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Flame-grilled chicken to satisfy your cravings! Visit Morley’s if you want to enjoy this delicious meal. Not just chicken, but it also presents burgers, nuggets, and delicious combos to its customers. If you’re not here for chicken, Morley’s still got something that you can eat. Trust me! Everything on its menu is super-delicious and healthy. Check out the entire article for more details.

Morley’s offers delicious meals like classic meals, kids’ meals, Medley meals, combo meals, and many more. You can also enjoy burgers, sides, and spare ribs like a beef burger, cheeseburger, double deals, chicken with fries, chicken nuggets, and BBQ ribs at Morley’s. So, visit the store now and enjoy your chicken meal for around £20.

Morley’s serves fried chicken, burgers, and spare ribs as its specialty. Keep reading this article and you’ll get more information about Morley’s. If you want its franchising details, scroll further down. Check out all the links provided below along with the social media handles. Let’s begin with the history of Morley’s.

Morley was founded by Kannalingam “Indran” Selvendran in 1985. It’s headquartered in Brockley, London, England. It has about 63 outlets serving in south London. 

Morley’s Menu Prices

Morley's burger, chicken, and fries

Craving for crispy chicken? Try chicken wings, chicken with fries, chicken nuggets, and BBQ ribs. If you enjoy spicy food, you should try peri-peri chicken or peri-peri chicken wings.

You can take your family out to dinner at Morley’s and enjoy an amazing family meal. It also has special offers with delicious combo meals on its menu. Don’t forget to try sides at Morley’s to compliment your meal. Chicken strips, chicken wrap with cheese, corn on the cob, and large fries are my favorite. 

Have you tried a Triple ‘M’ burger or Magnum burger? These burgers are irresistible and are loaded with cheese and spices. Morley’s is also known for having a peaceful ambiance and supportive staff. 

Below are the menu tables with prices. I’ve mentioned franchise details, nutritional value, and some other important links in this article. Keep reading, I’m sure you’ll find all the information about Morley’s here.

Morley’s Meal

Classic Meal£4.49
Veggie or Fish Burger Meal£4.49
1/2 Pounder Meal£4.49
Kids Meal 2£3.29
Magnum Burger Meal£5.19
Medley Meal 2£14.29
1/4 Pounder Meal£4.19
Triple ‘M’ Burger Meal£4.49
Chicken Strips Meal£4.49
Chicken Wrap Meal£4.29
Combo Meal 1£5.79
Combo Meal 2£6.49
Combo Meal 3£6.49
Jubilee Meal£5.19
Kids Meal 1£3.29
Spicy Wings Meal£4.29
Kids Meal 3£3.29
Popcorn Chicken or Chicken Nuggets Meal£4.49
Medley Meal 1£5.79
Fish & Chips Meal£5.79
BBQ Ribs Meal£5.79

Here is the Wimpy Menu With Prices.


Beef Burger£1.29
Cheese Burger£1.59
Chicken Fillet Burger£2.59
Double Deals 1£2.79
Double Deals 2£3.89
Fish Fillet or Veggie Burger With Cheese£3.29
1/2 Pounder With Cheese£4.89
1/4 Pounder With Cheese£3.59
Chicken Steak Burger£1.79
triple ‘M’ Burger£3.29
Magnum Burger£3.59
Add Cheese£0.29


1 Pc Chicken£1.39
1 Pc Chicken With Fries£2.29
2 Pcs Chicken£2.89
2 Pcs Chicken With Fries£3.59
3 Pcs Chicken £4.29
3 Pcs Chicken With Fries£5.09
6 Pcs Chicken £7.79
6 Pcs Chicken With Fries£10.39
10 Pcs Chicken£12.99
10 Pcs Chicken With Fries£15.59
15 Pcs Chicken £19.49
15 Pcs Chicken With Fries£24.69
Double Deals 3£5.79

Family Meal

Family Meal 1£15.59
Family Meal 2£18.19
Family Meal 3£18.19

Nuggets & BBQ Ribs

6 Nuggets£2.59
6 Nuggets With Fries£3.49
9 Nuggets£3.89
9 Nuggets With Fries£4.79
12 Nuggets£5.19
12 Nuggets With Fries£6.09
20 Nuggets £7.79
20 Nuggets With Fries£8.39
1 BBQ Ribs£1.09
3 BBQ Ribs£2.99
6 BBQ Ribs£5.59
9 BBQ Ribs£8.19

Peri Peri Chicken

Chicken Burger£5.19
Peri-Peri Half Chicken £6.49
Peri-Peri Whole Chicken £10.39
3 Peri-Peri Chicken Wings£1.89
6 Peri-Peri Chicken Wings£3.59
9 Peri-Peri Chicken Wings£5.59

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4 Spicy Wings£1.59
8 Spicy Wings£2.99
12 Spicy Wings£4.19
20 Spicy Wings£7.09

Special Offers

Special Offer C£3.59
Special Offer A£2.39
Special Offer B£3.29
Special Offer D£2.79

Side Offers

Bottle Drink 1.5 Ltr£2.59
Apple Pie£0.89
Coleslaw or BBQ Beans£0.99
Can Drink£2.59
4 Chicken Strips£4.99
8 Chicken Strips£3.29
Chicken Wrap With Cheese£1.29
Corn On The Cob£1.99
Large Fries£1.79
Water Bottle-500ml£0.99
8 Onion Rings£1.29
Regular Fries£1.29
Reg. Wedges£1.29
Lrg Wedges£1.99

Morley’s Nutritional Information


For the nutritional value of the food items available at Morley’s restaurant, click on the link provided in the above table.

Morley’s Franchising Details

Morley's Restaurant

Morley’s have 63 active stores in south London. They’re not open for franchise applications at present. If there are any open franchises, we’ll update the information on this article.  

Morley’s Contact Information 

Morley’s Head Office Address: 15 Craven Park Rd, Harlesden, London NW10 8SE

Morley’s Phone: 020 3976 4645

Morley’s Email Address: [email protected]

You can also fill the contact form to get in direct contact with Morley’s team.

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