8 Best Mozzarella Cheese Substitutes To Try

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Mozzarella is a great cheese and is loved by many for being mild, stringy, and chewy. It doesn’t have a strong taste, melts easily, and has a stretchy pull. If you want to substitute mozzarella cheese in any recipe, it is natural that you look for the same characteristics of taste, smell, and texture.

different kinds of cheese

Provolone and Mexican cheese are the best substitutes for mozzarella cheese. Provolone has a mild taste and melts easily as well. It also has a great stretchy pull, making it the perfect substitute. Mexican cheese is also very close to mozzarella in terms of taste, smell, and texture.

Other than provolone and Mexican cheese, there are some other types of cheese that you can use instead of mozzarella. It is preferable that you use a cheese with mild taste like mozzarella like white cheddar. If you want a nutty flavor and creamy texture, you can use swiss or fontina. For a mild and sweet taste, ricotta is a great option.

 I will list the different types of cheese along with their taste and textures and let you decide what you think is the type of cheese you’d like to use instead of mozzarella.

Cheeses That Can Be Used Instead Of Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is a mild, almost flavorless cheese. It is also stringy and stretches well to give a great cheese pull. But it is not necessary to substitute with a cheese that is its exact copy. You can use mild to strong cheese depending on your preference and the kind of recipe you’re making. Mentioned below are the few different types of cheeses that you can use instead of mozzarella

1. Provolone

If you’re looking for cheese that is identical to mozzarella in terms of taste and texture then, provolone cheese is the perfect option. It is milder in taste than mozzarella. It melts perfectly and actually is more stringy than mozzarella. So, if you are out of mozzarella and somehow have provolone, you can use it without a doubt.

2. Swiss

This is not a mild cheese like mozzarella. Instead, it has a sweet and nutty flavor. It is buttery and creamy in texture when it is melted. It isn’t stringy and stretchy like mozzarella, but it melts quickly and adds a creamy touch to the dishes. If you are not hung up on the stretchiness of the cheese then, swiss cheese makes a flavorful substitute for mozzarella.

3. Mexican Cheese

queso fresco

Mexican cheese is like the friend you tell to copy your homework but not make it too obvious. It can be used instead of mozzarella cheese as they have identical taste and texture. Mexican cheese is mild and melts pretty easily. It is also stringy like mozzarella, which is one thing people look for when substituting mozzarella cheese. It also can be used in different ways. 

4. White Cheddar

This is not a sister to mozzarella but is among the popular kids. White cheddar is a flavorful cousin to mozzarella. You can use mild white cheddar to resemble mozzarella’s no-flavor-like taste. It also melts quickly like mozzarella and is stretchy. But beware, it burns quickly too. The great part about white cheddar is its accessibility. It can be found easily and can be used in any recipe.

5. Ricotta

In terms of flavor, ricotta can also be used instead of mozzarella. It has a mild flavor with a hint of sweet notes and a soft and creamy texture. But if you are looking to check all the boxes then, that isn’t going to happen.

Ricotta doesn’t melt quickly. Instead, it softens and becomes creamier. Thus, it isn’t stretchy so, don’t expect the Instagram-worthy cheese pull.

6. Gouda

When not gracing our charcuterie boards, gouda can be used as a substitute for mozzarella cheese in many recipes. It has a mild but nutty flavor. You shouldn’t be fooled by its looks. It looks hard and difficult to melt but metals pretty quickly. It also doesn’t burn, unlike white cheddar. If you want its flavor as indistinct as possible, I would suggest you use mild gouda.

7. Feta

Feta doesn’t resemble mozzarella cheese in taste or texture. But it makes the cut as it can be used as a healthier alternative to mozzarella cheese. Feta is not mild in taste. It actually has a pretty in-your-face approach when it comes to taste. So, you should use it in a 2:1 ratio when using it to substitute mozzarella. It also has a crumbly texture and doesn’t melt quickly. It is perfect for dishes that have a longer cooking time.

8. Fontina

fontina cheese block

Fontina also has a mild but distinct flavor. It is sweet and nutty and goes well with different dishes. It melts quickly but isn’t stretchy. It, like some other cheeses on the list, becomes creamy and softens when melted. It can be used as a last resort if you don’t have any other kind of cheese and fontina is all you have.

What Kind of Cheese is Closest To Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella is a mild and stringy cheese. It does not have a strong taste. It metals quickly and has a stretchy pull. It is also soft. These are the parameters we need to look at when finding the most similar cheese to mozzarella.

Provolone and Mexican cheese are the most similar to mozzarella when compared in taste and texture. Both are mild in taste, melt quickly, and are stretchy, making them the perfect substitute for mozzarella.

They are perfect to use in pizzas, salads, lasagnas, or any other recipe that uses mozzarella. Now, let’s see the different types of cheese that go with recipes as a substitute for mozzarella.

What Substitute Of Mozzarella Cheese Is Best For?

Mozzarella cheese is a fan favorite when it comes to cheese. It is used in a lot of dishes as fillings as well as toppings. It is great as a pizza topping, in between lasagna sheets, pearls on top of salads, and as a great binder for grilled cheese. I cannot complete the list without mentioning mozzarella cheese sticks. 

1. Making Pizzas

cheese pizza

If you like the stringy cheese pull in your pizza then, provolone and Mexican cheese are the obvious options.

 But if you like a bit of flavorful pizza with nutty notes and creamy texture, you can use gouda. You can also use white cheddar cheese, which is strong and creamy but also stretchy and strong.

2. Making Lasagnas

For lasagnas, a creamy cheese would be ideal than a stretchy one. So, swiss cheese goes great with lasagnas. It is sweet and nutty and its creamy texture makes the lasagna more delicious. 

White cheddar is also a great option and adds a similar punch. It has a creamy and stretchy texture giving it the best of both.

3. Making Salads

Mozzarella pearls are a great addition to any salad, but when you have none, you can use provolone. Its slightly strong taste will only elevate the taste of the entree. 

Another great and healthy option would be using feta cheese. It is strong, crumbly, and healthy. It adds great texture to the salads.

You can also give a creamy and nutty flavor to your salad by topping it with generous shavings of gouda cheese (mild, of course!).

4. Making Pasta

Pasta and lasagna have the same criteria for cheese; it should rather be creamy than stretchy. A great cheese that goes with pasta is white cheddar. As you may have noted, it is really versatile.

Another cheese that makes for a flavorful and creamy pasta is gouda. It goes great with baked mac and cheese.

Fontina is also a good choice for pasta and baked mac and cheese. You can enjoy its strong and nutty flavor and creamy texture.

5. Making Cheese Sticks

As cheese sticks need gooey and stringy cheese, provolone and Mexican cheese are both great options for it. They both are very similar to mozzarella and will make equally delicious and stretchy fried cheese sticks.

6. Making Grilled Cheese

cheese grilled

You can use a combination of many kinds of cheese when making grilled cheese. You can combine soft and creamy cheese with a stretchy and gooey one. You can use provolone, Mexican cheese, and gouda. You can also combine these with some types of hard cheese like cheddar to make it balanced.


You can use provolone, Mexican cheese, white cheddar, swiss, ricotta, gouda, feta and even fontina as a substitute for mozzarella cheese. Of course, it all depends on your preference and the kind of recipe you are making.

The recipe decides the best-suited cheese for it. You can understand the texture and flavor of the recipe and decide what kind of cheese would go with it.

Provolone and Mexican cheese are the ideal substitutes for mozzarella if you are looking for identical taste and texture. 

I hope this helped you a bit. Now, go on and make a delicious and cheesy recipe.

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