Is McDonald’s Open On Labor Day?

There are many holidays that are celebrated in the USA with full enthusiasm. One of the essential holidays is Labor day which falls on the 5th of September every year. Labor day is celebrated to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers.

McDonald's Outlet

Many government offices and schools are closed, however, restaurants are open so that you and your family can enjoy the holiday without any hassle. 

McDonald’s is open on Labor Day i.e., the 5th Sep. So you can get your favorite items from their menu at the outlet or get their delicious burgers and other classic items delivered. 

Today, we will clear all your confusion so that you can plan your holiday accordingly. We will also list out the other popular restaurants and fast food chains that are functional on Labor day. Stick with me till the end for more information.

Is McDonald’s Open During Labor Day This Year?

McDonald's Outlet

Yes, McDonald’s is open during labor day this year. Most McDonald’s stores operate during labor day or such holidays as there is more crowd.

However, the McDonald’s outlets are owned by individual owners so, before visiting, call the store to confirm if it is open on Labor day or not. 

 What Time Does McDonald’s Open During Labor Day 2023?

McDonald’s will be operational during labor day at the usual times only. Most of the outlets start serving breakfast at 5 am and close after dinner at 11 pm. The timings may differ from location to location as individual business owners run them. 

You can check the timings of McDonald’s locations on their store locator and visit accordingly. Some of the McDonald’s are operational for 24 hours, therefore you can visit the stores any time of the day.

Here is the standard time for McDonald’s opening and closing hours during labor day.

Labor Day (Open) 5 am – 11 pm

What Can You Eat At McDonald’s During Labor Day This Year?

McDonald’s has a wide variety of burgers and other items which you can easily enjoy during the holidays, like labor day. You can check the holiday menu if you are confused about what to order on labor day.

However, I have some suggestions for you which will help you to enjoy the holiday with tasty food.

The top 6 menu items you should try this labor day from McDonald’s are –

1. Big Mac

McDonald's Outlet

Big Mac is a very popular McDonald’s menu item on the McDonald’s menu. With not one but two meat patties, a Big Mac is for sure a holiday food because even if you eat extra calories, then it is fine. 

Talking about extra calories, try adding McDonald’s fries and coke and making it a meal. You can get McDonald’s big mac for $7.49, and a big mac meal will cost you $12.49. 

2. Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

It is Labor day, and how can we celebrate it without chicken? McDonald’s chicken nuggets are the best option at any time of the day. Pair your chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, and have a great holiday.

If you are celebrating with your family or friends, you can even order a chicken nuggets meal for everyone and have a great feast.

3. Hash Brown

Hash Browns

Well done potatoes are a signature side meal on labor’s day. Walk into your nearest McDonald’s outlet or use McDelivery to order some hash browns for yourself for $3.79 and enjoy the golden delight. 

4. Hot Pancakes

Hot Cakes

Make your holiday more sweet and delicious with McDonald’s Hot Pancakes. Want more flavors then try adding savory sausages on the side and enjoy this amazing combination. 

McDonald’s buttery and sweet hotcakes are best  to begin your morning on Labor day. 

Get this fluffy and soft menu item for $5.29.

5. Happy Meal

Happy Meal

Plan a fun picnic for your kids with McDonald’s Happy meal. It has everything your kids love. Choose from hamburger or chicken nuggets along with kid’s fries, and apple slices, and a surprising toy gift. 

The McDonald’s happy meal starts from $6 to $8. It can easily add 300-500 calories for the day and keep your kids engaged with amazing toys. 

6. McChicken


Want more chicken items on labor’s day then your go to item must be McChicken from McDonald’s. A juicy chicken patty with shredded lettuce and creamy mayonnaise is enough to make your holiday more tasteful which you can get for only $4.39.

Add coke and fries to make a meal and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Are There Any Special Deals During Labor Day Season?

McDonald's Items

McDonald’s always comes up with fascinating and new offers from time to time. They also have special offers for the holidays.

There has yet to be an announcement, but as soon as McDonald’s brings the offers and discounts, we will be the first to update you.

Also, you can check the McDonald’s deals and offers section during the holiday and avail of them as per the instructions. 

There is no fun without good discounts on food during the holiday, and McDonald’s never disappoints. You can also check other ongoing or upcoming deals and offers before ordering your meal from McDonald’s. 

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Labor Day

There are many other restaurants that are operational during labor day and offer significant discounts to their customers. Let’s check out the list.

Starbucks – If you want to enjoy Starbucks coffees and other menu items on Labor day, then check whether they are operational or not during the holiday and plan accordingly.

Chick-fil-A – If you are planning to visit Chick-Fil-A on this labor day holiday and are confused about whether it’s open or not, then check the updates about timings and then visit without any confusion.

Applebee’s – Want to munch on delicious menu items from Applebee’s, then check the updates regarding Applebee’s labor day operational hours before planning your lunch from here.

Boston Market – Planning to order chicken items from Boston market, then check their official timing on labor day so that you can enjoy the holiday with your loved ones without any hassle.

Buffalo Wild Wings – If you want to try Buffalo wild wings this labor day holiday, then try checking their operational hours to make your holiday more fun and tasty with good food.

Burger King – If you want to munch on burgers and other items from Burger king this labor day, then try checking whether the nearest outlet is operational or not. Make the holiday more delicious with yummy burgers and fries from Burger king.

California Pizza Kitchen – Pizza and holiday are the best combinations. If you want to try something from California Pizza Kitchen this labor but are confused about whether they are operational, then check the details here.

Carl’s Jr Kitchen – Carl’s Jr. Kitchen has a wide variety of options you can enjoy this labor day, but before that, check their operational hours to avoid any difficulties.

Domino’s Pizza – Order some Domino’s pizza and make your labor day holiday more warm and cheesy pizzas and bread, then check their operational hours and order your perfect holiday food. 

KFC – Before ordering KFC’s fried chicken on this Labor day, check the opening and closing timings along with offers so that you get everything great from KFC.

Dunkin’ – If you want something sweet and salty from Dunkin but are still determining if they are delivering on labor day, then why don’t you check out the details and stay updated?

Taco Bell – Order some Tacos to make your holiday more fun and tasty but wait, is Taco Bell functional on Labor day? Why don’t you check the details ahead of time and plan your holiday accordingly?


Now you know that your favorite burger outlet, which is obviously McDonald’s, is operating on its usual Labor Day timings. So you can easily select your favorite menu items from McDonald’s and add more flavors and fun to your holiday.

 There are other special holidays like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, the 4th Of July, and Halloween. If you want to know whether McDonald’s is working these days, check the updates and plan your holiday accordingly.

I hope this was helpful. We will be back with more information like this so that you don’t have to scratch your heads to find answers online.

Until then, check out McDonald’s breakfast menu and schedule it for the next breakfast meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McDonald’s operating as usual on Labor day?

Yes, McDoanld’s is operating on its usual operating hours on labor day. However, operational hours may differ from location to location so call the outlet or check their website for correct timings.

Is there any special McDonald’s menu item for Labor day?

There is no official announcement for any special menu item for labor day but you can try their most popular classic items to celebrate your holiday with friends and family.

Are there special deals and offers for the holiday season?

McDonald’s always comes up with new offers and deals specially for holidays which you can check on their website or app. 

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