Mr. Greek Restaurant Menu With Prices

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No greek meal is complete without the tzatziki. Make sure to try Tzatziki at Mr. Greek when you visit. Before you go there, I will provide you with information regarding Mr. Greek menu prices.

outlet of Mr. Greek

Mr.Greek serves the best Greek cuisine, including marketa, mezedes, authentic dips, soups, salads, grilled seafood, different kinds of pasta, platters, wraps, desserts, and other greek specialties. The most prominent dish from their menu is undoubtedly the greek yogurt, and anyone can have a meal here for around $20.00.

But this was just a brief of their entire menu. I have listed the details down below. Besides that, I will also tell you about the franchising details, their contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the menu items. But first, let’s check their history.

Mr. Greek is a Greek restaurant started in the Greektown of Toronto in 1988. They have more than 21 restaurants in North America, with its headquarters in Toronto.

Mr. Greek Restaurant Menu Prices

food from Mr.Greek Restaurant

Mr. Greek serves dishes like grab + grill bundle & chicken filet; mezedes like saganaki appetizer & Horta; authentic dips such as tzatziki & hummus; healthy soups and salads like lentil soup & caesar salad.

Their menu includes classic chicken & chicken pork; they serve authentic med sea bream & grilled salmon as well as a wide range of pasta and pits such as chicken penne & gyro pita.

They also cater food such as wraps & sides in their restaurant, chicken caesar wrap & fries are the most popular on thier list; they have desserts like baklava & ravani. They also have a different menu in drinks such as beverages, greek beer, beer bottle, rose snd sparkling white wine and red wine.

Mr. Greek is a place where you can grab traditional greek food. You will also find a relaxing ambiance in their restaurant that offers exceptionally well hospitality.

Mr. Greek has an affordable range of dishes which are around $70.00. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Mr. Greek menu prices.


Grab + Grill Bundle$34.95
G+G 10 Chkn Sticks$23.00
G+G 10 Prk Sticks$23.00
Chicken Filet$11.99
G+G Tzatziki$6.50
G+G Hummus$6.50
G+G Tirokafteri$6.50
G+G Melitzanosalata$6.50
G+G Taramosalata$6.50
Mythology Feta 1.5KG$27.95
MG Dressing Bottle$4.50
Misko – Penne$3.95
Misko – Linguine$3.95
Spanakopita – Frozen$14.95
Tiropita – Frozen$14.95
Soft Drinks – 6 Pack$5.70
GG 10 White Pita$6.50
GG 10 Whole W Pita$6.50
Sithon Honey$13.95

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Family Meal Features$55.00
Original Feast For 2$33.00
2 Pitas + 2 Drinks$17.70


Grilled Kalamari$15.00
Fried Kalamari$15.00
Octopus Skaras$16.00
Garlic Shrimp Paros$14.00
Maria’s Dolmades$12.00
Gyro Meze$11.00
2 Souvlaki Sticks$6.00
Chicken Stick$3.00
Pork Stick$3.00
Spanakopita & Salad$12.00

Authentic Dips



Lentil Soup$6.00
Soup & Salad$11.00


Greek Salad$10.00
Village Salad$11.00
Cretan Dakos Salad$12.00
Caesar Salad$10.00
Add Chicken Filet$4.50
Add Chicken Stick$3.00
Add Pork Stick$3.00
Add Gyro$5.00
Side Greek Salad$5.00
Side Caesar Salad$5.00
Side Village Salad$5.50

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Original Chicken$14.50
Original Pork 3 Stick$16.00
Original Gyro$14.50
Veggie Plate$15.00


Classic Chicken$19.00
Classic Pork$19.00
Beef Tender Souviaki$22.00
Classic Lamb$23.00
Classic Chicken Gyro$23.00
Classic Gyro$19.00
Vegetable Souvlaki$17.00

Grilled and Greek Specialties

Striploin 10oz.$32.00
Rib Steak 14oz.$36.00
Lamb Arnaki Fournou$22.00
Yiayia’s Moussaka$19.00
Paidakia & Chicken$30.00
Garlic Shrimp & Chkn$20.00
Chicken Filet 2 PC$19.00
Melitzanes Imam Dnr$17.00
Kontosouvli Dinner$22.00

