McDonald’s 2 for $5 Deal in 2024 | Is It Still Available?

Did you hear about McDonald’s 2-for $5 deal and wonder what it offers and if it is still available? Don’t worry as we have got you covered with all the answers.


The McDonald’s 2 for $5 included a few classic items from their menu like Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, chicken nuggets, and Quarter Pounder cheese. You could pick any two of the menu items just for $5

Many fans were happy to get McDonald’s two menu items for just $5. Yet, some of them were not sure what this offer included, and others wanted to clarify whether they were actually getting a good discount.

So why don’t we sit and clear all the confusion related to McDonald’s 2 for $5 deal and reveal what this deal is still going on? Let’s begin the conversation.

What Is McDonald’s 2 for $5 Deal?

McDonald's 2 for $5 Deal

McDonald’s 2 for $5 deal simply means you can get two items from the McDonald’s popular menu for $5. Many of you may think that 2 for $5 is fine, but what all items can we get in this offer? 

Obviously, you cannot avail of any two items from the McDonald’s menu. The items included in this offer are :

  • Big Mac,
  •  Filet-O-Fish, 
  • 10-piece Chicken McNuggets 
  • and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. 

So you can pick any 2 of the four options and pay only $5. I mean, this is something crazy, isn’t it? As per McDonald’s, you can mix and match any of these items and enjoy them alone or even share them with your friends. 

Either pick big mac and chicken nuggets or combine a big mac with a quarter pounder with cheese and make a good meal. 2 for $5 also allowed the McDonald’s fan to enjoy filet-o fish with a big mac for just $5.

Whatever you pick and mix, you will have a great lunch or dinner.

 Is McDonald’s 2 for $5 Deal Still Going On?

I am sad to inform you that McDonald’s 2 for $5 has been discontinued. The deal 2 for $5 was announced in 2018 for the month of August. It was introduced only for a limited time and removed from the menu.

If this deal were still going on, then the golden arches fans would be more than happy. 

Many other exciting offers and menu options like the Saweetie meal or BTS meal were also announced by McDonald’s, but again like other deals and offers, they were also short-term affairs. 

Can You Save Money Using This Offer?

If you do the food math, then this offer was clearly great for your pocket. You could get a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder with cheese for just $5. You can also replace the big mac with ten pieces of chicken nuggets or order a fish-o-filet sandwich. 

If you order any of these items individually, then it will cost you around $6-$7, but if you avail of this deal, you can get two items around $5. 

A youtube user commented on one of the 2 for $5 review videos that he is not a big fan of McDonald’s but we would definitely go to McDOnald’s only for this deal.

This means it is definitely super-saving. Also, if you want something else from the menu apart from these four items and want to save money on them, you should try out the tested hacks while ordering from McDonald’s.

Is McDonald’s 2 for $5 A Breakfast Deal?

McDonald's 2 for $5 Deal burger and nuggets

No, McDonald’s 2 for $5 is not a breakfast deal because the items included in this offer are available only during lunch and dinner. Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, chicken nuggets, and Quarter Pounder cheese are lunch and dinner menu items and not available during the breakfast hours.

Even though the 2 for $5 offer is not available for breakfast, McDonald’s has announced a 2 for $4 breakfast sandwich deal which could save you money on breakfast orders. 

How To Check The Latest Deals In McDonald’s?

McDonald's outlet

You can visit their official website to check the latest deals and offers by McDonald’s. 

McDonald’s has always surprised their fans with amazing deals and offers.

Those deals and offers are frequently updated by McDonald’s. So if you want to know more about current deals, then check out our detailed blog and stay in tune with the latest deals and offers.

Will McDonald’s Bring Back 2 for $5 deal?

There has been no official announcement from McDonald’s about the comeback of the 2-for $5 deal. However, this deal was very successful and even attracted those who were not likely to have McDonald’s for their meal.

I am not sure if this deal will be re-introduced, but McDonald’s will definitely develop a new strategy that will attract new customers and reward existing ones.


McDonald’s 2 for $5 was for sure a great deal, and McDonald’s fans are hoping that it would make a comeback on the menu.

There were other exciting offers as well, like McDonald’s Senior Discount or McDonald’s 4 for 4 Deal, and not to forget about the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, which is super saving. 

McDonald’s has never disappointed its customers, and even though the 2 for $5 deal has been discontinued, other exciting deals are coming our way. So stay tuned as we will bring you the latest information about McDonald’s.

Until then, keep checking the trending offers at McDonald’s.

Frequently asked questions

When did McDonald’s 2 for $5 deal begin?

The McDonald’s2 for $5 deal was announced in August 2018 for a limited time and discontinued later on.

Can we order two Big Macs under 2 for $5?

If you want to avail of a 2-for $5 offer, you must pick two different items from the selected menu items. However, this deal is not available right now. You can keep checking McDonald’s offers and grab them at the first chance.

How much do 10 pieces of chicken nuggets cost at McDonald’s?

You can get 10 pieces of chicken nuggets at McDonald’s for $7.89.

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