McGriddles Vs. Egg McMuffin | Let’s Settle The Debate

Welcome to the McDonald’s breakfast sandwich debate. Today we’ll see which among McDonald’s two most popular sandwiches is the best, McGriddles or McMuffin? These two have always been a fan favorite! In this blog post, we will compare both sandwiches on various parameters. 

breakfast items
Basis Of Difference McGriddles McMuffin
Price 01
Healthy 01
Versatility 10
Final Verdict12

As the name suggests, McGriddles consists of warm and soft griddle cakes loaded with bacon and American cheese slices with fluffy folded eggs.

On the other hand, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin sandwich serves you a perfect combo of a fresh fluffy egg placed on a toasted English Muffin.

When it comes to taste, McGriddles has a sweet and savory flavor that makes it irresistible. On the other hand, the simple yet classic flavors of the McMuffin are favored by the customers. 

Here is everything you need to know about McGriddles and McMuffin, so whenever you next plan to visit McDonald’s, you know what to choose! 

What Is A McGriddles & Egg McMuffin?

McMuffin and coffee

A McGriddles sandwich is a delightful treat to start your day. You will get the perfect flavors of bacon, egg, and cheese. 

This delicious sandwich is loaded with the richness of thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon and a fluffy folded egg. A slice of melty American cheese is also added to give a punch of creaminess. 

All these ingredients are placed between the soft and warm griddles loaded with the sweet taste of maple. McGriddles feels like a perfect warm hug to begin your day. 

Another delicious food item to satisfy your breakfast cravings is McDonald’s egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich. 

Who doesn’t love a simple yet classic McMuffin? This sandwich is an ideal combo of a freshly cracked egg placed on a toasted English Muffin. Treat yourself and your beloved one to this mouth-watering sandwich. 

A typical McMuffin consists of lean Canadian bacon and melty American cheese. Talking about the nutritional value, there are about 310 calories present in the egg McMuffin sandwiches.

Ingredients In McGriddles & Egg McMuffin

McDonald's breakfast sandwiches

Here is a whole list of ingredients required to prepare delicious McGriddles and Egg McMuffin. 

Ingredients In Egg McMuffinIngredients In McGriddles
English MuffinGriddle Cakes
Canadian BaconEgg 
Pasteurized Process American CheeseClarified Butter
Salted ButterPasteurized Process American Cheese
Clarified Butter

Let’s jump right in to know about the details of each ingredient present in both breakfast sandwiches.

Ingredients In Egg McMuffin

  • English Muffin – McDonald’s egg muffin is incomplete without the soft English muffin. It is prepared from wheat and may contain sesame. A muffin tastes even more delicious when toasted in real butter. 
  • Egg – Another important ingredient for preparing McMuffin is the egg. McDonald’s uses freshly cracked Grade A eggs to provide its customers with the best quality McMuffin. 
  • Canadian Bacon – McDonald’s egg muffin can’t be complete without the presence of Canadian Bacon. A lean and juicy slice of bacon is placed over the toasted English Muffin. The presence of bacon just adds a new height of deliciousness.  
  • Pasteurized Process American Cheese –  A melty American cheese slice is placed over a toasted English Muffin to add a creamy touch. 
  • Salted Butter –  Butter is used to toast English Muffins as well as add saltiness to the McDonald’s McMuffin. 
  • Clarified Butter –  Pasteurized butter is also added to enhance the taste of the McMuffin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try your hands on this classic sandwich loaded with tempting flavors. 

Ingredients In McGriddles 

  • Griddle Cakes – The presence of griddle cakes make the McGriddles stand out as a breakfast food item. The warm and soft griddle cakes result in a perfect and delicious McGriddles. These soft pancake buns are round, small, and sweet in taste with the syrup baked into them. 
  • Bacon – The thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon is just another important ingredient for the McGriddles. This gives a nice smoky flavor to McGriddles. It is cooked until it gets a crispy texture and placed inside the griddle cake along with the folded eggs. 
  • Egg – A fluffy folded egg is a must for McDonald’s McGriddles. The addition of eggs just makes the McGriddles more delicious and satisfying. 
  • Pasteurized Process American Cheese –  A melty American cheese adds a creamy touch to McDonald’s McGriddle. 
  • Clarified Butter – Pasteurized butter is also added to enhance the taste of the McGriddle. 

