McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies Calories | Is It Healthy?

My favorite kind of cookies are from McDonald’s. These oatmeal cookies have the perfect texture and have been a healthy offering on McDonald’s official menu. Today, let’s learn about McDonald’s oatmeal cookies calories.

McDonald's Oatmeal Cookies Calories

McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies packs 420 calories, 8g of fat, 61g of carbohydrates, and 15g of added sugar. It’s clear that these cookies are not a healthy choice and should be enjoyed in moderation. 

McDonald’s has always been creative with their unique offerings of desserts and snacks. They understand how well tasty treats attract customers. However, high sugar and calorie choices should be limited to occasional indulgences rather than everyday snacks. 

In the next section, I will take a closer look at the full ingredient list of McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies. We will also see if one can make a healthier version of these cookies. 

McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies Ingredients

McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies Ingredients

We all loved McDonald’s oatmeal cookies for their soft and chewy texture. Ever wondered what these cookies are made of? If yes, then let’s find the ingredients list of oatmeal cookies below:

  • Butter
  • Brown sugar
  • White sugar
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking soda
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Salt
  • Rolled oats
  • Raisins
  • Preservatives
  • Natural flavorings 

How Much Calories In A McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies?

There are 420 calories in a McDonald’s oatmeal cookie. Generally, the calories of the cookies can range between 100-400 calories depending on the ingredients. But for one piece of cookie, 420 calories is quite a huge deal and not advisable for people who are avoiding high calorie food. 

Let’s check out the entire nutrition table of oatmeal cookies in the below table:

Calories420 kcal
Cholesterol65 mg
Sodium95 mg

Go through the complete nutrition information of McDonald’s menu items present on our website. 

Are McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies Healthy?

No, McDonald’s oatmeal cookies are not healthy because they contain a high amount of fat and sugar content. McDonald’s most of the food items are processed foods and they are not freshly made and kept on the shelves.

They have been processed months back so that they never run out of supply. Therefore, it’s important to eat these cookies in moderation or it can affect your health.

Can You Make A Healthier Version Of The McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies At Home?

Can You Make A Healthier Version Of The McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookies At Home

Yes, you can make a healthier version of McDonald’s oatmeal cookies. By following the right ingredients, you can make healthier versions of it.

The first step towards making it healthier is reducing the amount of sugar in the sugar by half. You can also use natural sweeteners like honey. Moreover, you can only opt for wheat flour instead of white flour. Lastly, add some more nuts to make it nutritious. If you are trying to make a nice, crispy cookie at home but not finding the right kind of recipe, then here is an oatmeal cookie recipe that you can easily follow. 


It’s the end of the article. So, we discussed McDonald’s oatmeal cookies’ nutritional content. We also talked about whether we can make a healthier version of these cookies or not. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many calories are in 2 McDonald’s oatmeal cookies?

There are 420 calories in a McDonald’s oatmeal cookie. 

Can I eat McDonald’s oatmeal cookies on a diet?

Not really! Because McDonald’s oatmeal cookies are high in carbs, fat, and sugar. Also, it contains preservatives and natural flavors. 

Does McDonald’s still sell oatmeal cookies?

No, McDonald’s has discontinued selling oatmeal cookies.

What happened to McDonald’s oatmeal raisin cookies?

The main reason why McDonald’s oatmeal raisin cookies are not available is because it was the least order menu item. McDonald’s always listened to customer’s feedback and therefore, they now only sell chocolate chip cookies.

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