How to Make Mexican Sushi at Home

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Hola Amigos!

Can we fell it? The Sound of Music in our heads and the rush of adrenaline to home-cook our fancy desires from the old times.

In your college, were you a wild heart on fire? The dork of some kind for the cool kids but having the smartest of choices, joined the most meaningful club and headed in the right direction. Or at least, you felt like you were heading in the right direction.

You remember those were the times we collected the bucks to head into a sushi restaurant with our friends like the responsible and the sophisticated members of the society. And mind you the aura of the restaurant it had something to make you feel like one. 

Well, what are we hearing? Fast gaining popularity in our Sushi Restaurant is Mexican Sushi. And people this is not some random ingredient check on the classic Japanese Sushi. It is the coming together of the Japanese and the Mexican tastes in its truest form. While Culichi Town has already accepted the hype and the addition of this dish in their menu, let us all accept the newness of the Classic Seafood Sushi.

Ingredients for Mexican Sushi

Let us have an amazing experience with this Mexican Sushi recipe. With the additions like beef steak, cream cheese, jalapeño, avocado, breaded shrimp, and Tampico salad – a crab or surimi-based salad with jalapeño pepper, onion, and mayonnaise let’s own this recipe people, it is your turn!!!

Low-fat cream cheese softened3 Ounces
Seeded and finely Chopped Chipotle in adobo1.5 Tbsp
Chopped Cilantro Leaves¾ cup
Plain Flour Tortilla, Tomato-flavored Tortilla and Spinach-flavored Tortilla1 Large each
Pico de Gallo Salsa6 Tbsp
Low-fat Refried Black Beans¾ cup
From Mexico, peeled, pitted, and diced1 ½ medium

How Much Time Will Take?

Well, here is the time frame to make it, in case your mouth is already watering. This will tell you how much patience you will have to keep.

Preparation TimeCook Time Refrigerate TimeServings
15 Minutes5 MinutesOverNight6

Mexican Sushi Recipe

Mexican Sushi recipe
  1. First of all, take your tortillas and toss them in the oven to soften them a bit.
  2. Now mix the Cream and Chipotle in a bowl.
  3. Get your tortillas ready on a working tabletop and spread the mix of cream and chipotle on each of it.
  4. Next spread the black beans and salsa evenly topping the tortillas.
  5. Scatter the Avacados and Cilantro in the last step of making the filling of your sushi rolls.
  6. Wrap them up in the plastic wrap tightly after rolling them up.
  7. Let them rest in the refrigerator overnight. The next day unwrap the delicacy, trim the ends, slice, and serve with your choice of dip. 

How about you pair it with a Spicy Ranch Dressing Made at Home? Well, go ahead and try the wild combination!

Nutritional Information for Mexican Sushi

For your information here is the breakdown of the nutrition that this dish will provide you.


How to Make Mexican Sushi at Home | Video

If you are making Mexican Sushi for the first time, then I highly recommend you to try this Mexican Sushi at home.

Video by MySushiDaddy

If you made this and liked it too much here are a few more versions of Sushi lined up for you.

The Monkey Roll, a sushi roll wrapped in banana, topped with chipotle, crowned with fried chile, and stuffed with cream cheese.

The tropical-inspired Samba Roll, a sushi roll wrapped in mango and is topped with a tropical-flavored pico de gallo.

Well, why not a Mexican Sushi Pizza? With such a successful partnership of the Japanese and Mexican cuisines why not try some more. 

Keep Connected to try some more! Also, share your journey with us in the comment section below we would love to know your story.

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