Traditional Mooncake | Quick and Easy Recipe With Popular Fillings

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Every country has some traditional foods or recipes they enjoy at specific events. Mooncake is one of the most famous dishes in China, especially during the mid-autumn festival. This festive dish is enjoyed by many people in the country from different outlets. 


The festival is celebrated on the 15th of August of the Chinese Lunar calendar. Do you want to try making mooncakes at your space instead of checking for bakeries? If yes, this blog is just for you because we will tell you the best and easiest way to bake mooncakes and get them ready to enjoy at the event. 

Let’s get started and check the following recipe that we have found the easiest. 

Why Is It Important To Learn How To Make Mooncakes At Home?

Before you learn how to make delicious mooncakes at home, you should need to know why you do this. No doubt, there are multiple manufacturers available in the market. But have you noticed how the price of mooncakes goes up during peak days? 

It is common to experience this because the prices of this delicious cake go higher at the beginning of August. The reason is everyone wants to buy these cakes for his home to enjoy with his family. 

Moreover, it has been seen that mooncake has become a traditional product to present to friends and relatives on the eve of this event. Due to this, it is common to get an inclination in the rates of the mooncake. 

But the cost concerning ingredients is not as much higher as the prices. This is the reason you might be looking to make these cakes at home and ultimately serve by saving money. Another reason might be that you have bored with tasting the same mooncakes from the bakeries. 

In such a case, you may be looking for a better and different taste to enjoy this event. This is where you will make up your mind to check the mooncake recipe and make these cakes at home. Additionally, you can enjoy the fresh cake compared to the previous day’s manufactured cakes by the manufacturer. 

Ingredients To Make Mooncake

First of all, you must have to make a list of ingredients that you need to make mooncake. There are multiple delicious ingredients that you can use in this regard. It might not be possible for everyone to choose all those ingredients. 

So, we have enlisted some of the basic and necessary ingredients you should keep on your list before making these cakes. Here is the list of ingredients you should keep in your basket for this task. 

  • Golden syrup 
  • Lye water
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Plain flour 

The purpose of these ingredients is to keep the cakes fresh and ready to serve by using some popular fillings. Yes, you must fill the cakes with special fillings to make them more delicious before serving them to anyone. 

Famous Fillings For Mooncake 

It is common to choose the fillings of mooncake as per the nature of the person or his/her taste. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste sense or nature. So, it would be better to choose some popular fillings to fill inside your traditional mooncake to get a better taste and serve them to anyone. 

The popular fillings for mooncakes include Lotus seed, Red bean, Green tea, and mixed nuts. You can choose any of these materials and prepare them to fill in your mooncakes and enjoy a tasty dish. 

It all depends on your choice and budget for which filling you prefer. But all of these are liked by 90% of the people living in China. So, you can choose any of these without fear if you are looking for a suitable filling for your cakes. 

How To Make Mooncakes With Delicious Taste?

When it comes to baking mooncakes and getting them ready, you should have to follow a few steps. It would be better to follow these steps individually to get better outcomes. You should read the process properly because a minor mistake will change the taste of your final product. 

1. Prepare Dough

It is the very first step in this process and the most important. Without making proper dough, you should not be able to get a perfect look and taste for your cakes. So, it would help if you were careful while making dough for your mooncakes. 

To make a perfect dough, you should have to follow these steps. 

  • Get the appropriate amount of golden syrup, lye water, and vegetable oil
  • Mix all the above ingredients
  • Take the flour and sieve it 
  • Use a fork or spoon to mix the flour with the above mixture 
  • Cover the dough 
  • Use the refrigerator to get the dough ready and keep it in for 30 minutes at least 

Side Note: Be careful while making dough because extra stirring will make soft dough instead of a perfect one. It will not let you get a better and perfect taste from your cakes. 

2. Get Filling Ready 

When your dough is ready or puts inside the refrigerator, you can start preparing the filling material. It depends on the filling that how to prepare it. So, you can say there is no general method to follow and discuss here. 

But it would help if you remembered that the filling must be prepared with great care and mix some ingredients properly. If you have added some ingredients in a higher quantity, it will ruin your cake’s taste. 

Therefore, you should taste it or use the best way to make the fillings for your mooncakes. 

3. Assemble Mooncake 

Now, it is time to fill the cakes carefully with the prepared fillings. Keep in mind that the fillings should be more than the pastry of the cake. If you don’t focus on the quantity of pastry to fillings, you will not be able to assemble the delicious mooncakes. 

It would be better to keep 1 part of the pastry and 2 parts of the fillings for better taste. Also, you have to use soft hands for fillings because a minor mistake will break the pastry and you will not be able to get the perfect look. 

4. Molding & Baking 

It is the last process in which you have to mold the cakes properly to get the best shape from them. After you have done this, you need to use the oven to get the cakes ready to serve. Keep in mind that the oven temperature must be around 175 degrees Celsius for better baking. 


By using the above steps and easy recipe, you will be able to get the best mooncakes for your event. If you feel it hard to do this, you can also purchase it from a well-known bread garden company. It would be perfect to choose this manufacturer because of their well-baked cakes and delicious taste. 

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