This is all about the ingredients present in McGriddles. Now, give a try to this instant hit of sweet and savory flavored sandwich served by McDonald’s. 

McGriddles vs. Egg McMuffin In Terms of Pricing


Now let’s talk about the prices of these two popular sandwiches served by McDonald’s.

When it comes to individual prices, McDonald’s McMuffin will cost you around $3.69, whereas McDonald’s bacon egg cheese McGriddles costs you about $4.79.  

But if you are not a bacon lover, don’t worry, I got you covered. You can try the sausage version of McGriddles. The sausage McGriddles will cost you $3.49. 

On the other hand, sausage egg cheese McGriddles costs $4.39. Moreover, if you are a chicken lover, then you must try Chicken McGriddles which will cost you around $4.49. 

Which Breakfast Option Is Healthier?


As you are now aware of all the ingredients and prices of both sandwiches, but might be confused about which one excels on the health scale. Let’s clear your all doubts with a table comparing their nutritional profile. 

Nutritional ProfileEgg McMuffin McGriddles 
Calories 310 kcal430 kcal
Total Fat 13 grams  (17% Daily Value)21 grams  (27% Daily Value)
Saturated Fat6 grams (31% Daily Value)9 grams  (46% Daily Value)
Dietary Fiber 2 grams  (6% Daily Value)2 grams (7% Daily Value)
Calcium 170 mg  (15% Daily Value)190 mg (15% Daily Value)
Trans Fat 0 grams 0 grams 
Total Carbohydrates 30 grams (11% Daily Value)44 grams (16% Daily Value)
Total Sugar3 grams15 grams
Iron 3 mg  (15% Daily Value)3 mg (15% Daily Value)
Cholesterol 250 mg  (83% Daily Value)215 mg (71% Daily Value)
Vitamin D 2 mcg (15% Daily Value)0 mcg (6% Daily Value)
Protein 17 grams 17 grams
Potassium 200 mg  (4% Daily Value)220 mg  (4% Daily Value)
Sodium 770 mg (33% Daily Value)1230 mg  (54% Daily Value)

Well, it seems quite clear that McGriddles is definitely going to add some extra calories, sodium, and saturated fat. If you are one who counts on calories, then McMuffin is the one for you as it has fewer calories. 

Thus, McMuffin is a clear winner in this section. 

Which Is A Better Breakfast Option: McGriddles or Egg McMuffin?


Well, in my opinion, McDonald’s egg McMuffin is the clear winner when it comes to choosing a better breakfast meal. I am saying this because of the following reasons. 

The first and foremost reason is its nutritional profile. The count of calories in egg McMuffin is lesser than the McGriddles. McMuffin has about 310 calories whereas McGriddles consists of 430 calories. 

In addition, the quantity of sodium is much less in the egg McMuffin. 

Last but not the least, McDonald’s egg McMuffin will make your pocket smile as it is less expensive than the McGriddles sandwich. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s McGriddles sticky?

The McDonald’s McGriddles buns are specifically made with the presence of maple syrup crystals. This is added to give a little sweetness and syrupy flavors to the sticky mess. 

Which one is healthy – McDonald’s McGriddles or Egg McMuffin?

When comparing both breakfast sandwiches, Egg McMuffin has the upper hand. It is much more nutritional than the McGriddles. The number of calories is much lower in McMuffin, and McGriddles has more sodium.

What is the taste of McGriddles?

The McDonalds McGriddles is loaded with a sweet taste of maple syrup as it is baked into a heavy griddle cake. It has a sweet and savory taste. 

Are McGriddles just pancakes?

The standard McDonald’s McGriddles breakfast sandwich consists of fried bacon with a scrambled egg flap. It has a layer of American cheese between the two griddle pancakes filled with maple syrup. 


This is about the prices, ingredients, and nutritional profile of the McDonald’s McGriddles and Egg McMuffin. I hope all your doubts are clear about both the breakfast sandwiches. 

Moreover, if you are confused about other food items at McDonald’s but do not know what to choose from, don’t worry; we have your back. 

You can see our articles on Quarter Pounder vs. Big Mac, Big Mac vs. Whopper, and Grand Big Mac vs. Big Mac. Now I’ll take a leave, till then take care!

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