Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

Mexican orange fudge, Orange Fudge, Creamsicle orange fudge

A fruit to turn your food into desirable, tasty one; you would love to have. The Oranges having a sour and a sweet taste turning tables for the dessert so created, changing it into a wondrous taste. A yet gaudy color of oranges for your dish seems to ensure you a great taste.There are times in life when you want to shine out bright. In times of happiness a dish yet tasty can also be your companion. It melts down the cores of our heart with its savor as it is most desirable drink with its unique taste. Its color matches perfectly to those sunny days of your life. Make you feel the heat properly in order to make its taste heavenly, desired and pleasurable. It just simply adds on to another desirable sight of your life; the beauty and fills your glass with its vastness, just to add to your prettier phase of life. This Mexican orange fudge can be your perfect respite.

Let’s journey to happiness of a creativity yet making us a companion.

How much time it will take:

Preparation Cooking Total
10 Minutes 15 Minutes 25 minutes

Ingredients for Mexican Orange Fudge:

Ingredients Quantity
Milk powder 1 cup
Sugar 3 tbsp
Orange juice ½ cup
Orange zest 2 tsp
Chopped almonds 1 tbsp
Hot water and orange zest To smooth the edges and garnish respectively.


How to Make Mexican Orange Fudge | Recipe:

  • In a pre-heated pan add milk powder and roast it (don’t let it brown). Do it for 2-3 minutes and pace it in a plate.
  • Now in another pre- heated pan add ½ cup orange juice, 1 tbsp sugar stir continuously. Add the above roasted milk powder, 2 tbsp sugar; when the sugar is melted properly add 2 tsp orange zest. Stir thoroughly and add almonds to it. Place it in a square shape plate.
  • In a bowl take hot water dip the knife blade in it, then with its help cut the so prepared fudge in smaller square pieces. Let it refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve cold.

Let a gaudy looking delight change your mouth’s taste in a perfect delight. Take a reference your happiness is displayed. Exaggerate your emotions in a different way. Work to create after you experienced it.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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