Mr. Whippy Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

The Mr. Whippy menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided Mr. Whippy outlet’s menu from Virginia, U.S. The menu will be updated on the 1st June 2024 onwards.

Mr. Whippy Outlet

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest Mr. Whippy menu from any food delivery app.

Mr. Whippy menu with prices includes mouth-watering sundaes, snowball & slush flavors, refreshing milkshakes, yummy cyclones, and miscellaneous. All the food items are below $20.

But before getting started with the menu, let’s see about the history of the restaurant.

Dominic Facchino started Mr. Whippy in the year 1958. The first outlet he opened was in Birmingham, England. In the present times, Mr. Whippy has 36 franchisees operating 58 vans, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Whippy Menu With Prices


Mr. Whippy Menu includes sumptuous and delicious sundaes, chilled and appealing snowball & slush flavors, tasty and yummy cyclones, healthy and appetizing milkshakes, delightful miscellaneous with chocolate dips.

You can also enjoy torte monoporzione and cupcakes section at Mr. Whippy which includes delicious items.

The pancakes served at Mr. Whippy includes pancakes cioccolato bianco costs $6.00, pancakes nutella costs $6.00, pancakes pistacchio costs $6.00, pancakes kinder cereali costs $6.00 on the menu.

In semifreddi section they offer barattolino croccante amarena, barattolino cookies, barattolino bueno, Barattolino Cereali, etc. All these will cost $ 5.00, $ 5.00, $ 5.00, $ 5.00 respectively.

Mr. Whippy is famous for its delicious and different variety of delicious things they serve the best types of ice creams and other things. The staff of their parlors and vans is very calm and welcoming with calm atmosphere in their parlors.

Mr Whippy prices are affordable and reasonable as compare to other parlours. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Mr Whippy menu with prices.

Vaschetta Gelato

Vaschetta 1kg$19.00
Vaschetta 1/2 kg$9.50


Barattolino Hippo Fresh$5.00
Barattolino Cookies$5.00
Barattolino Croccante Amarena$5.00
Barattolino Golosello$5.00
Barattolino Cheese Frutti Di Bosco$5.00
Barattolino Croccante AI Pistacchio$5.00
Barattolino Cereali$5.00
Barattolino Bueno$5.00
Barattolino Merendero$5.00
Barattolino Cheesecake AI Pistacchio$5.00

Barrette Gelato

Barretta Pistacchiosa$5.00
Barretta Snickers$5.00
Barretta Praline$5.00
Barretta Bounty$5.00
Barretta Bueno$5.00
Barretta Hippopotamo$5.00


Cupcake Pingui$4.00
Cupcake Oreo$4.00
Cupcake Bueno$4.00
Cupcake Kinder Cioccolato$4.00

Torte Monoporzione

Babà Al Rum$3.00
Merendero Cake$5.00
Mono Cheesecake Pistacchio$3.00
Baba AL Limoncello$3.00
Cheesecake AI Kinder Bueno$5.00
Mono Delizia Di Sorrento$5.00
Settesensi Cake$3.00
Mono Tropical$5.00

Creme Spalmabili

Mister Spalmabile Oro Nero$6.00
Mister Spalmabile Bueno$6.00
Mister Spalmabile Praline$6.00
Mister Spalmabile Hippo$6.00
Mister Spalmabile Pistacchio$6.00
Mister Spalmabile Nocciolotta$6.00

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Crepes Bianca E Nera$4.00


Pancakes Happy Hippo$6.00
Pancakes Kinder Cioccolato$6.00
Pancakes Cioccolato Bianco$6.00
Pancakes Bueno$6.00
Pancakes Nutella$6.00
Pancakes Pistacchio$6.00
Pancakes Galake Pistacchio$6.00
Pancakes Kinder Cereali$6.00


Acqua Frizzante$1.00
Coca Cola$2.00
Estathè Alla Pesca$2.00

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How To Order Online From Mr. Whippy ?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Mr. Whippy at home? Well! Now, you can have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering Food from Mr. Whippy by referring to their official website, or any other food delivery app.

To order food from Mr. Whippy, you can refer to some leading food delivery service apps like Deliveroo, and Zomato. We have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from Mr. Whippy.

Finding The Latest Wild Willy’s Burger Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the UberEats and place the order online from Mr. Whippy.

Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Mr. Whippy.

Mr. Whippy Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Mr. Whippy Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add them to your cart.

Mr. Whippy Add To Cart


Now that we have come to an end of this article, you can grab your favorites from the Mr. Whippy right away! Do share your dining experience with us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Mr. Whippy [FAQs]

Does Mr. Whippy provide gift cards?

Yes, Mr. Whippy provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Does Mr. Whippy have good food?

Yes, they have good food. It is the place to try out tasty flavors, whether mouthwatering seafood, burgers or wines.

Which are the most famous food items at Mr. Whippy?

The most famous food items at Mr. Whippy are from their sections like ice creams, pancakes, and cupcakes.

In which year Mr. Whippy restaurant was founded?

Mr. Whippy restaurant was founded in year 1958.

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