McDonald’s Root Beer Float | How To Order One?

McDonald’s secret menu hacks have gained popularity on TikTok lately. People are totally in love with trying new hacks like this McDonald’s McFloat. That’s not all; another secret item, McDonald’s root beer float, is getting popular. Let’s find out about it.  


McDonald’s Root Beer Float combines Barq’s Root Beer with a vanilla soft-serve ice cream scoop. This Root Beer Float is not listed on McDonald’s official menu but is a part of its secret menu.  

Moreover, McDonald’s offers various options like soft drinks, milkshakes, coffee, and juices. Many enjoy their drink options and sometimes create unique mash-ups like the famous Caramel Apple Sundae and Cinnamon Melt A La Mode.

Let’s talk about root beer float and explore this secret menu item deeply. The following article will also tell you how much this root beer float will cost you, how to order it, and honest reviews about it. So, let us proceed!

What Is A McDonald’s Root Beer Float?

What Is A McDonald's Root Beer Float

McDonald’s Root Beer Float is a secret menu item. The bubbly and foamy root beer is topped with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, creating a creamy and refreshing treat. 

Moreover, it’s a carbonated soft drink that tastes sweet with a strong flavor of licorice and root beer extract. Because the drink is topped with vanilla ice cream, it offers a creamy texture that everyone loves. 

This unique mash-up contains ingredients like:

  • Carbonated Water: It’s the drink’s base and makes it fizzy. 
  • Sugar: It sweetens the beverage.
  • Root Beer Extract: Root beer extract gives the drink its distinctive flavor.
  • Caramel Color: Caramel color provides the drink with its brown color.
  • Artificial Flavor: It’s a flavor enhancer that compliments the natural taste of the root beer. 
  • Sodium Benzoate: It helps preserve the drink and increases its shelf life.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine gives the beverage a kick of caffeine and gives you an instant energy boost.
  • Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream: The drink has a creamy texture and sweet flavors. 

McDonald’s Root Beer Float Price

McDonald's Root Beer Float Price

McDonald’s Root Beer Float costs around $2.79. This drink is a combination of Barq’s root beer, which costs around $1.79, and vanilla soft serve ice cream, which costs around $1. 

So, if you want a refreshing and affordable treat, McDonald’s root beer float is a good option. One thing to note here is that the price of the root beer may vary based on the location, so make sure you check the latest price of root beer in your local McDonald’s restaurant.

Can You Just Buy McDonald’s Root Beer Float Normally?

No, you cannot, but McDonald’s Root Beer Float normally. It’s a secret menu item.

McDonald’s root beer float is not officially listed on McDonald’s official menu. So, to order this, you need to get vanilla soft serve and root beer individually. Then, combine both items to enjoy this secret item. 

How To Order Root Beer Float From The McDonald’s Secret Menu?

McDonald's Root Beer Float

Many people wanted to try the root beer float from McDonald’s. But the question is – how do you order it from the secret menu? For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the McDonald’s restaurant. 
  2. Place the order for Barq’s root beer vanilla soft serve ice cream. 
  3. Once you relieve your order, top the soft serve ice cream on the root beer.
  4. Enjoy the refreshing root beer float from McDonald’s. 

One thing to note is that McDonald’s doesn’t sell Barq’s Root Beer on their menu. So, if you want to try this secret hack, buy root beer from a local shop and combine it with McDonald’s vanilla soft serve. 

McDonald’s Root Beer Float Review

McDonald's Root Beer Float Review

McDonald’s Root Beer Float is a sweet and creamy treat. The root beer is fizzy and has a strong flavor with mint, molasses, and vanilla notes. The soft-serve vanilla ice cream adds a nice sweetness to the drink. 

While looking at the drink, the soft serve ice cream is white and fluffy, and the root beer is a deep brown. The two colors contrast nicely, and the float looks very appealing.

The float is served in a clear plastic cup so that you can see the beautiful layers of ice cream and root beer.

So, if you are looking for a summertime treat, enjoy this classic blend of refreshing flavors that is also the perfect fix for your sweet tooth. I would give this drink 4 out of 5 stars.  


So, McDonald’s root beer float has always been the talk of the town. The drink is part of McDonald’s secret menu and is the most unique drink one can enjoy. Moreover, this root beer float is quite an affordable drink. 

People are drawn to McDonald’s secret menu items because they offer exclusivity. These off-the-menu secret menu items are always on every Micky D’s fan’s list. 

If you also want to try McDonald’s hidden gems, then start by trying McDonald’s Orange Creamsicle Shake. It’s a unique drink that combines soft-serve ice cream with Fanta orange. 

There are many other secret menu options like McDonald’s Neapolitan Shake and McDonald’s McLeprechaun Shake, which are the talk of the town. 

Out of all these secret menu hacks, one hack that always excites me is buying McDonald’s Birthday Cake from the secret menu. So, if your birthday is coming up, try this secret hack. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have Root Beer Float?

No, McDonald’s doesn’t offer root beer float on their official menu. It’s a secret menu hack that has huge popularity on the menu.

Why did McDonald’s discontinue Root Beer?

The only reason why McDonald’s discontinued root beer is because of poor sales. It was selling root beer in the 90s but completely stopped selling after 1993.

What is a Root Beer Float made of?

Root beer float is made with McDonald’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream and root beer.

Does McDonald’s still do Coke Floats?

Yes! You can find Coke Floats at McDonald’s. It’s a secret menu hack that works easily by ordering a vanilla soft-serve ice cream and a Coke. Just combine the two and enjoy the Coke Floats with your favorite McDonald’s menu items.

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