-scale restaurant owners’ financial status and create employment opportunities for the delivery personnel. Take a look at the sharp-witted launch and marketing strategy that helped Beast Burger become what it is now!

The Launch Strategy

Video by MrBeast

The first step in the right direction was to determine the locations that will help the beast burger to flourish. While everyone is clouded by the misconception that all of it happened overnight, long-standing research, meticulous training and many sleepless nights resulted in this success story.

Selection Of Locations

This was done rather smartly with the help of YouTube analytics. The platform enables you to track your watch time as well as your user base, along with other statistics. After figuring out the best 600 locations brimming with the fans of Mrbeast, it was only a matter of time for MrBeast to share the news with the world.

Marketing Tactics

MrBeast played the master card to redirect his already existing followers towards his new venture and started with yet another over the top video titled- ‘I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It’. Thousands of dollars in cash, apple products and a car were overwhelming enough for the customers to result in a 20-mile long traffic jam, and MrBeast emerged in front of the world as an overnight success.

The Conclusion

Contrary to popular belief, no single successful business is an overnight trust with destiny but a compilation of effort, knowledge, research and a hopeful approach towards a better tomorrow. MrBeast Burger is not far from the same. While the world might be having positive reviews about his successful launch of over 600 locations of MrBeast Burger, it was his vision and meticulous planning that helped him fulfil this goal.

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