How to Make Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce at Home

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Shuvait Thusoo
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There is no way one can deny that McDonald’s is one of the best food joints in this whole world. They have their presence in almost every country in the world. But what makes this McDonald’s so popular? The answer to this question is, we people. Yes, we people make it popular because we love to visit their restaurants and enjoy the food they serve.

Talking about food, no one beats the burgers that McDonald’s has. They serve you the best burgers and fries. People usually order fries with almost every single meal they order. This is because they have those fresh, crispy and delicious french fries that no other restaurant can offer you.

But have you ever tasted the Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce that they serve you along with those fries and burgers? I always want that dip along with any of the meals that I order or else it just feels like those burgers and fries are dull and not tasty. These dips and sauces just make the food more delicious and tempting. What do you say?

Mcdonald's Honey Mustard Sauce

So tell me, do you also love this Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce? Yes, we all love it but can’t go to McDonald’s every single day. If this is why you don’t have eaten this sauce for ages, then the wait is over.

Here is the complete recipe of this Honey Mustard Sauce that you can easily make at your home and enjoy any time anywhere you want. This sounds interesting and so satisfying. So, what are you guys waiting for then? Join me and start the preparations for this Honey Mustard Sauce by McDonald’s and enjoy every single bite of food that you have at your home.

Ingredients for Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce 

Honey ¼ cup
Prepared Mustard 2 tsp.
Heinz 57 Sauce 1 tsp.

Just three ingredients and your sauce is ready. Where will you find such a fantastic recipe that is so delicious and can be made using only three ingredients? Don’t worry, these ingredients can be easily found at any local store near you.

How Much Time Will it Take?

IngredientsCooking TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes                       –5 Minutes

Well, the timings may surprise you as it just takes only 5 minutes to make this sauce. But if you want your sauce to be more delicious like the one you have at McDonald’s, then you have to let it rest for about 30 minutes to overnight. Depends upon you and your patience level.

This sauce is going to be a rocking one. All you need to do is watch the recipe and see how to make this at home. However, this sauce is easy and has no complex procedure. Still, the steps are listed below. Follow them and have this delicious Honey Mustard Sauce just like McDonald’s at home.

Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce Recipe

Mcdonald's Honey Mustard Sauce
  1. Gather all the ingredients.
  2. Take a medium-sized mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it.
  3. Mix them well using a spatula or whisk.

Your Honey Mustard Sauce, just like McDonald’s is ready to serve. You can store it for up to one month in a cool place or refrigerator. Apply this sauce to your homemade fries or any other food that you like and have a blast full of flavor in your mouth. Just an amazing sauce to transform the taste of any meal. Enjoy!

Nutritional Breakdown of Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce 

To know the nutritional details of this sauce, look down below to the table and record the nutritional values that it contains.

Calories 56
Cholesterol 0 mg.
Calcium 6 mg.
Sodium 76 mg.
Carbohydrates 14 gm.

How to Make Mcdonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce at Home | Video

A video of this recipe is down here for you guys. It will show you the whole procedure and steps involved in making this recipe.


This recipe of MacDonald’s is always a win-win situation for those who love to add spice to their life and food. You should try it and tell us about its taste. We would love to respond and know your thoughts and reviews about this recipe. Till then, have a great day and keep cooking.

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