McDonald’s Iced Coffee Review | Best Coffee At McDonald’s?

If you are carving an excellent iced coffee, McDonald’s McCafé menu is just for you. McDonald’s iced coffee is well-known for its refreshing taste. However, is it the best option? To find out, read the McDonald’s iced coffee review. 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

McDonald’s iced coffee is one of the best on the menu. It’s a perfectly chilled coffee drink made from 100% Arabica beans brewed fresh every half an hour.

McDonald’s iced coffee is considered gourmet as the brew is not as bitter. Therefore, read this entire article to learn more about the best McDonald’s iced coffee

What’s In A McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

You must have heard a lot about McDonald’s iced coffee, and that’s why you are probably here to know about it. Hence, before I share my review with you, you must look at McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients list to help you decide whether this coffee fits your dietary needs. 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Ingredients: 

  1. Liquid Sugar: Sugar, Water, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Citric Acid.
  2. Premium Roast Coffee: Brewed Coffee
  3. Ice
  4. Light Cream” Milk, Cream, Sodium Phosphate, Datem, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Sodium Citrate, Carrageenan.

How Does McDonald’s Iced Coffee Taste?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

McDonald’s iced coffee is a wonderfully chilled coffee with a hint of sweetness and vital flavor provided by a medium-roasted coffee brew. It’s more creamy than the frappes.

It’s made with McDonald’s signature coffee blend, brewed, and then cooled down to create a cold coffee base. The coffee has a light and smooth flavor, making it a refreshing option.

This delightful Java is poured over cream, ice, and liquid sugar to create a delicious coffee. Compared to other coffees, McDonald’s iced coffee is less bitter than darker ones. However, it still provides the caffeine kick you are looking for.

One of the best parts of McDonald’s iced coffee is that it’s customizable. You can tweak the iced coffee with two varieties of flavors: French vanilla and caramel.

Some McDonald’s restaurants also serve hazelnuts and sugar-free vanilla syrup. Moreover, you can also adjust its sweetness level and choose to have it with or without cream or milk.

What Do People Say About McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Most people love McDonald’s iced coffee, making it one of the best-selling items on the menu. Here’s what people have to say about it:

Mickey D’s iced coffee fares well on Delish’s list. Praising it, they write: “I was hesitant to rank everyone’s obvious fav so high on the list (what can I say, I like to start shit), but the fact of the matter is, this iced coffee is yummy and essentially healthy. What more can you ask for?”

Sharing similar thoughts, Insider writes: “The iced coffee at McDonald’s was full and rich, and it had a sweetness to it that made it enjoyable to drink. This felt like a quality iced coffee I’d get at an actual coffee chain but for a fast-food price. The small was priced between the other two at $2.19, which felt fair for a good cup of coffee. McDonald’s has the only iced coffee I’d willingly buy again.”

Here’s what people had to say on Chick Advisor: McDonald’s iced coffee is one of my favorite drinks. I have it multiple times a week with just milk, which cuts down on the calories.”

“I love coffee! I only need a few different flavor varieties or extras when I need a cup, so McDonald’s Iced Coffee is perfect. Without an expensive price tag, it always hits the spot!”

“I am obsessed with the McDonald’s iced coffee; they are so refreshing and the best around. They are never too sweet, and I buy them religiously during the dollar days all summer!”

“This is the best value iced coffee out there. I love summer drink days when I can get it for a dollar. I like to get mine with milk and less liquid sugar.”

Coffee At Three also ranks the iced coffee on top. It describes it as “another classic for a reason.” “Lightly sweetened with liquid sugar, the play of espresso and milk together was a great combination.”

But that’s not all, Twitterati also has many things to say about Java.

A user wrote: “First sip of McDonald’s iced coffee was life-changing. I won’t lie.” Another writes: “This caramel iced coffee from McDonald’s has blessed me this morning.”

The comments on this YouTube video mentioned, “Love McDonald’s iced coffee always add sugar-free vanilla syrup, extra caramel sauce and drizzle SO GOOD.”

What’s My Review On McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

After all those positive comments on McDonald’s iced coffee, it’s time to share my final thoughts on the beverage. So, here you have it:

McDonald’s iced coffee has been one of my favorite coffee drinks from the chain. It tastes refreshingly good and makes for a great start to the day. The thing I appreciate best about it is that it’s not heavy like frappes.

As a result, picking one up on the fly for a lighter start to the day is a fantastic alternative. In addition, the caffeine component in McDonald’s iced coffee also hits the spot. It’s perfectly balanced to both wake you up and keep you going.

However, due to the low cream level and more ice, the iced coffee can get a touch of watery at times. Therefore, if McDonald’s manages to keep the coffee chilled without too much ice, it is unquestionably the most incredible coffee for the price.

So, on our coffee meter, McDonald’s iced coffee receives 4.5 stars.

Is McDonald’s Iced Coffee Healthy?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Yes, McDonald’s iced coffee is a healthy drink. It comes with a few calories or fat content.

Take a look at the nutritional values of McDonald’s iced coffee as shared on the official website of McDonald’s:

Calories140 cal
Carbohydrates24 g
Protein2 g
Fat5 g
Saturated Fat3.5 g
Cholesterol20 mg
Sodium50 mg
Potassium140 mg
Fiber0 g
Sugar22 g

You must be cautious about your calorie intake if you manage your weight. But McDonald’s iced coffee has balanced calories to enjoy guilt-free. 

Furthermore, if you follow any dietary restrictions, our detailed article on gluten-free coffee drinks from McDonald’s can help you find out what’s good for you. 

Can You Make A Better Version Of McDonald’s Iced Coffee At Home?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Yes, you can make a better version of McDonald’s iced coffee at home. You can also make it healthier by using substitutes for original ingredients. 

For example, you can use your choice’s sweetener or low-fat or skim milk instead of cream. So, get the recipe for McDonald’s iced coffee here and make way for a delightful coffee right out of bed. 


McDonald’s iced coffee is worth the hype for its flavor and caffeine content. You can also order it with some flavor tweaks to enjoy it differently. But make sure to keep your coffee on time, as it tastes best at chilled temperatures.

McDonald’s coffee menu also includes many more delectable options you should try. But before you do, why not look at their review to know whether they are worth spending money on? 

So, check out the review of some of McDonald’s popular drinks like McDonald’s chocolate chip frappe, McDonald’s Oreo caramel frappe, and McDonald’s caramel frappe. 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s iced coffee good?

Yes, McDonald’s iced coffee tastes good.

Is McDonald’s iced coffee healthy?

Yes, McDonald’s iced coffee is a healthy option on their menu.

Does McDonald’s iced coffee come in many flavors?

Yes, McDonald’s iced coffee comes in three flavors: French vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

Can we make McDonald’s iced coffee at home?

Yes, you can easily make McDonald’s iced coffee at home.

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