McDonald’s Saweetie Meal: What’s Inside & Review

McDonald’s has not only experimented with its menu but has also tried experimenting with their marketing strategies since the start. One of the most buzzing strategies of McDonald’s is its collaboration with different celebrities.

Mcdonalds Saweetie Meal

McDonald’s has collaborated with BTS in the past, which was a great success, and with many other famous bands and celebrities. The various collaborations have been proven to be an excellent deal for McDonald’s in the past.

Recently in 2021, McDonald’s announced their sensational collab with rapper Saweetie. We all love Saweetie and know McDonald’s also introduced a complete meal in her name. 

Today we are going to know what’s inside McDonald’s Saweetie meal and review the most talked about rapper’s meal. 

What’s Inside The McDonald’s Saweetie Meal

Mcdonalds Saweetie Meal

McDonald’s launched its famous orders collaboration with the rapper Saweetie in 2021, and it’s not only amazing, but her big mac hack is the total game changer.

The meal includes classic items from the menu – a Big Mac, four-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, sweet-and-sour sauce, barbecue sauce, and a Sprite.  

As a part of the collaboration Saweetie also shared her hack, like adding fries and sweet-and-sour sauce to the Big Mac. She also mentioned adding a layer of chicken nuggets and making it a chicken nugget sandwich.

The meal also has a tangy BBQ sauce which Saweetie spreads on the nuggets and fries. Her other version of McDonald’s meal was by adding fries and the sauce between two patties with no buns. 

McDonald’s Saweetie Meal Price

When McDonald’s introduced the McDonald’s Saweetie meal with classic items from the Big Mac to chicken nuggets, the price was $12.69. 

McDonald’s Saweetie Meal Review

Mcdonalds Saweetie Meal

Firstly if we look at the meal, we already know that it is going to be delicious, and why not? It has the most loved items from the McDonald’s and the Saweetie remix by adding fries and the sweet and sour sauce to the big mac level up the game. 

According to a post by Insider, when one of their employees tried the McDonald’s Saweetie meal, she was a little skeptical of adding the fries and the sauce to the Big Mac but was later blown away by the taste. It tasted really good, she said.

She concluded that the McDonlad’s Saweetie meal was the cake if she had to rank the meal against other collaborations.

In another post by Chicago Tribune, a food critic shared her reviews and said that this meal and the remix are impractical yet insightful, as Saweetie herself has admitted.

One of the Twitter users expressed his concerns about the McDonald’s employees and said they would be fed up by making this particular meal. Many people did not like the part where Saweetie had only patties and fries with no buns.  

Is The McDonald’s Saweetie Meal Available Now?

Mcdonalds Saweetie Meal

The Saweetie meal was launched on August 9, 2021, and it was a limited-time collaboration. 

McDonald’s and Saweetie collaboration was available till September 5, 2021, and ended with the Saweetstakes contest as per USA Today.

The McDonald’s Saweetie meal has been discontinued, and there is no sign that McDonald’s will be bringing the Saweetie meal back on the menu as it was only for a limited time.

However, if you have tried the Saweetie meal and liked it, then you can order the same items. The only difference is that you will not get special packaging, but other than that, you will only have your big mac, fries, and nuggets like before. 


From time to time, McDonald’s has collaborated with many famous celebrities. Still, many popular people are hoping to have a meal named after them where they can share their own version of McDonald’s order. 

Like this, there have been words about Kanye West’s collaboration with McDonald’s, and many people are curious whether it is really happening or is it just another blow of rumors. If it is really happening, then I wonder what his meal will be like.

If you are curious, check out our blog on Kanye West and McDonald’s Collaboration. 

We will be back with a more exciting piece of news. Until then, why don’t you share your version of McDonald’s order in the comments section?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Saweetie meal still available?

The McDonald’s Saweetie meal has been discontinued and is not available currently.

How much does Saweetie meal costs?

Saweetie meal costs around $12.69.

What does Saweetie meal consists of?

The meal includes classic items from the menu – a Big Mac, four-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, sweet-and-sour sauce, barbecue sauce, and a Sprite.  

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