McDonald’s Is Getting Sued For $900 Million By Ice Cream Machines Developers

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If there’s one thing that you can be certain about is that every new day leads to new McDonald’s lawsuits. Yeah, you heard it right, McDonald’s is getting sued, yet again, by a company called “Kytch,” and they’re not lovin’ it.

McDonald's Ice Cream

The owners of Kytch, Jeremy O’Sullivan and Melissa Nelson have accused and sued McDonald’s. The act is on account of defaming and tarnishing their company’s name and business. 

Almost nine out of ten times, the ice cream machines made by Taylor at McDonald’s are out of order. This led to McDonald’s hiring Kytch for their services. They worked hard to come up with a device that could possibly solve this issue.

The device was almost the same size as a mobile phone and was further fitted into the McDonald’s ice cream machines. This device allowed the owners to troubleshoot the issue concerning the ice cream machine. 

Kytch made it possible for the owners to receive an interception from the ice cream machine’s internal communication to a web interface or phone via WiFi. This seemed to work great for a while until November 2020.

Kytch was becoming more and more popular until McDonald’s ordered its franchisees to remove the device from the ice cream machines. But what was the reason behind it?

The Reason Behind The McDonald’s and Kytch Feud

McDonald's Soft Serve

Apparently, McDonald’s sent emails to each one of its franchisees, warning them about the device being a threat to privacy and safety. The emails instructed the franchises to stop the usage of Kytch’s devices and to detach them from the machine.

McDonald’s told its franchisees that the Kytch device violated the warranties of the ice cream machines by sending out “confidential information”. Not only that, they accused the device of being a safety hazard and that it could result in “serious human injury”.

Kytch is, hence, accusing McDonald’s of defaming the company and its devices. They claim that customers have stopped buying their products and their sales took a hit because of what McDonald’s did.

Kytch is also claiming that McDonald’s, using those emails, tried promoting a new ice cream machine developed by Taylor. Taylor, being a manufacturing partner of McDonald’s, has been providing them with appliances for a long time now.

The new ice cream machine created by Taylor is said to have the same features as that of the Kytch device. The unfoldment of all of this has now resulted in McDonald’s being sued by Kytch.

As per an interview with WIRED, Kytch’s co-founder, Melissa Nelson, said, “They’ve tarnished our name. They scared off our customers and ruined our business. They were anti-competitive. They lied about a product that they said would be released.” 

Nelson also said, “McDonald’s had every reason to know that Kytch was safe and didn’t have any issues. It was not dangerous like they claimed. And so we’re suing them.”

To this, McDonald’s said in a statement, covered by WIRED, “McDonald’s owes it to our customers, crew, and franchisees to maintain our rigorous safety standards and work with fully vetted suppliers in that pursuit. Kytch’s claims are meritless, and we’ll respond to the complaint accordingly.”

Kytch has said with confidence that whatever McDonald’s has accused their devices off or have claimed against their devices is false and is unfounded. 

Lastly, the complaint filed by Kytch says that “McDonald’s knew that its statements were false and had actual knowledge that Kytch does not create any incremental risk in Taylor’s soft-serve machines.” 

But McDonald’s haven’t gone back on their claims. The complaint also said that McDonald’s is even warning companies like Burger King, Coca-Cola, etc., about the risk factors that accompany Kytch devices and telling them not to buy them.

The reason why Kytch is asking for $900 million out of this lawsuit is that they think that their company would’ve been worth this amount if McDonald’s hadn’t failed them by making false claims and defaming them.

Kytch remains baffled about the main reason why McDonald’s tried to sabotage their company in this manner. In a statement, Sullivan said, “We’re going to continue to get discovery. And it’s going to keep on tunneling into this heart of darkness.”

He also said, “We knew we would get to this point, and we know we’ll get to the truth. And we’re just going to keep tunneling.” 

Whatever the end result may be, we at TheFoodXP hope that the McFlurry never ceases to exist, and we’ll keep on lovin’ it.

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