What People Are Saying About MrBeast Burger?

When MrBeast Burger was launched, it took the internet by a storm. The number of orders coming in to try the new burgers increased exponentially to the point that the ioS app crashed, and the team of MrBeast Burger was short of delivery personnel. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride for MrBeast Burger so far, but how the world is percieving it. Without any further ado, let us plunge right into the details of it.

What People Are Saying About MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger has a mixed review. While some people are going gaga over it, some people even claimed that it has redefined the meaning of happiness for them, there is still a section of people who are furious after spending money for crinkle fries that were soggy, wrong burger orders and royally later burger deliveries. 

If you are curious to learn about the general review regarding MrBeast Burgers not just from YouTube celebs but from the commoners of Twitter as well, it is strongly advised that you make it to the end of this post. 

MrBeast Burger- A Mix bag Review

The hype of MrBeast Burger is here to stay. Whether the social media platforms are torn between positive and negative reviews of people about the food from MrBeast Burger, one thing is for sure, that people are constantly discussing it. 

Whether it is the prominent names from the town of YouTube or the regular customers, everyone has something or the other to say about the burgers and how it is different from the regular fast-food chains. Get into the specifications of who said what further in the article!

A Thumbs Up From Logan Paul

Video By Mike Majlak Vlogs

In the words of the popular YouTuber Logan Paul, the beast burger is aesthetically pleasing. Not only the burger looks amazing but tastes delicious as well. He will happily rate this burger eight and a half out of ten. 

Logan Paul was almost surprised upon recollecting that the same guy who was chanting his name for 100k times has successfully opened 300 locations of his virtual kitchen and is probably doing something right for everything to fall in place.

An Unhappy Professional Chef From BuzzFeed Channel

Video By Buzz Feed Video

Upon trying different food articles from the menu of MrBeast Burger, Chef Bre was quite unhappy. The Nashville Hot Burger was not hot enough for the likes of the chef. According to Chef Bre, the burgers lacked the passion for fast food. She concluded the review by saying that she was happy to try the burgers to figure out what the hype is all about. But, would she go back to trying the burgers is a big question. 

Reviewbrah Loves the Sauce/Bun Ratio

Video By The Reporter Of The Week

Reviewbrah, who runs the YouTube channel- ‘The Reporter of The Week’ after tasting the MrBeast burger, declared that it is a regular fast-food burger. He pointed out how it gave rise to the unique concept of the virtual kitchen with the primary motive to support local food chains. He even prompted the viewers to definitely give this a try if you are relentlessly looking for a way to support small scale food businesses.

Matt Stonie Takes the MrBeast Burger Challenge 

Video by Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie is a prominent speed eater who took the challenge to demolish the entire menu of MrBeast Burger in less than 10:39 minutes to be the precise which is the run-time of the video from MrBeast, titled, ‘I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You to Eat At It’. Just to take thing up a notch, he added extra beef patty to the all the bugers. 

Even though watching him gobble all those burgers was not a pretty sight, but he loved every single one of the burgers. He liked how the MrBeast Burger was a packed punch, while at the same time and took a dig at Chandler by saying ‘Chandler likes to keep it simple.’

From the World of Twitter

Twitter is a community comprising of some of the most unapologetically honest and wittiest people. If there is one platform that can present you with the collective opinion of people, then it has to be Twitter. Check out down below what the Twitterati has to say about the MrBeast Burgers.

MrBeast Burger Vs Burger King

Even since Burger king shared a tweet on the ocassion of International Women’s Day stating – ‘Women belong in the kitchen,’ they have been facing enough heat. Things got a little more steamy when people started comparing MrBeast Burger with Burger King and how MrBeast, a philanthropist, would never let such a thing happen on his watch.

Dire Need of More Options

It is a well-established fact that the MrBeast Burger Menu is a sparse one. The tweet is an indication enough that people are searching for more variety of burgers to be included in the menu so as to cater to a larger audience.

Angry Customers Bashing MrBeast Burgers Unapologetically 

Some people found the burgers to be a total wastage of money as the orders were late beyond their tolerance. Even though the reason behind all of this chaos was the thousands of orders that were pouring in, a lack of delivery personnel, the customers were not ready to be lenient with the recently opened food chain.

Mid-Class MrBeast Burger Snacking? Hell-Yess!

This one particular Twitter user, Lyna Dyna Cw, introduced the burger to his teacher, who apparently had no idea about it, and it was a hit show.

The Final Verdict

Even though the followers of MrBeast are not only loving the content, he has produced but the food his virtual kitchen venture has been offering. There is still room for improvement. There were a lot of challenges that MrBeast burger had to overcome to become a national favourite. 

On 11th March, he disclosed in a tweet that the number of locations has risen from 300 to 420 now. MrBeast took account of all of the points that he missed out earlier and worked on them meticulously to not repeat the same mistakes. The planning is more strategic and well thought so as to handle a larger crowd in even more tense situations. 

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