McDonald’s Kanye West Meal | Is It Really Happening?

McDonald’s has a history of collaborating with the world’s best musicians and artists for branded merch and meals.

But most of us are still confused about the collaboration between Kanye West and Mcdonald’s. Kanye is one of the artists who is linked unofficially with this fast food chain. 

Kanye West shared a picture of an unofficial McDonald’s burger box design that he co-designed with Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese Designer. As such, no official statement has been made by McDonald’s. But if anything regarding this collab happens, we will let you know. 

McDonald’s has collaborated with famous names: Travis Scott, J Balvin, BTS, Saweetie, and Mariah Carey. These partnerships with the artists were quite successful, and even several of the collections sold out.

Moreover, these collaborations also contributed to increasing in-store traffic. Let’s proceed with the article and know whether the rapper and McDonald’s collaboration happened or not!

Has Kanye West Officially Collaborated With McDonald’s?

Kanye West X McDonalds

Kanye West makes it quite clear that he is a proud McDonald’s fan. In 2018, he tweeted, “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant,” and before this tweet, in 2016, he shared, “McDonald’s is my favorite brand.” 

As I already mentioned, Kanye West has not collaborated directly with McDonald’s. He has collaborated with the Japanese Designer Naoto Fukasawa, who is an industrial designer. They have linked up to recreate or reimage the packaging of Mcdonald’s food. 

The simplified packaging of the McDonald’s recreated by Kanye can be described as printed onto a brown, translucent appeared sheet that gave quite a muted appearance. 

This look was quite different than the usual packaging of fast food. It shows two bun halves sandwiching a burger from McDonald’s and is loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a slice of meat. 

This unusual packaging also features the iconic golden arches M logo on the top of the box. 

Following up on the feed, Ye himself clarified in a press release: “Ye teams up with legendary Muji industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald’s packaging.” 

Despite his bold use of the third person, neither McDonald’s nor Japanese Designer Naoto Fukasawa has commented on this three-way collaboration.

However, the rapper came with a photo of the reimaged burger box that was created with Naoto. He shared this post on his Insta handle on 23 May. 

Kanye west post

The caption states,’ Ye teams up with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald’s packaging.’ Then he also shared it on his Insta story captioned, “Next week it’s the fries.”

What did People say About Kanye’s Futuristic McDonald’s Packaging?

Kanye’s Mcdonald’s packaging has gained mixed responses from McDonald’s lovers. Some were excited about the new packaging and the collaboration with the rapper, whereas others were quite upset.

Many users have flooded Twitter with comments about the unusual design of the packaging. 

One user tweeted, “Who decided Kanye West should get a say in McDonald’s branding? What nightmare hellscape do we live in?” and another said, “Kanye, please leave my McDonald’s box alone .” The packaging was not that appealing. 

A person on youtube commented, “I think McDonald’s did just make it themselves but it looked so bad they needed somebody to take the hit.”  Another commented, “This looks like trash. The color of the box looks like dirt.” 

Someone commented, “oh nah I thought it was cake.”

In my opinion, although the packaging is quite unique, it cannot beat the classic packaging of Mcdonald’s. The box does not have a clean look and seems dirty. This packaging is not attractive at all. 

Clearly, people are not that happy with the packaging of this collaboration. Some of them also came up with new ideas for improvements and some of them clearly say no to this packaging as they expected something unique yet attractive. 

Will Kanye West Ever Collaborate With McDonald’s?

The collaboration between Kanye and Mcdonald’s had already happened in the year 2022. But this collab was an advertisement. Kanye appeared in a Super Bowl advertisement for the fast food giant, and has nothing to do with packaging.

He featured in that ad for just 30 seconds pulling up to a drive-through in one of his big tanks, just like a Kanye way. 


Well, the collaboration between Mcdonald’s and Kanye West about the packaging is still a mystery as there is no official statement given by the fast food restaurant. 

They both do have a collab but this was an advertisement for the Super Bowl. We will surely let you know if any collaboration happens in the future. 

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