Fresh Fish Market

Med Sea Bream$28.00
Red Snapper$50.00
Sea Bass$28.00


Fried Kalamari Dnr$20.00
Grilled Kalamari Dnr$20.00
Grilled Salmon $22.00
Garlic Shrimp Dinner$19.00


Chicken Penne$17.00
Seafood Medley$20.00
Shrimp Linguine$19.00
Feta and Mushroom Linguine$14.00


Seafood Platter$79.00
Mezze Platter$60.00

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Classic Burger$8.49
Spartan Burger$9.99
Hercules Burger$9.49

Perfect Pitas

Chicken Pita 2 Stick$8.50
Pork Pita 2 Stick$8.50
Kontosouvli Wrap$9.00
Vegetable Pita$7.00
Gyro Pita$7.50


Chicken Greek Wrap$9.00
Chicken Caesar Wrap$9.00


Roasted Veg – Regula$4.00
Roasted Veg – Large$8.00
Feta-Oregano Fries$4.00
Mr.Greek Fries$4.00

Subs and Extras

Side Hummus$1.00
Side Tazatzkli$1.00
Tazatzkli 8oz$6.50
Tazatzkli 16oz$12.00
$MG Dressing Packet$0.75
White Pita$1.00
Whole Wheat Pita$1.00
Garlic Bun$1.50


Grk Yogurt Cheesecak$5.50
Chocolate Brownie GF$5.50


Coca-Cola® Bottle$2.35
Diet Coke® Bottle$2.35
Coke Zero® Bottle$2.35
Canada Dry® Ginger A$2.35
Sprite® Bottle$2.35
Fanta® Orange$2.35
Barqs® Root Beer$2.35
Nestea® Lemon Zero$2.35
Nestea® Lemon$2.35
Dasani® Water$2.00
Mr. Greek® Spring Wa$1.85
Vitaminwater® XXX$3.00
Vitaminwater® Essent$3.00
Vitaminwater® Multi$3.00
Vitaminwater® Zero$3.00
Minute Maid® Apple$2.35
Minute Maid® Orange$2.35
Minute Maid® Lemonade$2.35

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Greek Beer

Fix Hellas$6.00
Volkan Dark$6.00

Beer Bottle

Labatt Blue$4.00
Coors Light$6.50
Molson Canadian$4.00
Alexander Keiths$7.00
Steam Whistle$4.00
Mill St. Organic$4.00
Bud Light$7.00
Stella Artois$5.00
Strongbow Cider$6.00

Rose & Sparkling

Thalia Rose 187ml$6.50
Solitaire Semi-Spark Bottle$32.00
Akakies Sparkling Rosé$38.00
Samos Vin Doux$20.00

White Wine

Thalia White $6.50
Ionos White$20.00
Kechribari Retsina$20.00
Malamatina Restina$13.00
Pinot Grigio$28.00
Beringer Main & Vine BTL$22.00
Villa Blanche$27.00
Cuvee III White$48.00
Papaioannou Organic$40.00
Lykos Malagouzia$55.00
Mer Soleil$70.00
Pilliteri Chardonnay$22.00

Red Wine

Thalia Red 187ml$6.50
Nostos Red$20.00
Beringer Cabernet$22.00
Beringer Founder$34.00
Beringer Merlot$34.00
Mountadam Shiraz$38.00
Agiorgitiko Dry Red$44.00
Cuvee III Cabernet$38.00
Cuvee Prestige$30.00
St. George Nemea$40.00
East West Cab Nero$26.00
Toplou Red$40

Mr. Greek Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on Mr. Greek menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Details of Mr. Greek

outlet of Mr. Greek

Mr. Greek has more than 21 restaurants in Canada. If you are interested in opening their franchise then check the table below.

Franchise Fee$35,000 to $50,000 
Total Investment $400,000 to $750,000
Royalty Fee5% of gross and sales

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Important Links

Official Website

Contact Information of Mr.Greek

Mr. Greek Corporate Office Address: 44 Upjohn Rd. Toronto, ON M3B 2W1

Mr. Greek Corporate Office Phone Number: 416-444-3266

To contact the team of Mr. Greek, you can also fill the contact form on their website.

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