Is McDonald’s Open On Easter 2024?

On the upcoming Sunday, the Easter bunny is bringing you Easter eggs and a day full of joy. It would be a drag to waste your time on food arrangements and deciding what to eat while you are on your Easter egg hunt. That is where McD has got your back.


Without a doubt, McDonald’s is the go-to restaurant for most people, and the best thing is that these customers already know what they want to order. This helps you save your time and energy for the Easter holiday rituals. Read this article if McDonald’s is open this Easter, and let the Big Mac fill you with extra egg-hunting energy.

Is McDonald’s Open On Easter This Year?


McDonald’s spokesperson has confirmed that McDonalds will remain open on Easter this year. They will operate and serve as per their usual timings all over the U.S., So you can feel free to get your hunger settled with a delicious happy meal on Easter.

The McDonald’s spokesperson also advises customers to check in at the McDonald’s store locator to confirm the outlet schedules for the day. This is because McDonald’s outlets are spread in most areas, even outside of main cities or states. So it would be more convenient to check the store locator before physically visiting the outlet.

What Can You Eat At McDonald’s During Easter?


What you should eat at McDonald’s is totally your stomach’s call. Get a whole meal if you need energy in reserves, or you can get something light if you want. 

On a personal note, an Egg McMuffin, McGriddle with sausage, and a hash brown will make the perfect breakfast for you. For lunch, a Double Cheese Burger, Mc Nuggets, and BLT McMuffin with Fries will refresh your energy levels for the rest of the occasion.

Regardless of the meal, you can always quench your thirst with McD shakes and sizzlers, even on the go. 

Does McDonald’s Have Any Easter Special Deals?

For this Easter, there are no specific deals introduced by McDonald’s in the U.S. to target the Easter theme. However, in some locations, menu items like Hot Cross Bun Pie or the Galaxy Truffle Bunny McFlurry will get your Easter spirit higher. But that is only on the condition that the outlet near you offers these items.

Other Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

While McDonald’s has a wide range of food items for you, sometimes the belly wants something in particular. For that, you should read below to know other restaurants that are open on Easter:

  • Red Lobster – Got hankering for a crispy lobster on Easter? Check out the Red Lobster menu.
  • White Castle – White Castle is open and serving even on Easter; you can reach out to them with your cravings.
  • Qdoba – Craving Mexican on Easter? Visit the nearest Qdoba outlet.
  • Jersey Mike’s – Feast on fresh meat and cheese this Easter; order from your nearest Jersey Mike’s outlet.
  • Carl’s Jr – Craving a Carl’s jr burger on Easter? Good News! Carl’s jr is open on Easter.
  • Five Guys – Visit Five Guys this Easter to get a belly full of tasty fast food.
  • Hardee’s – Want to have biscuits in brunch with family this Easter? Order from Hardee’s.
  • Papa John’s – Does the Easter Bunny love pizza? Because Papa John’s is serving a full day of Easter.
  • Panda Express – Instead of killing your mood, kill your meat craving for Easter. Order from Panda Express.
  • Little Ceasers – Order or pick up your favorite pizza from Little Ceasers this Easter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s Open On Christmas?

Yes, McDonald’s will be open and actively working on Easter.

 Does McDonald’s Have Any Special Easter Items?

No, as of yet, McDonald’s has not announced any special Easter-themed items this year.

Can I Order Online From McDonald’s On Easter?

Yes, you can visit the nearest McDonald’s outlet or order online from the McDonald’s app.


For Easter, if you have the full day planned then there is no need for you to waste your time on deciding what to eat. McDonald’s will make no compromise when it comes to serving their customers and leave them satisfied. So, you are in safe hands with McDonald’s but still, if you prefer any other cuisine, you can access the list of restaurants available on Easter in this article.

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