McDonald’s McKinley Mac | What’s It & How To Order

The McDonald’s McKinley Mac is one of the most protein-packed burgers you can get on McDonald’s secret menu. This burger, also called Denali Mac, made the headlines for its unique Alaska story. Let’s get into the details of McDonald’s McKinley Mac Burger.

McDonald's McKinley Mac

McDonald’s McKinley Mac is an upgraded Big Mac Burger version featuring two Double Quarter Pounder patties. This makes it a more enormous and filling burger with extra meat content. The McKinley burger is priced at $4.49. 

The McKinley burger is best enjoyed with fries and a cold drink. It’s a tremendous secret hack that lets you want the best of two regular burgers on McDonald’s official menu. It’s a hearty and satisfying burger that will surely please enormous appetites.

In the upcoming section, learn how to order the McKinley Mac at McDonald’s, read the reviews, and see what others say. Stay tuned.

What Is A McKinley Mac?

What Is A McKinley Mac

A McKinley Mac features two quarter-pounder patties, an American cheese slice, pickles, Big Mac Sauce, and onions stacked on a sesame seed bun. All these ingredients make it a hearty burger. It’s a supersized burger and a part of McDonald’s secret menu. 

The McKinley burger is also known as Denali Mac. The burger comes from Mount Denali, the largest mountain in Alaska, USA. 

You will wonder why, in Alaska, the burger is advertised with a slogan called “Everything is bigger in Alaska.” You can also order this secret menu item from other McDonald’s outlets in the United States.

The McKinley Mac is a good option for people who like the flavor of the quarter pounder but prefer the topping of the Big Mac. 

Ingredients Includes

  • Sesame-Seed Bun: The McKinley Mac is served on a sesame seed bun. This bun is soft and slightly sweet, and it perfectly compliments the burger’s flavors. 
  • Two Quarter-Pounder Beef Patties Lettuce: These patties are made with 100% beef and seasoned with salt and pepper. Also, they are cooked on the grill, which makes them juicy and flavorful.
  • American Cheese Slice: The American cheese slice is a processed cheese made with milk, cream, water, sodium citrate, cheese cultures, and natural colors. It has a mild flavor and offers the burger a smooth, creamy texture.
  • Pickles: The dill pickles are added as a topping in the burger to give a sour and tangy flavor.
  • Big Mac Sauce: This sauce is a signature sauce that is creamy and tangy. It adds a unique flavor to the burger and complements the burger in the best way. 
  • Onions: For crunchy texture and savory punch, onions are added to the burger.

McDonald’s McKinley Mac Price

McDonald’s McDonald’s McKinley Mac is priced at $4.49. 

One thing to note here is that the McKinley Mac is not an official menu item, so its price may vary depending on the McDonald’s restaurant.

Is a McKinley Mac Similar To a Grand Big Mac?

Is a McKinley Mac Similar To a Grand Big Mac

The McKinley Mac and the McDonald’s Grand Big Mac are similar. The two burgers contain the same ingredients, such as beef patties, pickles, onions, and cheese. Also, they both have similar flavor and texture, but the only difference is that the McKinley Mac contains slightly thicker and more juicy beef patties. 

The McKinley Mac and the McDonald’s Grand Big Mac are more enormous burgers than the Big Mac, with two larger patties instead of the regular-size patties. 

However, there are a few differences between the two burgers:

  • Patties: The McKinley Mac uses quarter-pound patties, while the Grand Big Mac uses two ⅓ pound patties. This means the McKinley Mac has slightly more beef than the Grand Big Mac.
  • Buns: The McKinley Mac uses a regular Big Mac bun, while the Grand Big Mac uses a giant bun. Also, the Grand Big Mac contains three buns, whereas the McKinley burger only contains two buns. The Grand Big Mac has a slightly higher bun-to-patty ratio than the McKinley Mac. 
  • Availability: The McKinley Mac is a secret menu item, while the Grand Big Mac is a regular one. This means that the McKinley Mac may only be available at some McDonald’s restaurants, while the Grand Big Mac is available primarily at all McDonald’s restaurants.

Can You Go And Buy The McDonald’s McKinley Mac Normally?

No, you cannot normally buy a McDonald’s McKinley Mac. It is a secret menu item, meaning it is not an official one. Also, the burger may be available at some McDonald’s restaurants. 

To order it, you must follow a few simple steps to get the burger. Check out the next section for the menu hack.

How To Order McKinley Mac From The Secret Menu?

To order a McKinley Mac from the secret menu at McDonald’s, follow the step-by-step guide on how to compose a McKinley Mac:

  1. If the server is unfamiliar with McKinley Mac, tell him to get you a Big Mac with quarter-pounder patties.
  2. Once you get your order, pay for it and enjoy. 

McDonald’s McKinley Mac Review

McDonald's McKinley Mac Review

Want to know what others say about McKinley Mac burger? Then, I have gathered a few reviews from various reliable sources that will help you give a better burger flavor profile. So, let’s get in the reviews:

Someone on TripAdvisor commented, “The Anchorage McDonalds addition on the McKinley Mac is outstanding. Most McDonald’s are similar, but this item sets them apart. Well done.”

The Endorsement YouTube channel mentioned, “There is a lot of meat. The meat was moist and not dry. Everything worked! The bread was nice and soft. It’s like a Big Mac on steroids. I will give this McKinley Mac burger 85 out of 100.”

Another YouTube channel, Daw TV Food Reviews, mentioned, “It was delicious. The quarter-pounder patties are always succulent and moist, unlike the normal Big Mac patties. I think the burger was hefty and moist; the cheese was tasty. I am going to give it nine points out of 10.” 

Overall, the McKinley burger was praised for its extensive, satisfying bite. The quarter-pounder patties work best in the burger with its juicy and moist texture.

The bun is soft and nicely toasted. The taste and flavor of McKinley Mac it’s always good. However, this burger is unhealthy because it contains a lot of meat. So, if you are ordering now and then, be sure it’s high in calories, sodium, and fat. 


That’s a wrap! A McKinley Mac burger is a secret menu item you can get at McDonald’s. The burger uses quarter-pounder patties instead of normal-size patties. The McKinley Mac is similar to the Grand Big Mac burger, too. 

It contains all the ingredients, including onions, lettuce, special Big Mac sauce, pickles, and cheese, just like a Big Mac burger. The only difference here is that McKinely contains two quarter-pounder patties. 

I hope you learned a tremendous secret menu hack today. If you want to learn more about hacks, I have explained many menu items and ways to order them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you order a McKinley Mac?

Ask the server for a Big Mac with quarter-pounder patties instead of regular-size patties. 

What is a Denali Mac at McDonald’s?

Denali Mac is the McKinley Mac burger that you can order from McDonald’s secret menu. 

What’s the price of a McKinley Mac burger?

The McKinley Mac burger is priced at $4.49.

What is a substitute for a Big Mac?

You can order a McDouble burger that contains two beef patties, cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, and pickles – all nestled on a toasted bun.

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