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MrBeast Burger Expands Its Territory With 120 New Locations

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MrBeast Burger was introduced to the world with a very noble thought of helping small-scale restaurant owners to stay afloat. With the passing time, MrBeast Burger has transformed into such a huge business venture that no one could ever think of. The world did not pay much heed to it in the beginning. But after the booming success, all the eyes are glued to the next move of MrBeast to make Beast burger bigger and better than ever.

MrBeast locations

MrBeast has the most phenomenal plans for his baby project. On March 11, he tweeted the opening of 120 new locations, making the final count take a leap from 300 to 420 locations. You can now get a MrBeast Burger in three locations in Canada as well. Considering the speed at which the venture is expanding, clearly, MrBeast has no plans to take things slow. 

Go through these quick pointers to see the future of MrBeast Burger unfold before you!

A Lookback To The Journey

Before we dive into dissecting the future plans of MrBeast Burger, let us take a quick recap of whatever happened so far on the basis of which we are offering the said speculations.

Popular YouTuber MrBeast opened 300 locations of MrBeast Burger, and the internet lost its calm. There were many challenges faced at the launch of Beast Burgers. A swarm of people waiting to try their luck along with the super-hyped menu of Beast burgers, a never-ending traffic jam, shortage of delivery personnel and whatnot, but all-in-all, Beast Burger managed to get a hold of the attention of the world.

Soon, the entire nation was segregated by their respective love and fury for the Beast Burgers. Since Beast Burger introduced the very concept of dropshipping to the fast-food industry, they were bound to miss out on a thing or two. There was a mixup in the orders, delayed delivered, crashing of the ioS solely because the number of orders kept increasing at a escalating rate. 

It was the nimble-wittedness and dedicated efforts of the team of MrBeast Burger that helped them to come up with a solution for every single huddle on the road to success. 

Diligent Planning

Everything was executed after thorough planning; the selection of locations was made with the help of data collected from the YouTube analytics. User base concentration and watch time were the two main parameters considered in the process. 

Since delivery of the food was a major concern, an ioS app was created to take care of it along with other leading portals such as DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub and Uber Eats.

Opening Of New Locations

Just as I was going through the internet to gobble up more information, I stumbled upon this one tweet from MrBeast suggesting that Beast Burger is now open in 120 more locations. I was almost astounded by the speed it is growing.

A month ago, the venture went international after launching 3 locations in Canada. Now you can treat yourself to a lavish Mrbeast Burger in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. MrBeast has also promised his fans living in other countries to bring the MrBeast Burgers to their doorsteps.

Speculations For MrBeast Burger

To help you understand the gravity of the situation, let us compare MrBeast Burger with Rebel Food. It is an India-based, one of the largest cloud kitchen companies. Currently, it is serving in over 16 cities and has more than 1500+ restaurants. The venture was founded back in 2011. It has taken more than a decade for the company to reach this stature. 

With the rapid speed with which MrBeast burger is growing, along with the resources and support it has from the millions of fans of MrBeast, it will not be wrong to contemplate that soon MrBeast Burger will overtake the decade-old business venture.

The Conclusion

There is no certain formula to figure out the future, but if MrBeast Burger keeps at it, the way it is growing and improving by the day, the future looks bright and promising from hereon. Considering the popularity of Beast Burger, the dream of opening food banks and homeless shelters that MrBeast has discussed on numerous occasions does not seem far away.

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