How to Make Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas at Home

A few years back, it was a Salad making competition in my school and I also took part in that competition because I love cooking, I have made Mexican Red Bean Salad in that competition and I won first prize in that, on that day, I was very excited because I won first prize.

This MEXICAN BEAN SALAD is just the respite to a long uninteresting day; it’s light and colourful and would be just what you’d need to lighten you up like rainbow scenery. It’s healthy, it’s tasty and just the thing to chew on a tiring wait or come back.

By recalling, the memory of my salad competition, a perky knick-knack is always needed while waiting for the delicious food. This colourful salad will make you love it more from the sight it creates in your plate. So we keep nibbling on our beans followed by a lively chit chat. The taste, the colour all makes the wait more interesting.

I have made the salad again for my kids by doing some additions in the name and recipe. Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas. My family loves and I thought to share the Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpea Recipe.

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Ingredients for Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas Recipe

Cooked red kidney beans1 cup
Boiled chickpeas1 cup
Boiled corn1 cup
Chopped red capsicum1 unit
Coriander leaves3 tsp
Chopped onion1 unit
Chopped celery stem1 unit
Crushed garlic cloves2 units
Cumin powder½ tsp
Coriander powder½ tsp
Salt½ tsp
Vinegar2 tsp
Oil8 tsp
Black pepper powder½ tsp

How much time it will take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time

Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas Recipe

Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas Recipe
  1. In a bowl add red kidney beans, chickpeas, corn, red capsicum, coriander leaves, onion, and celery stem. Mix it and place it aside.
  2. Take another bowl to add garlic cloves, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, and vinegar. Mix all.
  3. Now add 8 tsp oil. Beat it well. Add black pepper to it. Add the above-made salad ingredients. Mix all.
  4. Put the salad in the refrigerator for some time and serve.

This Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas Recipe has the tendency to change the worsened situations of your life in the transcendent mood. The added bell pepper and aromatic spices added to the salad is just going to make your dish a better thing to eat. the beans would help make you healthier, stronger to face harsh times of life. Love your food, love yourself.

Nutritional Facts OF Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas Recipe

Fats2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium510 mg
Potassium835 mg
Carbohydrates52 g
Protein13 g

How to Make Mexican Red Bean Salad with Corn and Chickpeas at Home | Video

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