Mountain Dew Is Bringing Back Their ‘Pitch Black’ Flavor

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We all love fizzy drinks, whether we accept it or not. Out of all the options available out there, Mountain Dew is one of them that has remained a fan favorite for a really long time. Just as the year is about to end, Mountain Dew is bringing back their popular ‘Pitch Black’ flavor to make everyone’s New Year even better! 

Mountain Dew Pitch Black Flavor

Mountain Dew is bringing back their fan favorite ‘Pitch Black’ flavor on New year’s day, 2023. This flavor first debuted way back in 2004, and as per customer demands, they are all set to bring it back to make every Mountain Dew fan’s new year’s day celebration even better! 

Mountain Dew is one of those companies that keeps experimenting with flavors. Not saying that other brands of fizzy drinks don’t, but the ones that Mountain Dew has launched over the years have truly created a sensation. So, in this article, let us look at what this relaunched flavor is all about, along with more details. 

What Is The ‘Pitch Black’ Flavor About? 

Mountain Dew Pitch Black Flavor 1

As I mentioned earlier, this Mountain Dew flavor was first launched in 2004, somewhere around Halloween time. All of this year, Mountain Dew has been releasing new flavors at rapid speed. But most fans of this brand seem to be way more excited about the relaunch of this particular flavor rather than anything else!

So, let us take a little detailed look at this flavor. Although this flavor was launched in 2004, it disappeared sooner than everyone anticipated. It returned to stores from 2016 to 2019, only to disappear again.

The brand recently posted on social media, “ You can stop asking. Mtn Dew Pitch Black is coming back. Celebrate accordingly”. The flavor, as described on the cans, is “Dew with a blast of Dark Citrus Punch Flavor with Other Natural Flavors.” The company has confirmed that this new flavor will make its store debut in January 2023.

What’s even better is that along with this flavor, they are also launching two new variations: Mountain Dew Pitch Black Zero Sugar and Mountain Dew Energy Pitch Black. So, there is truly something for everyone who loves this brand of fizzy drinks at the start of the new year! 


Mountain Dew is bringing back one of their old gems and most demanded flavors, ‘Pitch Black’ Mountain Dew. This flavor is said to have a dark citrus punch and other natural flavors. They will also be launching two new variations: Mountain Dew Pitch Black Zero Sugar and Mountain Dew Energy Pitch Black. These new drinks will all make their grocery store debut in January 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Mountain Dew announced the price of this flavor? 

No, Mountain Dew has not announced the price of this flavor yet. 

Are all the new variations of the same flavor? 

Yes, all the new variations launched by this company, the energy drink variation and the zero sugar variation, are the same flavors.

Will this flavor be available everywhere in the United States? 

Yes, the new flavor will be available all across the United States once it makes a grocery store debut. 

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