Refreshing McDonald’s Iced Coffee Recipe

As a food connoisseur, I have always been on the lookout for ways to elevate my culinary skills and recreate restaurant-style recipes at home. So, mastering the art of making McDonald’s Iced coffee was a game changer for me. 

McDonald's Iced Coffee

But let’s unwind a bit. Did you know iced coffee has been a staple item on the menu at McDonald’s for years? Yes, that’s correct. It’s a summer essential, a pick-me-up on a sluggish afternoon, and a guilty pleasure rolled up in a cup.

However, when I can’t visit the restaurant, I prefer to make the perfect blend of coolness and caffeine at home. As McDonald’s delights customers with its refreshing blend of Arabica coffee, cream, and a bit of sweetness added to the Iced Coffee.

You can also easily mix the freshly brewed coffee with light cream and swirl a pinch of syrup to make Iced Coffee! So what are you waiting for? Make your own Iced Coffee by mixing freshly brewed coffee with milk and simple syrup.

Equipment Required For McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Here’s a list of equipment you can use to make Iced Coffee instantly at home. 

  • Glass: I use a large glass when making McDonald’s Iced Coffee. This helps to mix all the ingredients evenly. 
  • Stirrer: I prefer to gently stir the coffee using a stirrer to let the flavors meld together. 
McDonald's Iced Coffee Ingredients

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Ingredients & Substitutions

Note: The recipe I have mentioned below is altered for two people. However, you can easily adjust the quantity of ingredients according to the servings. 

Find all the required ingredients along with their alternative substitutes that I have mentioned below:

  • ½ Cup Brewed Coffee: For someone who wants to eliminate the caffeine content and impart rich flavors, I suggest brewed cacao instead of brewed coffee. 
  • ½ Cup Light Cream: Sometimes, to reduce calories or regulate dairy intake, I use the best substitute of light creams like almond milk or oat milk. 
  • 2 Teaspoons Simple Syrup: Sometimes I prefer agave syrup, corn syrup, or honey, which adds milder sweetness and caramel notes.
  • Ice: I added some chunks of ice cubes to this recipe to bring out coolness to the coffee.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Preparation & Cooking Time

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes5 Minutes

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Recipe Steps

McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 1

Step 1- Fill a large glass with some ice cubes. 

McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 2

Step 2- Add half cup of brewed coffee to make the Iced Coffee. 

McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 3

Step 3- For sweetness, add one and a half teaspoon of simple syrup. 

Iced Coffee from McDonald's

Step 4- Then, add a quarter cup of light cream and mix it well. Stir and serve to enjoy!

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Recipe Video

Here is the recipe video of McDonald’s iced coffee that we’ve made in our kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About  McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Some Tips & Tricks To Make McDonald’s Iced Coffee Better

I suggest you follow the tips and tricks below to achieve a perfect texture and delicious Iced Coffee. 

  1. Choosing The Coffee Options – McDonald’s primarily uses Arabica coffee beans for authentic flavors; you can select any similar roast coffee beans. I believe choosing the best coffee beans will eventually result in the perfect texture and taste of the coffee. 
  2. Optimize Brew Concentration – To ensure that your homemade Iced Coffee stays rich and flavorful even after the ice starts to melt, it’s important to brew it stronger. Also, as the coffee will be diluted with water, double the amount of coffee beans used to brew the coffee.
  3. Choosing The Right Cream – McDonald’s uses regular light cream, which is between half and half and whole milk in terms of fat content. For a richer taste, you can add half and half. However, I recommend going for whole milk if you want to make a light version. The texture of the Iced Coffee will depend on the type of cream added. 
  4. Refrigerate The Brewed Coffee – Chilling the brewed coffee melds the flavors together, resulting in better taste and texture. I prepare a large batch of brewed coffee the night before I rush to the office to ease my morning routine. It saves me a lot of time!

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Nutritional Information

With a moderate amount of calories, this Iced Coffee is suitable for a balanced diet. However, I would suggest you consume it in moderation or avoid adding excess sugar. It will help you keep a check on your calorie intake. 

