McDonald’s McBrunch Burger | McDonald’s Menu Hack

If you struggle to make it to McDonald’s during breakfast, you are in luck. You can get a delicious McDonald’s McBrunch from their secret menu. Don’t know what exactly that is? Keep reading to find out more about this burger.

McDonald's McBrunch Burger

McDonald’s McBrunch combines McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger with Egg, hash browns, and bacon. It’s a unique crossover of ingredients from McDonald’s breakfast and lunch menus.

You must be curious to know more about this particular burger. So, let’s quickly look at this genius creation you can customize from McDonald’s breakfast menu without further ado.

What Is A McDonald’s McBrunch Burger?

McDonald's McBrunch Burger

McDonald’s McBrunch Burger is a burger built with McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger topped with hash browns, eggs, and bacon. The combination of these ingredients turns out to be an irresistible treat.

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger is a classic menu item known for its simplicity and delicious taste. It features two 100% beef patties that are seasoned and cooked on a flat grill. As the name suggests, the Double Cheeseburger also includes two slices of American cheese. 

Along with it, the flavor profile is elevated with ketchup and mustard. Some versions of the Double Cheeseburger also include pickles and diced onions. 

All these delectable ingredients are served on a standard hamburger bun, which is soft and lightly toasted, making it a satisfying combination of flavors. 

However, by adding McDonald’s signature hash browns and fluffy eggs with bacon, the Double Cheeseburger turns out to be a McBrunch, which is even more delicious. 

The deep-fried crispy hash browns add a crunchy layer to the burger. Meanwhile, the eggs add a nice fluffy bite to the burger and that mouthwatering eggy flavor. Furthermore, the crispy bacon strips add a touch of umami flavor that makes this secret menu item the ultimate treat.

McDonald’s McBrunch Burger Price

McDonald's McBrunch Burger

McDonald’s McBrunch Burger typically comes from $4.59. However, the price may vary from location to location.

To better understand how much the McDonald’s McBrunch would cost, check with your local McDonald’s restaurant. 

Can You Buy The McDonald’s McBrunch Burger Normally?

McDonald's McBrunch Burger

No, you cannot buy McDonald’s McBrunch Burger from the regular menu. It’s a part of the McDonald’s secret menu. 

McDonald’s all-day menu only features McDonald’s McDouble Cheeseburger, not eggs, bacon, and hash browns.

Therefore, McDonald’s McBruch is a customized order typically available between McDonald’s breakfast and lunch hours and features on its secret menu.

How To Order The McDonald’s McBrunch Burger From The Secret Menu?

McDonald's McBrunch Burger

Ordering McDonald’s McBrunch burger from the secret menu is easy. You can do so by following these simple steps.

  1. Order hash browns, bacon, and eggs from McDonald’s breakfast menu.
  2. Then, order McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger from its lunch menu.
  3. Now, you can either build the McBrunch on your own. Or else, if you find a kind McDonald’s server, ask them to make it for you. 

McDonald’s McBrunch Burger Review

McDonald's McBrunch

The McBrunch Burger from McDonald’s secret menu is terrific. It combines your favorites from McDonald’s breakfast and all-day menu items.

Everything about it is fantastic, from the bun to the ingredients utilized to make it. While beef patties smothered in melted cheese already taste good on their own, the addition of hash browns, eggs, and bacon elevates the overall taste profile of the burger.

Furthermore, these components also add a variety of textures to make for a satisfying mouthfeel. Layers of crunchy hash browns, crispy bacon, soft and fluffy eggs, and gooey cheese greet you as you bite into the burger.

Add to that the savory bite of a beef patty and pillowy buns. McBrunch is truly a drool-worthy delight thanks to the stunning combination of flavors and texture. So, give this burger a try soon!


McDonalds McBrunch burger is the best burger on McDonald’s secret menu. You can try it between McDonald’s breakfast and lunch hours. At the same time, some employees may need help understanding what to make if you order a McBrunch. Hence, you can explain to them what you need. 

But the McBrunch Burger isn’t the only McDonald’s secret menu hack that has gone viral. There are many other secret menu items that you may not be aware of. Find out how to order a McDonald’s McCrepe or McDonald’s McKinley Mac.

Furthermore, find out if McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle exists. You can also learn more about McDonald’s Big McChicken, which is quite popular.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is McDonald’s McBrunch burger?

McDonald’s McBrunch burger combines McDonald’s double cheeseburger, egg, bacon, and hash browns.

Is McDonald’s McBrunch burger available on the regular menu?

No, McDonald’s McBrunch burger is not available on the regular menu. It is a secret menu item.

When can we purchase McDonald’s McBrunch burger?

McDonald’s McBrunch burgers can be purchased between McDonald’s breakfast and lunch hours.

Does McDonald’s McBrunch burger taste good?

Yes, McDonald’s McBrunch burger is a tasty option to try. It has a savory and umami taste profile.

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