How to Mince Garlic at Home

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Some ingredients are common in all recipes. Without the inclusion of these ingredients, we may not get the taste that we want. Not only taste but these ingredients also play a crucial role in providing essential nutrients to our body. So, the beneficial ingredient that I am talking about is Garlic. Yes, this ingredient is a must to have in all the recipes that we usually eat.

Minced Garlic Recipe

Garlic is used in every cuisine and dish around the world. It adds to the taste of any recipe and also provides various benefits to our body. But do you know the simple way of mincing and taking out the garlic cloves from its bulb? Many people who are passionate cooks find this thing difficult. This task takes a lot of time and still, the cloves are not perfectly in shape as they should be.

Today in this recipe, I will tell you how to make the Minced Garlic properly at home and the easy steps. So, let’s start with the recipe and know what exactly you all have to do.

Ingredients for Minced Garlic

Garlic Bulb 1 pc.

You will only need whole garlic for this recipe, and then I will show you how it’s done.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 Minutes                         –10 Minutes 

It is great to see when a recipe only takes about 10 minutes to get complete. The same is the case with this recipe. Well, I think there is not much to do. So, let’s know what the next steps to conclude this recipe are.

Minced Garlic Recipe

Minced Garlic Recipe
  1. Place the whole garlic bulb on the cutting board and peel it. Remember to keep the root side downwards.
  2. Keeping the garlic on a board, press them with your palm, add more bodyweight, and separate the cloves from the garlic bulb.
  3. Now after the cloves are apart, use your fingers to take them out of the bulb.
  4. Cut off the tip of the cloves from both ends.
  5. With the chef’s knife’s help, press the garlic cloves by placing the knife sidewards on them and applying force by your hands. Crush the cloves so that their papery skin gets removed.
  6. Now, after the cloves are finally clean and peeled, chop them using a knife, keeping the edge of the knife close to your fingertips, and follow the up and down motion for better cutting.
  7. Check the size of your minced garlic; if it has reached the size you want, stop chopping. You can also make the paste you want. 

The best Minced garlic is ready to be used in your other recipes. You can use this minced garlic to add taste to all dishes that you make and benefit your body.

Nutritional Breakdown of Minced Garlic

This garlic’s nutritional facts are pretty interesting as it shows how healthy this ingredient is for all of us.

Fat 0.01 gm. 
Carbohydrates 1 gm
Calcium 5 mg. 
Protein 0.2 gm. 

How to Make Minced Garlic at Home | Video

To know the exact method of this recipe, here is a video that you should consider. Watch it and know how to mince the garlic perfectly.

Video By: America’s Test Kitchen

This was the full procedure that will show you how to mince and cut the garlic perfectly at home. Next time follow these procedures and add this healthy ingredient to any of your dishes without any difficulty in peeling and cutting.

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