McDonald’s Brings Back Boo Buckets For Halloween 2023

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McDonald’s is one of the most renowned fast food chains not just in the United States, but all over the world! This chain of fast-food restaurants is always on par with new trends and especially when it comes to holidays like Halloween. Hence, Boo Buckets are making a comeback to McDonald’s this Halloween!

McDonald's Boo Buckets

For anyone who has been a die-hard fan of McDonald’s for a really long time, the Boo Buckets might not really be a new concept. Yes, these have been introduced many times before, with a lot of variations and changes in designs! They also did vanish in between, so the thought of these buckets or pails, as some call them, being relaunched may sound exciting, and it surely is! 

McDonald’s launched their first Boo Buckets happy meal range for Halloween back in 1986. Ever since these happy meal toys were first launched, they have gone through a lot of development and were finally discontinued back in 2016. This year for Halloween, McDonald’s has launched them back with even cuter and (maybe)creepier designs.

These Halloween Boo Buckets were actually very popular, considering the fact that they were very unusual compared to the usual toys that McDonald’s had to offer over the years. Well, firstly, they are multipurpose, which itself puts them over the edge as compared to other toys!

But what is it about them that makes them so special? Are they available in different designs, and how can you grab one of these? Well, for that, read this article till the end to know everything about them! 

The Evolution Of McDonald’s Boo Buckets

Evolution Of McDonald's Boo Buckets

Well, as you all already know by now, these buckets were first launched way back in 1986. Back then, they were available in three different so-called patterns, but they all were the same orange color. Regardless of that, not just kids but even adults went crazy over these Halloween Happy Meal toys! 

Who wouldn’t, though? Considering the fact that the pails or Boo Buckets could be used for Trick-or-Treating and could also be used to pot plants once Halloween was over! Talk about them being multipurpose! Over the years, the buckets went through some design developments, and soon, by 1990, they added a white ghost and green witch designs. 

Ever since the buckets’ designs have been tweaked constantly; in fact, in 1992, they also added a cookie cutter to the buckets, which was quite interesting! Although regardless of how popular they were and the number of design changes that they went through, the Boo Buckets were discontinued in 2016. 

This year, McDonald’s has relaunched these buckets with an even better look and an obviously elevated design. The new designs have three characters, which are an orange pumpkin, a white ghost, and a green witch, also fondly known as McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin, respectively. 

The newer designs have a much cleaner look as compared to the previous ones and also have special lids for each character that make them look even more interesting! I personally feel like not just kids but even adults would really love this new look of the Boo Buckets! 

Where And When Can You Get Your Hands On These Boo Buckets? 

I am sure that after reading everything that I mentioned above, many of you are probably wondering how to get one of these buckets. Whether it is for your child or for yourself (trust me, no one is judging), these Boo Buckets will be available at any local McDonald’s. 

To get one of these, all you have to do is order a happy meal, with options like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, or cheeseburgers to choose from as the main meal. 

With the happy meal, you will get one of these Boo Buckets as the toy, along with a side and a drink to enjoy. However, these will be available only from October 18th till 31st, so do grab one (or more) of them while they are around! 

These Boo Buckets are also really popular over a long time and have a huge number of people who have been awaiting their release. So, the chances of McDonald’s running out of them are also quite high, so I would suggest getting them at the earliest. 

How Much Would A Halloween Boo Bucket From McDonald’s Cost? 

McDonald's Boo Buckets Cost

Ah, the eternal question and what it really comes down to is how much does it even cost? Of course, one may wonder what the cost and charges of this Boo Bucket will be, considering how detailed they are and how fancy they look! But, as it is a part of the happy meal, you won’t really have to worry too much about the cost! 

The best part about ordering a happy meal is that all you have to pay for is the meal, and the toy comes complimentary with it! So, in this case, too, all you have to do is buy a happy meal, which on average, should cost you somewhere between $ 5 – $ 7, served with a main, a side, and a beverage. 

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For Halloween this year, McDonald’s has launched some really spooky (and cute) happy meal Boo Buckets! These buckets were first launched back in 1986, and after a lot of tweaking with their designs, they were discontinued in 2016. However, they have been relaunched this year with an even better look. 

These Boo Buckets will be available as a part of their Halloween happy meal from October 18th till October 31st. As they are a part of the happy meal, all you will have to pay for is the actual meal, which will cost you around $ 5- $ 7. As these are available for a limited time and are low in stock, it would be best to get some while they last! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the Halloween Boo Buckets be available? 

The Halloween Boo Buckets will be available from October 18th – 31st, 2022. 

Do you need to pay extra to get one of these Boo Buckets? 

No, to get one of these buckets, all you have to pay for is the happy meal, which will cost somewhere around $ 5- $ 7. 

What are the different Boo Buckets called? 

The Boo Buckets, based on their design, are aptly named as McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. 

Has McDonald’s launched any new beverages for Halloween? 

No, as of now, McDonald’s has not announced any new beverage, especially for Halloween. 

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