McDonald’s Senior Discount | Is It Still A Thing?

If you are  a senior citizen and love McDonald’s then there are chances that your nearest McDonald’s outlet may offer you discounted menu items or free beverages. Want to know about this amazing offer?


The senior discount allowed people over 55 to get special discounts on the menu items. However, this offer was only available at some McDonald’s outlets authorized by individual business owners.

Many of us were unaware of this amazing fact about McDonald’s and how to avail of this offer, and if you fall into the senior citizen category, stay tuned until the end. 

Today, we will understand what a senior discount is and how you can avail of it at your nearest McDonald’s outlet. 

What Is McDonald’s Senior Discount?


McDonald’s senior discount is nothing but a great deal for senior citizens above 55 as they can get a significant discount on McDonald’s menu items. Whether it’s yummy sandwiches or fries or even a large coffee, you can easily buy them at lower prices.

As everything good has some limitations, so has a senior discount. Not all McDonald’s outlets provide a senior discount, but there is nothing to be disappointed about.

There are so many McDonald’s outlets across the United States, and most of them provide senior discounts; therefore, you can easily locate the one with this facility.

Benefits Of McDonald’s Senior Discount


There is no doubt about the fact that a senior discount is very beneficial. 

  • You can get many McDonald’s menu items, like hamburgers, fries,  beverages and coffee from McDonald’s with a good discount.
  •  Some McDonald’s outlets provide a 10% senior discount on coffee.
  • Another interesting fact is that if you are a senior citizen who also happens to be a pensioner or a senior at The Coffee Club, you are eligible for a free drink with any McMuffin or burger you purchase. Isn’t it great?
  • Now, if you happen to be a senior veteran, you can also avail additional military discounts in which you get free meals with sandwiches, beverages, and a choice of French fries or hash browns.  
  • In case you decide to dine, you can enjoy chicken McNuggets, double cheeseburger, or Filet-O-Fish.
  • Many outlets allow you to enjoy any size of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee every day at a 20% discount, and your 8th cup of coffee is absolutely free. 

Who Can Qualify For A McDonald’s Senior Discount?

Similar to the minimum age requirement to work at McDonald’s, the senior discount service also has minimum age criteria. The McDonald’s senior discount is not designed for everyone.

Most McDonald’s outlets provide discounts to those who are above the age of 55. 

One thing that needs to be considered is that individual business owners own these outlets, so the criteria may differ slightly. However, if you are 55 or above, there is a high chance that you qualify for McDonald’s senior discount at most McDonald’s restaurants.

Does Every McDonald’s Store Have a Senior Discount?

McDonald's Drive Thru

Only some McDonald’s stores might have a senior discount as individuals own them, and it is entirely upon them whether they want to give the senior discount. 

Many store owners provide a senior discount to Dine-In and not Drive Thru. You can call your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and confirm whether they provide a senior discount.

How To Apply For McDonald’s Senior Discount?

There are two ways to apply for McDonald’s senior discount. 

  • Simply visit the store and ask whether they have a senior discount. 
  • Please show them your age proof and choose your menu items. 
  • If they have an offer, then pay the discounted amount and enjoy. 
  • If your nearest McDonald’s store has senior discounts, check whether they can Deliver the same.
  • You can also download McDonald’s app and sign in to get the discount by following the procedure they mentioned. 

Other Fast Food Chains That Provide Senior Discounts

Like McDonald’s, many other fast food chains provide many benefits, like discounted food and beverages to senior citizens. 

  • Arby’s – Any citizen above the age of 60 can avail 10% discount on their menu.
  • Subway – If you are a senior citizen above the age of 60, then you can enjoy any menu item of the subway at a 10% discounted price.
  • Taco Bell – Taco bell provides 5% discounts to those above the age of 65.
  • Wendy – At Wendy, you can avail of 10% off or discounted drink prices if you are 55+.
  • IHOP – Along with 10% discounts, IHOP offers a senior menu which includes smaller portions at a discounted amount. Some locations may also provide dinner at a half price one night a week. The age qualification is above 55 years.
  • Golden Corral Restaurant – If you are above the age of 55, then you may get a 10% discount on dinner or entree purchases.
  • Chick-fil-A – You can enjoy a small drink or coffee with any other item purchased or a 10% discount if you are a senior above the age of 50 years.


If you fall under the senior citizen category, you can easily enjoy some perks on McDonald’s menu. However, not all outlets provide the senior discount, but there are plenty of them where you can locate and enjoy the rebate on your favorite burger or coffee. 

Even though you do not fall under the senior discount category, you can still enjoy many deals and offers in McDonald’s. We will be back with more interesting facts and information. Until then, why don’t you try your senior coffee?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any McDonald’s senior discount on coffee?

Yes, many McDonald’s outlets provide a 20% discount on coffee for senior citizens.

Does McDonald’s provide free coffee to senior citizens?

If you are a regular coffee buyer from the same McDonald’s outlet, you can get your 8th cup of coffee for free.

How much does a coffee cost at McDonald’s?

The price of coffee at McDonald’s starts from $2.29.

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