McDonald’s $3 Bundle | What Can You Get At $3?

McDonald’s comes up with exciting things every once in a while. One such thing about this fast food chain that excites most people is when they come up with some sweet deals! This article will examine one of the most famous McDonald’s deals, the $3 bundle! 

The McDonald’s $3 Bundle allows you to enjoy two of three options they have set for this deal, all for $3. The bundle gives you a lot for your money, which is why it is one of the most popular deals. 

McDonald’s has a lovely menu that keeps evolving with time now and then. This makes the fast food chain stand out from the rest. Moreover, McDonald’s menu prices are also very affordable, which is undoubtedly the cherry on top! 

These are a few reasons McDonald’s has remained the number one fast-food restaurant chain worldwide. However, it is also the fact that McDonald’s is very customer-centric and keeps coming up with new deals to make them happy! So, without further ado, let us get to discussing what this deal is all about. 

What Comes In A McDonald’s $3 Bundle? 

So now, you know what the deal is about, in brief. However, it may even sound misleading as many people think that the options given for this deal are not as exciting. But luckily, that is not the case! McDonald’s has carefully curated this deal with the best choices ever! Let us take a look at what these are. 

McDonald’s $3 deal lets you buy 2 out of the three options set for the deal. These options are medium fries, McDouble, and Hot ‘n’ Spicy McChicken. Here, you can order two of the same opportunities or mix and match and request what you want. 

 McDonald’s $3 Bundle Review

McDonald's $ 3 Bundle

Most deals from McDonald’s have had mixed reviews. Some consider these deals the best and an excellent value for money, whereas others may even think otherwise, especially about certain sales. 

Luckily when it comes to the $3 bundle, most people have only had good things to say. Most people have written in their reviews about this deal, including influencers, that it gives you a lot for your money. 2

With inflation, we all know it may be challenging to buy a burger and a portion of fries for anything under $5. Hence, this deal is even better since you can save $2 for the same food! 

Yes, you will have to buy a beverage separately. But even with that, the total will be at most $4. So, what everyone says about saving money with this bundle is true! 

Is McDonald’s $3 Bundle Still Available? 

I am sure that after reading all that I have mentioned above for this particular deal, many of you, if not all, cannot wait to get your hands on this delicious bundle that McDonald’s offers. But the real question is, is it still available? 

Sadly, McDonald’s $3 Bundle is not available anymore. It was discontinued by the end of 2022, and there is no news about its comeback as of now. However, there still are various deals at McDonald’s that are just as great and worth checking out! 


McDonald’s $3 Bundle is considered to be one of the best bundles ever introduced by McDonald’s. This bundle consists of three options: medium French fries, McDouble, and Hot n Spicy McChicken. So, you can choose any two of these three options, all for a very reasonable price! 

Unfortunately, this deal is not available at McDonald’s as of now. But there are many other bundles that this chain has to offer, like McDonald’s Dinner Box, McDonald’s Cheeseburger Bundle, and McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle, that we have written about and are worth a glance! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is McDonald’s $3 bundle? 

McDonald’s $3 deal consists of three options: medium fries, McDouble, and Hot n Spicy McChicken, and you can choose any two options for the price. 

Is the $3 bundle still available at McDonald’s? 

No, the $3 bundle from McDonald’s is not available anymore. 

Has the $3 Bundle from McDonald’s received good reviews? 

Yes, most people have given this bundle a great review and have mentioned that it is worth the price. 

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