How to Make Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate | Recipe

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Times tiring can be freshened up by a chocolaty drink. It is absolutely relaxing and its sight is beautiful too. After tiring days at times we love to have the access to something so relaxing that it takes us to heaven; surely we can have a great room decor to soothe us, then maybe a spa but something which goes inside your body and relaxes your muscle tension is a MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE on a relaxing couch.

At times we have whole lot boring holidays to us and nothing to do. Well this can again help us remove the bore by it’s chocolaty delight on our supper for the day. This would keep you rejuvenated for anything that comes your way.It is easy to make and a quick one too.

How Much Time it will Take:

Preparation Cooking Total

5 minutes


15 minutes


20 minutes

Ingredients for Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate:

Ingredients Quantity
Cocoa powder ¼ cup
Sugar ¼ cup
Cinnamon ¾ tsp
Milk 4 cups
Vanilla essence 1 tsp


How to Make Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate | Recipe:

  • In a bowl take the cocoa powder, sugar, and cinnamon. Mix it.
  • Take a pan and boil 1 cup milk in it. Now add the above cocoa powder mix in it. Keep stirring.
  • After it is well mixed with one cup of milk, add 3 cups more of milk, keep stirring. On obtaining a medium thick texture, add vanilla essence to it. Serve hot.

Savor the chocolaty delight on your tongue and reach the heavens. Release your tensions with this drink and save your leftover excitement of the day. MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE is a soft textured hot drink for cool days of winters. This makes you warm on freezing days. Enjoy the heavenly melted chocolates.

Stay tuned for more drinks to save your lives excitement…

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