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Mostaza Menu with Prices

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Most of the people who lives far from their home are always search for restaurants that can serve them meals for the whole day and if you are one of them looking for such a restaurant then I must say you are in the right place because in this article I will provide you information regarding Mostaza Restaurant.

Mostaza Store

In the information, I will cover all the major key points like Mostaza Menu Prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Mostaza Menu.

I will start by providing a little history of Mostaza restaurant. Mostaza is an Argentine fast food restaurant started in 1998 and it has more than 50 restaurants in Argentina itself. Most of the restaurants on Mostaza are in hypermarkets, malls and on the street.

Mostaza Menu with Prices

Mostaza menu

Mostaza menu includes a sumptuous breakfast with a wide variety of dishes included, appealing arepas, delicious and tasty sandwiches, delectable and luscious croissant, Cachapas. It also has a mouth-watering lunch special menu, salubrious and healthy homemade soups, tasty sides, empanadas, with unique party combos.

The menu of Mostaza also includes appetizing and appealing beverages, stress buster coffee and cafe, healthful and gratifying smoothies.

Mostaza restaurant atmosphere is relaxing and full of positive vibes everywhere. The staff of their restaurant is accommodating and welcoming; they make food regularly so that their customer will get satisfied always.

Mostaza prices are affordable and comparable as compare to other restaurants. So without waiting more, let’s check the latest menu of Mostaza.


Ham Croquettes$0.80
Cheese Stick$0.90
Toasted Bread with Butter$1.75
Big Cheese Stick$1.80
Colombian Pork Fried Cheese$2.00
Eggs, Fried Cheese & Arepa Combo$5.66
Ham Wrapped in Dough$2.75
Plantain with Cheese$2.50
Cheese Croquettes$0.80
Stuffed Potato with Beef & Pork$1.90
Big Guava Stick$1.80
Colombian Pork Sausage Cheese$2.00
Eggs, Sausage & Arepa Combo$5.66
Eggs, Bacon, Arepa Combo$5.66
Cheese Wrapped in Dough$2.75
Chicken Wings with French Fries$4.00

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Eggs Arepa$4.50
Chicken Arepa$5.00
Ham & Cheese Arepa$5.50
Yellow Cheese Arepa$5.00
Shredded Beef Arepa$5.50
Black Beans with Cheese Arepa$5.50
Mozzarella Cheese Arepa$5.00
Ham Arepa$4.50
Pork Arepa$5.50
Soft White Cheese Arepa$5.50
Chicken Salad Arepa$5.50
Mixed Arepa$6.00

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Ham Sandwich$4.50
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$5.00
Pork Sausage Sandwich$5.75
Grilled Breast Sandwich$6.95
Steak Sandwich$6.95
Pork Sandwich$6.50
Cheese Sandwich$4.50
Ham, American Cheese & Egg Sandwich$5.50
Cuban Sandwich$6.75
Breaded Chicken Breast Sandwich$6.95
Croquettes Sandwich$6.00
Fish Sandwich$6.95

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Ham & Cheese Croissant$3.25
Cheese Croissant$3.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant$3.70
Ham, Cheese & Egg Croissant$3.75
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Croissant$3.75


Corn Pancake with Cheese$6.50
Corn Pancake with Ham & Cheese$8.50
Mixed Corn Pancake with Cheese & Meat$7.50
Mixed Corn Pancake with Cheese & Chicken$8.50

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Lunch Special

Smoked Pork Chops Special Lunch$5.99
Thin Spaghetti with Meatballs Special Lunch$5.99
Pabellon Food Special Lunch$8.25
Breaded Chicken Breast Special Lunch$7.95
Tilapia Filet Fried Special Lunch$7.95
Grilled Steak Special Lunch$8.25
Empanized Chicken Milanesa with Ham & Swiss Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Empanized Steak with Ham & Swiss Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Chicken Stew Special Lunch$5.99
Meatballs Special Lunch$6.95
Grill Chicken Breast Special Lunch$7.95
Tilapia Filet Grilled Special Lunch$7.95
Breaded Steak Special Lunch$8.25
Empanized Chicken Milanesa with Ham & Mozarella Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Empanized Steak with Ham & Mozarella Cheese Special Lunch$10.75

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Homemade Soups

Chicken Soup$2.95
Broccoli with Cheese$2.95
Black Beans$2.95
Cream With Cheese$2.95


White Rice$2.00
Black Beans$2.00
Fried Green Plantains$2.00
Fried Potatoes$2.50
Yellow Rice$2.00
Black Lentils$2.00
Fried Plantains$2.00
Extra Sauce$0.50

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Ham Empanada$3.75
Chicken Empanada$3.75
Shredded Beef Empanada$3.75
Ham and Cheese Empanada$4.50
Mixed Empanada$6.50
Argentina Meat Empanada$2.50
Cheese Empanada$3.75
Ground Beef Empanada$3.75
Fish Empanada$2.00
Operated Empanada$4.50
Colombian Empanada$1.80

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Special Party Combos

Stuffed Potato with Beef & Pork Combo$15.00
Ham Croquettes Combo$20.00
Empanadas Combo$30.00
Meatballs Combo$20.00
Small Corn Pancake Combo$20.00
Cheese Stick Combo$35.00


Sprite and Auga$1.00
Pony Malta & Potar$1.75
Frescolita & Prostobon$1.50

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Coffees and Cafe

Cuban Colada$1.75



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Mixed Smoothies

Cane Juice & Lemon Smoothie$2.00
Passion Fruit & Mango$3.75
Coconut & Pineapple$3.75
Pineapple & Mango$3.75

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Mostaza Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Mostaza Franchise Details

Mostaza Franchise

Mostaza has more than 110 stores in Argentia itself and if you are thinking to open their franchise store in your country, then the cost is mentioned below.

Total Investment  $ 250,000 

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Mostaza Contact Information

Mostaza Corporate Office Address: 4489 NW 93RD DORAL COURT, DORAL, FL, 33178

Mostaza Corporate Office Phone Number: 261607694

To contact the team of Mostaza you can also fill the contact form on their website.

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