McDonald’s Tartar Sauce Calories | Is It Healthy?

If you are a fan of a classic Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s, you probably also love the tartar sauce. This is an infamous sauce from McDonald’s, but also one of the chain’s best sauces. Have you ever wondered if Tartar sauce is healthy? Then have a look at McDonald’s Tartar sauce calories here! 

McDonald's tartar sauce calories

McDonald’s tartar sauce has 90 calories per serving. This sauce is unhealthy since it is loaded with fat for a small serving and needs essential nutrients like protein or carbohydrates. 

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish has been a hit and a miss for many people. There are plenty of people who love it. For those of you who do, you may have wondered if the sauce is healthy at some point. 

Since McDonald’s food is not known to be the healthiest, that may raise even more concerns for health-conscious people. But you’ve come to the right place to explore all about this sauce offered at McDonald’s! So, read on all along! 

McDonald’s Tartar Sauce Ingredients

Tartar sauce ingredients

Looking at the ingredients used to make the tartar sauce from McDonald’s will help better understand the nutritional composition of this sauce. So, have a look at the exact ingredients used by McDonald’s to make this tartar sauce given below: 

  1. Soybean Oil 
  2. Pickle Relish (Diced Pickles, Vinegar, Salt, Capers, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate [Preservative], Calcium Chloride, Spice Extractives, Polysorbate 80), 
  3. Egg Yolks, 
  4. Water, 
  5. Onions, 
  6. Distilled Vinegar, 
  7. Sugar, 
  8. Spice, 
  9. Salt, 
  10. Xanthan Gum, 
  11. Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), 
  12. Parsley

How Many Calories Are There In McDonald’s Tartar Sauce? 

Tartar sauce total calories

Now that you know the ingredients that go into making this tartar sauce, you will find the number of calories in the sauce. Along with that, you can also look at this sauce’s exact nutritional values. 

Calories90 cal
Carbohydrates1 g
Protein0 g
Fat10 g
Saturated Fat1.5 g
Choerol10 mg
Sodium110 mg
Potassium10 mg
Fiber0 g
Sugar0 g

Look at this detailed article on McDonald’s menu nutrition to know the entire menu’s calories and other nutritional values. 

Is McDonald’s Tartar Sauce Healthy? 

No, McDonald’s tartar sauce is not a healthy option. This sauce has a very high number of calories for a small serving, lacks the most vital nutrients like protein and carbohydrates, and has an abundance of fat, making it pretty unhealthy. 

Tartar sauce, in general, is not one of the healthier options. Tartar sauce is made with mayonnaise as the base, caused by emulsifying egg yolks with oil. Both core ingredients make up this sauce have a very high fat content. 

This, in turn, translates to the tartar sauce also having a high amount of fat. So, a tartar sauce can never be classified as healthy. Speaking of the sauce from McDonald’s, it is also packed with fat as the primary nutrient, whereas it completely lacks some other essential nutrients like protein, which makes it unhealthy. 

Can You Get Tartar Sauce Separately At McDonald’s? 

Can you buy tartar sauce separately

McDonald’s does not serve tartar sauce separately at any of their outlets. McDonald’s serves tartar sauce only as a part of their Filet-O-Fish sandwich. 

McDonald’s serves plenty of dipping sauces on its menu, with some being the best they have ever had. However, McDoanld’s does not sell tartar sauce as one of the dipping sauces. But you can still enjoy a McDonald’s tartar sauce at home by making one yourself, just by following this straightforward tartar sauce recipe


McDonald’s tartar sauce is unhealthy since it is packed with high amounts of fat for a small serving. Most of the calories in this sauce come from fat, making it pretty sick. Hence, whenever you enjoy tartar sauce, it is best to have the same in as moderate amounts as possible. 

In case you are a healthy freak who also enjoys their share of McDonald’s, you’ll be surprised by the number of sauces on the menu that may be unhealthy! Look at McDonald’s Big Mac sauce calories and McDonald’s Breakfast sauce calories if you enjoy these burgers and sandwiches. 

Similarly, you should also look at McDonald’s hot mustard sauce calories and McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce calories if you want dipping sauces! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s tartar sauce healthy? 

No, McDonald’s tartar sauce is not healthy. 

How many calories does a single serving of tartar sauce have? 

A single serving of tartar sauce from McDonald’s has about 90 calories, where most come from fat. 

Is the tartar sauce from McDonald’s rich in vital nutrients? 

No, McDonald’s tartar sauce is barely rich in any vital nutrients.

Can you get tartar sauce separately at McDonald’s? 

No, McDonald’s serves tartar sauce only with their filet-o-fish sandwich. 

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