How to Make Mcdonald’s Special Sauce (Big Mac Sauce) at Home

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Shuvait Thusoo
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Today a big secret is going to be disclosed. A secret that McDonald’s has been keeping within themselves for so many years. You all would have already guessed what recipe it is going to be. This recipe was always the secret behind McDonald’s’ success that made their various food items and meals famous. 

The recipe is not that big and does not contain any solid food item but is a famous sauce for its taste. It can add more taste to your burgers and fries or whatever you have. After trying this sauce with one of your favorite foods, the only words you will utter are “I’M LOVIN IT.”

So the sauce I am talking about is called Mcdonald’s Special Sauce (also known as Big Mac sauce). If you love to eat at McDonald’s, you would definitely know what this sauce is and what it tastes like. This sauce is a perfect example of how important these side dishes are to make your food delicious and more delectable.

Let’s start the Big Mac sauce recipe and see how to make it at home and what different ingredients and components you will need to make it at home. Here is the whole information that you will need to make it perfectly at home.

Ingredients for Mcdonald’s Special Sauce

Salad Dressing¼ cup
Mayonnaise ¼ cup
French Salad Dressing 3 tsp.
Sweet Pickle Relish½ tsp.
Dill Pickle Relish1 ½ tsp.
Sugar 1 tsp.
Dried Minced Onion 1 tsp.
White Vinegar 1 tsp.
Ketchup 1 tsp.
Salt ⅛ tsp

As you can see, all the ingredients are quite common and you will easily find them at any grocery store. Now let’s check out how much time you need to invest in making this sauce at home.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes 1 Minute6 Minutes

This Mcdonald’s Special Sauce recipe will only cost your 6 minutes. That’s not fair. Such a delicious recipe and only 6 minutes but good for us. Just take out 6 minutes from your 24 hours long day and have this treat ready on your plate.

Components Required

  1. Microwave: To cook the ingredients easily and fast.
  2. Microwave Safe Bowl: To keep the ingredients in it while cooking them in a microwave.

Well, now you all know what’s about to come. This recipe has reached its final step. The step from where you will be able to make it at home without consulting anyone else. Only the steps listed below are the key to make this Mcdonald’s Special Sauce at home. So follow them and have it done.

Mcdonald’s Special Sauce (Big Mac Sauce) Recipe

 Mcdonald's Special Sauce
  1. Gather all the ingredients and keep them ready.
  2. Take a microwave-safe bowl and add all the ingredients to it. 
  3. Now you have to microwave the ingredients for about 25 seconds on full power.
  4. You can refrigerate this sauce and store it for up to two weeks. Enjoy! 

Your Mcdonald’s Sauce is ready. Enjoy this sauce with french fries or burgers. You can even use it with any other food item that you think is not that tasty and see the magic.

Nutritional Breakdown of Mcdonald’s Special Sauce

The nutritional breakdown of this recipe is down below in the table. Have a look and see what the nutritional elements in this recipe are.

Calories 82
Fats 8 gm.
Cholesterol 5 mg.
Carbohydrates 3 gm
Protein 0 gm.
Sugars 2 gm.

How to Make Mcdonald’s Special Sauce at Home | Video

Here is a video that you can watch to make this recipe easily at home. This will guide you through the whole process and see how it can be made perfectly.

Video by LowCarbLife

This Mcdonald’s Special Big Mac Sauce is a big secret and this is your chance to make it at home. So, what is stopping you from making this recipe at home? Get up and start making it. Tell us how was it’s taste and share your experiences with us. Till then, have a great time.

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