Mountain Dew Has Released A Holiday-Inspired ‘Fruit Quake’ Flavor

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Mountain Dew is a well-known brand known for experimenting with flavors now and then. They take every opportunity to get something new and exciting into the market. Keeping the holiday season here, they have released a new flavor that has also left people excited and confused! Let’s have a look at what this flavor is all about. 

Mountain Dew Fruit Quakeu

As a special for the holiday season, Mountain Dew has released a new flavor inspired by the classic holiday dessert: fruit cake. The company calls their new flavor ‘Fruit Quake,’ which isn’t exactly like fruit cake, but rather a take on the same. The flavor will be available for a limited time. 

Mountain Dew is one of those companies that never back down with new flavors. They released an array of new flavors this year, with more lined up for next year. Now fruit cake isn’t a dessert that everyone is particularly fond of. 

However, Mountain Dew is probably trying to bring back the essence of the cake in a different way to see if people enjoy the flavor. Here, you will find all the information about this flavor, so read on until the end! 

What Does Mountain Dew’s Newly Released ‘Fruit Quake’ Flavor Taste Like?

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake 1

As I mentioned, fruit cake is not one of those holiday desserts everyone is particularly fond of. Most people end up describing the cake as dry, hard, and plain bland. However, Mountain Dew took that flavor described as a challenge, all to give this disliked dessert a new avatar! 

As per Mountain Dew, this new flavor does not taste exactly like what a fruit cake would. Rather, they have described the flavor of the newly released drink as “merges the iconic citrus flavor of Mountain Dew with a blast of the fruity taste of the holidays.” The company is taking a bold take on the dated holiday classic fruit cake to make it cool again! 

Many food bloggers have tried this new flavor, and the reviews could be clearer. Some say it tastes like a fruit punch with a smidge of spices that your tongue will barely notice, while others say very contradictory things. Well, the only way to find out who is right is by trying one of these out! 

When And Where Will The Newly Released ‘Fruit Quake’ Flavor Be Available?

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake 2

If you like experimenting with new flavors or are just fond of fruit cake, you cannot wait to try this new flavor out. So, the question is, when will these be available, and for how long? 

Mountain Dew’s new ‘Fruit Quake’ flavor has already hit the markets! You can find one of these at any grocery store around the corner. They haven’t mentioned when the new flavor will be available. However, they have mentioned that it is available for a limited time, so if you see one, it is best to grab it immediately! 


Mountain Dew has released a new ‘Fruit Quake’ flavor inspired by the holiday classic dessert, fruit cake. It is a mix of citrus mountain dew flavors with holiday classics. The new flavor will be available for a limited time. Check out the above article for more details. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the new Mountain Dew flavor be available everywhere?

Yes, the new Mountain Dew flavor will be available everywhere. 

When will the new flavor be available till?

The company hasn’t mentioned a specific date. However, as it is limited, they have asked everyone to grab one of them while stocks last. 

Does the new flavor taste the same as a fruitcake? 

No, it has the citrus flavor of Mountain Dew with a hint of holiday fruit cake flavor. 

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