How to Make Mind Eraser Cocktail at Home

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After long working hours or a hectic day, who does not want to relax. If I talk about myself, then I need a good meal and drink complimenting it to freshen up my mind. But for some of you, I guess a good drink will do wonders. I have a perfect drink for this purpose in my mind to share with you all.

A mind eraser will serve this purpose right. Wait, are you thinking what kind of mind eraser I am talking about. To your astonishment, Mind eraser is the name of a cocktail. Yes! I am talking about a cocktail. Mind eraser is a cocktail which consists of layers of three different ingredients.

This cocktail got its name because you can gulp this drink so fast. By the time you want to slow down, you already must be a bit tipsy. This is how the mind eraser works. So drink safely. Are you ready for a couple of drinks? Me too.

Let me share the recipe of this drink now. Get the ingredients and make it up.

Ingredients for Mind Eraser Cocktail

Coffee flavored Liqueur¼ cup
Lime Soda / Sprite¼ cup
Vodka¼ cup

The ingredients needed must be stocked up in your bar. If not, then don’t worry as you will be able to find these in any supermarket. A layered drink is something we all get impressed with and making it at home will be a good experiment. So let’s see how much time will it take to complete this cocktail.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 minutesNA5 minutes

5 minutes! Yes right. It is not only presentable but also an easy drink to prepare. So let’s check out the instructions.

Mind Eraser Cocktail Recipe

  1. Take a cocktail glass and fill it with ice to the brim.
  2. Now pour coffee-flavoured liqueur to it.
  3. Followed by lime soda/sprite and vodka.
  4. Do not stir it.
  5. Drink with straw until the layers disappear.
  6. Serve.

Note– It is advised to use a straw to sip the drink so that you can taste every layer of this drink.

While making this cocktail, make sure you add the contents as per the order mentioned in the instructions. Otherwise, there will be no formation of layers. So take care not to mix up the layers before you sip the drink.

Nutritional Breakdown of Mind Eraser Cocktail


How to Make Mind Eraser Cocktail at Home | Video

Having trouble while making the drink? Don’t worry if you are unclear of some steps involved. I have uploaded the video of the steps involved in this recipe so watch it and cook it as per it.

Video by KAHLÚA Coffee Liqueur

After sipping this drink, do share to what extent this mind eraser drink works. Write up in the comment section. And for those who are having a query related to the recipe, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section. I will revert you with the best possible solution. Enjoy your meal.

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