How Is MrBeast Helping The Fast Food Industry?

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Unprecedented times have always led to heartwarming acts of kindness. Even though MrBeast does not need a reason to perform outrageous acts of philanthropy, he still chooses to make an effort to transform the world for the better. The entire world came together as a family to get through these rough days. MrBeast took it upon himself to help small restaurant businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic.

How is MrBeast Helping The Fast Food Industry?

The uncertain duration of the lockdown took a significant toll on the fast-food industry. Keeping this in mind, MrBeast launched his business venture after joining forces with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to come with virtual kitchens. This has also opened doors to employment for many people and helped the food industry. 

As per the USA Today statistics, 20.6 million jobs have been lost during the COVID crisis. The food industry is a major contributor to this whopping number. However, Mrbeast has tried to change the narrative with Beast Burger’s launch in over 300 locations in the USA.

Ever since its launch, MrBeast Burger is growing only. Recently, the number of locations in USA rose from 300 to 600. Other than this, the fact that MrBeast collaborated with Dream, a popular gaming youtuber is prove enough to express the fact that Beast Burger has no plans of slowing down.

Beast Burger – A Knight in the Shining Armour

If you are well-versed with the YouTube community’s hype-masters, then there is no possible way for you to be unfamiliar with MrBeast. The highly popular American YouTuber has made a career out of philanthropic activities, which you can check out on his multiple YouTube channels.

Whether it is chanting Logan Paul’sPaul’s name precisely for 100k times or selling houses for $1, MrBeast always manages to develop some of the most intriguing and innovative ideas that eventually end up making people’speople’s lives a little better. It would not be wrong to say that he has a ”Midas touch.”

He launched a chain of virtual kitchens in over 600 locations to support small-scale restaurant businesses and surprise the world. Many restaurants were shut down because of this wretched crisis befallen upon them. Others were finding it excruciatingly difficult to get through these tough times.

Beast Burger emerged as a beacon of hope for these restaurants. When the pandemic thrashed the food businesses with a sharp drop in the number of customers, most businesses were relying on pent-up demand to improve their financial conditions. Beast Burger ensured that a significant part of this demand was redirected towards small-scale businesses that are less likely to receive any funding to keep the business going on.

Beast Burger’s launch was brimming with 100 shades of a fanatic as the insane giveaways included wards of cash, iPads, and even a car. This eventually resulted in a 20-mile traffic jam, and the authorities requested a shutdown of the restaurant.
While the world is misled by the notion that all of this happened in the blink of an eye, Reed Duchscher, manager of Beast Burger, revealed in an interview that they were working meticulously towards the goal come up with Beast Burger for almost a year.

Even though MrBeast and his team were tying up with restaurants, providing them with all of the necessary resources, and training the chefs to make the burgers on the menu for almost a year, no one noticed the rise of this unique business venture.

Opened A Pathway For Dropshipping In The Fast Food Industry

Dropshipping has become an inseparable form of the retail business, however, Mrbeast has curated a way to break the bonds of the particular industry and successfully introduced it in the world of fast-food ventures as well. With the ease with which he has made the concept glide from retail business to the fast-food industry, it almost feels like that the idea was sitting right in front of everyone and no one seems to have noticed it.

The rate of employment will certainly observe in a hike because of this business venture making it one of its kind. The restaurants bring infrastructure and kitchen equipment to the table and MrBeast offers the training and brand name for them to carry it forward. This comradery has proved to be quite beneficial for both the parties as minimum 30% of the profit goes right into the pocket of the restaurant owners.

The Conclusion

Whether it was the decision from the end of Burger King to stop selling the Whopper burger to uplift McDonald’s or Italians singing ‘Bella Ciao,’ the traditional partisan anthem as a sign of unity in these times of crisis, the world came up with a lively example of comradeship, something that MrBeast is well known for in the YouTube community. 

Beast Burger has not only supported the restaurants to live through this pandemic but has also envisioned a future that would bring employment to thousands of people. 

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