McDonald’s Lunch Hours 2024 | Start & Stop Servings Timings Explained

As a leading fast food chain, McDonald’s has various options on their lunch menu, but we often need clarification about McDonald’s lunch hours. So, today we will have a detailed conversation on the lunch start and stop timings of McDonald’s. 

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People love the meals and combo options specifically available for lunch. To know what goes on the lunch menu, you can simply check out McDonald’s lunch menu and prices

Not only during the lunch time but McDonald’s has been satisfying our cravings with its delicious food. You can explore the McDonald’s menu and order whatever strikes your hungry eyes. Check our blog McDonald’s complete menu prices, for detailed information. 

I often need clarification on whether my nearest McDonald’s is serving lunch or not. I guess we all have been there. Why don’t we clear all the confusion regarding McDonald’s lunch hours?

At What Time Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch? 

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Once the breakfast timings are over, McDonald’s starts serving its delicious lunch menu to their customers. The timings may depend on the respective owner of the restaurant.

Most outlets follow a similar schedule; lunch is served from 10:30 am to 05:00 pm.

Monday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Tuesday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Wednesday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Thursday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Friday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Saturday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Sunday10:30  am –  05:00 pm
Note – The timings may differ according to the location.

Did McDonald’s Serve Lunch All Day In The Past?

As fascinating as this sound, McDonald’s serving lunch all day is entirely false. Actually, McDonald’s has never served lunch all day in the past till the current date. 

Not lunch, but you might have heard about or even tried McDonald’s breakfast all-day service. However, this was their past affair as they no longer serve breakfast all day.

If you wish to read more about the all-day breakfast service, check out our blog on Mcdonald’s all-day breakfast service 

How to Check The Latest McDonald’s Lunch Hours? 

mcdonalds-menu items

You may wonder if your nearest McDonald’s has started serving lunch. Not to worry, as you can quickly check the operational hours and the lunch timings of your nearest McDonald’s outlet. 

Simply visit McDonald’s official website and click on locate an option. In the locate section, enter your area zip code, and you will have the list of all the nearby McDonald’s outlets. You will find the complete timings of the outlet. 

You can even download the official McDonald’s app from Google Play Store and the App Store and check lunch timings. For step-by-step guidance, check out our blog on how to order from McDonlad’s online.

McDonald’s Hacks To Try During Lunch

mdonald's hacks

You can try many hacks at any McDonald’s outlet, which can save you money or give you extra items for free. You can check our blog on McDonald’s hacks to save money for complete information on how to use these hacks in real life. I am listing some of my favorites that are tried and tested.

1. Ask for a receipt and get fresh food

You may skip the part about taking the receipt after the order, as it is optional. However, if you ask for a receipt, especially during lunch hours, there is a high chance that you will get a fresh batch of food items. 

Asking for a receipt may cause the staff member to suspect you as a secret shopper, and to avoid any unwanted situation; they will get you fresh items.

2. Make your healthy chicken salad

If you want a good chicken salad for lunch but do not want to pay extra just for the salad, then do some DIY. You can order McChicken but skip the buns. Ask for extra lettuce and add a side salad. Now time for some creativity.

Dice the chicken and add to the salad. You will have your fresh and healthy chicken salad.

3. Switch the regular bun with the steamed one

I saw a post where this person asked to switch his regular bun of McChicken with a steamed one used in the fish burger. I couldn’t wait and tried it myself, which was the most significant decision ever. So it would be best if you tried it yourself.

4. Order senior coffee

This hack is especially for all those who are above 55. By presenting your ID, you can avail of a 20% discount on your coffee. 

Not only 20%, but if you are a regular customer of McDonald’s senior coffee, you cAN get your eighth round for free. 

5. Get fresh fries

If you doubt the freshness of the fries you have ordered, follow this simple hack and get fresh fries.

Order your fries unsalted, forcing the crew to make a fresh unsalted batch. You can add salt later on and enjoy the fresh crunchy fries.

Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch On Holidays?

mcdonalds-big-mac-fries (1)

During the holiday, many of us want to skip the hectic food preparation and stuff our stomachs with delicious restaurant meals. 

Some of us don’t know that there are a few special holidays when McDonald’s outlets are closed. However, there are a few holidays when McDonald’s outlets are open.

As independent business owners own McDonld’s outlets, it is upon the individual whether they are willing to open the outlet during specific holidays.

We have a detailed blog on whether McDonald’s is operational on special holidays like Christmas and Easter. Also, you can check our blog to get complete information if McDonald’s is working on other holidays like – Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th Of July, and Halloween. 

A quick way to check if McDonald’s serves lunch during the holiday is to use the locator option and confirm. Also, McDonald’s has a special holiday menu, which you should definitely check out.

Can you get Mcdonalds lunch before 11?

In most of the McDonald’s Outlet the luncg starts from 10:30 am, so you can have your lunch before 11 easily.

What time do McDonald’s start serving burgers?

McDonald’s starts to serve burgers after the breafast time is over. You can get your favorite burgers during lunch and dinner time.

How many items are in Mcdonald’s Lunch Menu?

Around 140 items are available in McDonald’s lunch menu including burgers,fries,beverages and side dishes.


So far, we have covered the lunch hours of McDonald’s, and I am sure that now you won’t sit all confused.

This is not all, as we have covered other important topics about the McDonald’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu and prices so that you don’t go crazy while figuring out the menu and prices of McDonald’s.

Also, you can check our blog on the late-night menu and prices for detailed information. I hope this was helpful, and remember to try the hacks and let us know in the comment. Until then, ask the McDonald’s crew for a well-done hash brown and enjoy the crispy delight.

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