Calories 150 kcal
Carbohydrates9 g
Protein1 g 
Fat2 g
Cholesterol4 mg
Sugar 30 g
Sodium230 mg

While McDonald’s Iced Coffee may not fit certain dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, vegan, dash, keto, or paleo, there’s a better way to adapt it to suit your preferences. 

Some Variations Of McDonald’s Iced Coffee That You Can Try

If you keep a check on calorie intake or follow any dietary guidelines, then I am here to help you with the variations you can try to make McDonald’s Iced Coffee.

  1. Vegan Friendly – I skip the diary and opt for plant-based milk like almond or soy milk to make vegan-friendly Iced Coffee. Adding the plant-based milk will not affect the taste or texture of the coffee. So you don’t have to worry too much about it!
  2. Lactose-Friendly – Further, if lactose is your concern, I suggest swapping your milk with lactose-free milk or any plant-based option. These are the best alternatives to the regular milk used in making Iced Coffee. 
  3. Keto-Friendly – I recommend you make the Iced Coffee using coconut milk to keep it low-carb and satisfying. Adding coconut milk will not affect the taste and lets you enjoy the creamy richness without compromising the taste. 
  4. Reduced Calorie Version – Following a calorie deficit diet? Use skim milk or a light dairy to make a low-calorie Iced Coffee. In fact, I suggest you add sugar-free syrup and indulge without any guilt of piling on the calories. 
McDonald's Cold Coffee Recipe

How To Store This McDonald’s Iced Coffee

To store McDonald’s Iced Coffee, ensure that the brewed coffee is refrigerated and not mixed with milk. This will help you store the Iced Coffee for a longer duration. 

Remember to let the coffee cool to room temperature before storing it in the refrigerator at  40°F (4°C) or below to prevent bacterial growth.

Serving Suggestions With This McDonald’s Iced Coffee

I love pairing my Iced Coffee with fries, nuggets, or other breakfast items. You can choose your favorites from the options mentioned below. 

  1. Breakfast Treats – I often kick start my breakfast by pairing McDonald’s Iced Coffee with breakfast classics like bagel sandwich, McMuffin, salads, and much more. The refreshing Iced Coffee contrasts beautifully with the savory flavors of these breakfast options. 
  2. On-The Go Snacks – I love pairing McDonald’s Iced Coffee with easy-making snacks like French fries, nuggets, and quesadillas. Trying this combination will enhance your overall tasting experience. 
  3. Sweet Treats – Indulge your sweet tooth by pairing the Iced Coffee with sweet treats like cookies, ice cream, apple pie, or other desserts. I can assure you you will fall in love with the creamy texture of iced coffee that complements the richness and subtleness of sweet treats. 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Printable Version

McDonald's Iced Coffee

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Copycat Recipe

McDonald's Iced Coffee is refreshing and delectable drink. Prepared with brewed coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla syrup, half and half, and water this iced coffee satiates all the parched folks. Get this iced coffee ready in your kitchen right away with us!
5 from 3 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course copycat
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 150 kcal


  • Glass
  • Stirrer


  • ½ cup Brewed Coffee
  • ½ cup  Light Cream
  • 2 teaspoons Simple Syrup
  • ½ cup Ice Cubes


  • Fill a large glass with some ice cubes. 
    McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 1
  • Add half cup of brewed coffee to make the Iced Coffee. 
    McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 2
  • For sweetness, add one and a half teaspoon of simple syrup. 
    McDonald's Iced Coffee Step 3
  • Then, add a quarter cup of light cream and mix it well. Stir and serve to enjoy!
    Iced Coffee from McDonald's



Calories: 150kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 7g | Cholesterol: 4mg | Sodium: 230mg | Sugar: 30g
Keyword Iced Coffee With Vanilla, McDonald’s, McDonald’s iced coffee
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  4. Whataburger Dr.Pepper Shake – Prepare this flavor any time of the year by following the secret recipe. You can now easily enjoy the creamy concoction of milkshake, unique taste of Dr. Pepper soda.


This was all about chilled McDonald’s Iced Coffee! You can now recreate the restaurant-style chilled coffee at home with endless possibilities. A perfect cup of bliss prepared from scratch will quench your thirst and cravings. 

So, without further ado, check all the recipe information that I have shared and get started. When you try this Iced Coffee, whether you stick to the original recipe or get creative with variations, I would love to hear about it. 

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