Microsoft AZ-900 Practice Tests? Are They Helpful When Pursuing the New Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Badge?

Cloud technologies are fast becoming the newest front in IT. With their rising demand, comes the need for skilled professionals who can work tirelessly to match a company’s objectives. And even in this area, Microsoft continues to dominate the industry — as a provider of Azure services and one of the top certification vendors.

From technicians to administrators to engineers, be sure to enjoy limitless opportunities upon expanding your knowledge of cloud concepts with Microsoft credentials. And we are here to tell you about how you can get started. This is by passing AZ-900 exam and earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification, a badge that proves your skills in working with one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms on the global landscape today. So, read on to learn more!

Overview of Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Fundamentals accreditation introduces students to the core features of cloud technologies. Helping you create a solid knowledge base, it prepares you for more advanced roles depending on your area of specialty within managing Azure service. To obtain it, the only thing you should do is to gain a passing score in AZ-900 test. Let’s observe it in detail below.

Details of the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a 60-minute assessment containing 40-60 questions on the most basic Azure concepts, services, security, pricing, and other features. Here are more details you might have wanted to know about this test:

  • The exam costs a minimum of $99 depending on your location
  • The passing score is 700 out of 1000
  • You can take the test from a physical center or through the online delivery mode

Benefits of Taking Exam AZ-900

Many candidates ask, is it wise to spend money on an entry-level exam? The answer is yes, and here’s why.

  • It is a simple way for a beginner to venture into cloud services. AZ-900 is the most basic assessment that will help you determine if a career in Azure is worth it and if it is what you really need.
  • With your Azure Fundamentals badge earned by acing AZ-900, it will be easier for you to pursue role-based credentials of the associate and expert levels since you’ll have a great basis.
  • Passing this test gives you flexibility. Covering general fundamental concepts, it helps you adapt to the varied needs of stakeholders across different Azure platforms.
  • Microsoft credentials are universally accepted, so they can help you advance your career while working in any organization across the globe.

How to Prepare for AZ-900?

Microsoft and other websites provide a variety of study materials to guarantee seamless certification training. Listed below are a few options you may want to consider using when preparing for AZ-900 exam:

  • Official free self-paced learning modules
  • Microsoft’s paid instructor-led sessions
  • Revision books from online stores like
  • Video tutorials and courses

After studying all the topics listed in AZ-900 outline, don’t forget to check yourself with practice tests. Completing several of them, you’ll understand your level of readiness for the assessment and identify which themes still need your attention.


The IT industry rewards professionals who are committed to career advancement and those who show a strong desire to keep pace with new technologies. In a field whose capacity continues to grow with every passing day, there’s so much you can do with certification. Excelling in the Microsoft AZ-900 exam using practice tests gives you one of the easiest ways to start a career in Azure. Now that we’ve covered everything, the ball is in your court!

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