McDonald’s McCrispy vs McChicken | Which One Is Better

McDonald’s offers two deliciously crisp chicken burgers – the McCrispy and the McChicken. Both burgers are some of the best burgers on the menu. The McCrispy and McChicken provide customers with affordable and tasty chicken sandwich options. So, the question is, which one is better? Let’s start the battle between McDonald’s McCrispy vs McChicken.


Here is a comparison table between McDonald’s McCrispy and McChicken:

PriceLess Expensive
TasteMore Tasty
More Chicken ContentMore Chicken Content
HealthyMore Healthy
PopularMore Popular

The McCrispy Burger wins this battle. Its crispy buttered potato roll coating is what makes this burger unique. Moreover, the burger also tastes like a premium chicken burger with a crisp and juicy chicken patty. The buns are also quite soft, which enhances the overall burger experience.

Keep reading further for those wanting to learn more about these chicken burgers’ ingredients. I will also tell you about nutritional content, customer reviews, and more. So, stay tuned till the end.

What Is A McDonald’s McCrispy & McChicken? 

What Is A McDonald’s McCrispy & McChicken

McDonald’s McCrispy is a southern-style fried chicken sandwich. It’s a juicy, tender sandwich. It’s topped with crinkle-cut pickles, shredded lettuce, and a creamy sauce. It is served on a toasted buttered potato roll. It contains about 470 calories. It’s a delicious option that people enjoy at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s McChicken is a crispy chicken burger consisting of a chicken patty, shredded lettuce, and mayonnaise, served over a toasted wheat bun. The McChicken contains about 400 calories, one of the popular menu items at McDonald’s. 

What’s The Difference Between A McDonald’s McCrispy & McChicken?


Below, we are going to compare Mcdonald’s McCrispy and McChicken. We will look at various factors and compare them based on that. At last, we will see who wins the battle. So, let’s get started. 

Ingredients In McDonald’s McCripsy & McChicken

Now, let’s look at the ingredient list of McCrispy and McChicken:

McCrispy Ingredients

  • Crispy chicken filet made with all-white meat
  • Crinkle-cut pickles
  • Buttered bun
  • Creamy sauce

McChicken Ingredients

  • Breaded chicken patty
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Toasted wheat bun

Price Of McDonald’s McDonald’s McCripsy & McChicken

McDonald’s McCrispy and McChicken are two famous chicken sandwiches offered at an affordable price. So, let’s see who is less expensive than the other.

  • McCripsy Price: $5.39
  • McChicken Price: $3.39

As we can see, McChicken is a less expensive and affordable option on McDonald’s original menu

Winner – McChicken wins this battle round as it’s cheaper than a McCripsy sandwich. 

Which Burger Has A Better Taste?

The McCripsy and the McChicken have some essential differences that may make one a better choice for you than the other.

The McCrispy sandwich features a slightly bitter chicken patty than the McDouble. The patty is hand-breaded and fried until crispy. Because the cake is thicker, it helps to retain moisture. 

On the other hand, McChicken has a thinner patty that may lead to a drier cake. So, overall, McCrispy is better in taste because the chicken patty is served buttered with potato roll, which adds a touch of richness and flavor. Moreover, the burger has more premium ingredients that add lots of taste to the burger. 

Winner – Ultimately, the winner is a McCrispy chicken sandwich. 

Which Burger Has More Chicken?

When comparing McCrispy and McChicken sandwiches, the McCrispy chicken patty is slightly bigger than McChicken. The McCripsy patty weighs about 3 oz, whereas the McChicken patty weighs approximately 2.2 oz.

Winner – Hence, it is proved that McCrispy has more chicken. So, McCrispy is the winner.

Nutritional Values Of McDonald’s McCripsy & McChicken

Let’s check out the nutritional value of McCripsy and McChicken in the table below and see who has better nutritional value.

McCripsy Nutritional Value:

Calories470 kcal
Fat20 gm
Carbohydrates70 mg
Sodium1140 mg
Sugar7 gm

McChicken Nutritional Value:

Calories400 kcal
Fat21 gm
Carbohydrates39 gm
Protein14 gm
Sugar5 gm
Cholesterol40 mg
Sodium560 mg

Looking at the nutritional values of McDonald’s menu items, we can see that the McChicken sandwich is less in calories and a better option for calorie-conscious people. Many people admire fast food but often fear whether it will harm their bodies. But if you eat them in moderation or occasionally, it will always be a treat for you.  

Winner – Hence, the winner for this segment is McChicken Burger. It contains less calories, fat, and salt. 

Which Burger Is More Popular Among People?

Which Burger Is More Popular Among People

Both burgers are famous among people. McChicken is known for its affordability and classic burger experience. You can also make McChicken at home with simple ingredients. McCripsy is another favorite burger known for its unique breading and texture. 

But when we compare McCrispy and McChicken, let’s see which one is more popular and loved by people. I will share reviews about burgers from famous review websites and YouTubers.

Let me start by sharing reviews about McChicken Burger.

Brand Eating, the famous food website, commented,” What I like about the McChicken (beyond being cheap) is that it has a slight black pepper kick. The chicken is usually crispy unless sitting too long, and the bun is soft and squishy.”

The website added, “What I dislike about the McChicken is that they put too much damn mayo.”

While the Burger Lad reviewed McChicken and said, “Texture and taste-wise, it’s not too shabby – it’s got a decent crispy exterior and soft, white chicken meat in the middle.”

The food reviewer website Review Stream says, “The chicken patty is very soft, and the inside white meat is consistently cooked, which is good about a Mcchicken sandwich. But when the amount of mayonnaise gets over a limit, it spoils the taste greatly.”

Now, let’s check out the reviews for the McCrispy sandwich. 

According to a Metro UK review, “Unlike the McPlant, which is genuinely delicious and somewhat revolutionary as it made McDonald’s burgers enjoyable to those who swerve meat, the McCripsy offers nothing new or vaguely exciting.”

The Food Review UK, a YouTube channel, shared, “I think it’s decently better than the chicken sandwich or anything like that. I’d give it a very, very, very high four stars.”

Another YouTuber, Steve Eats, mentioned,” The whole burger is quite peppery. It is crispy and has it has crunch. I would rather have this than a regular chicken sandwich.” 

According to Manchester Evening News, The patty comes served in a four-inch glazed bun, making it look like one of the chain’s more premium burgers, topped with lettuce and mayo. “

They added, “Biting into the stack, it’s evident that this is far superior to the Mayo Chicken, with a definite crunch to the crispy coating. Marinated in black pepper and cayenne, it’s got a bit of a kick.”

By looking at all the reviews, McCrispy Burger has received more positive thoughts when compared to McChicken. People mostly share one main reason for disliking McChicken due to: a lot of mayonnaise in their burgers. So, I have my winner with me.

Winner – McDonald’s McCripsy wins this segment as it is more popular. 

Which Burger Wins – McDonald’s McCrispy or McChicken?

Which Burger Wins - McDonald’s McCrispy or McChicken

Finally, we come to the end of the burger battle. That was an epic showdown between two famous burgers from McDonald’s – McCrispy and McChicken. 

Any guesses about who won the battle? Let me announce the winner. So, in this battle, McCrispy Burger is the clear winner.

McCrispy has won three battle rounds, while McChicken only won 2 battle rounds. Moreover, the McCrispy burger is quite flavorful and has been voted the best chicken burger by the people. Hence, McCrispy is the winner.

Just like this, we have also covered many burger battles on our blog. You can find McDonald’s double cheeseburger vs McDouble, McGriddle vs McMuffin burger battle, and Grand Big Mac vs Big Mac battle. Enjoy this blog and know all about your favorite burgers at McDonald’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which burger is more flavorful, McCrispy or McChicken?

The McCrispy burger is more flavorful and tasty. It combines crispy chicken with a buttered potato roll, lettuce, dill pickle, and special sauce.

Which one is more popular?

McCrispy is a more popular burger than McChicken burger.

Which one is more crispy?

The McCrispy is considered to be more crispy than the McChicken. The chicken patty is hand-breaded and fried until perfection. This leads to a crisp and crunchy burger.

Is the McCrispy available in all McDonald’s restaurants?

Yes, The McCrispy is available in all McDonald’s restaurants in the United States.

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